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some nice things people have said about FdM...

"Remember Island, Charisma...think FdM" Geoff Barton, Classic Rock
"Most records on this tie-dyed revival label shoot out of our stockroom quicker than a VW Camper running on kerosene" Norman Records
"Fruits de Mer are in danger of becoming a UK national treasure" Terrascope
"a national treasure"Shindig!
"This is what 7"'s should be all about" Record Collector
"everyone's favorite little label with the incalculable cool factor"Trip Inside This House
"A joy - one of the great labels that comes along now and then, that you can tell is a labour a love - a thing we should cherish"
Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio
"a spirited garden shed operation"Mojo
"the ever-awesome Fruits de Mer Records"Pete Jackson, Dandelion Radio
"truly of that select handful of modern labels who really do seem to remember what it was like to be a record collector back in the sixties and seventies"Goldmine

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the new originals

...a bit more blatant bragging... the new originals ...taken from the latest issue of Record Collector

on sale mid-September

Majic Ship

Majic Ship

Simones - one of the best psychedelic guitarists you've never heard - unless you've been very lucky. Al Simones' self-produced albums are serious collectors' items - and rightly so - fuzzed-out, phased and space-out; here's your chance to hear two tracks specially selected by the artist from his back-catalogue for his first time on 7" vinyl
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on sale mid-September

7 AND 7 IS

7 and 7 is
seven 45s box-set

there may only be a modest seven singles in this box-set, but eight of Fruits de Mer's favourite bands get together to reinterpret songs by eight classic US psych bands - The Bevis Frond, The Byrds, Sendelica, 13th Floor Elevators, King Penguin, Moby Grape, Black Tempest, spirit....and much more... this is a bit good - and pre-orders suggest it will sell out fast
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on sale now

I Have Known Love

Tir na nOg
I Have Known Love

Ireland's prog-folk/acid-folk legends are still creating magical music over 40 years after their first slbum was released by Chrysalis; they join Fruits de Mer with a four-track 7” featuring three spellbinding new songs and a unique cover of the Silver Apples’ 60s electronic cult classic ‘I Have Known Love’ - colour vinyl, of course (and don't miss the guys when they tour the UK later this year
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on sale now

Wind On Water

Wind On Water

Astralasia have been one of the UK’s best-loved festival bands for over 20 years; now they have recorded an amazing new LP that's full of Neu!/motorik rhythms and Eastern-influenced instrumentals for this exclusive release on Fruits de Mer Records - housed in an optical effect sleeve(the package also includes a bonus 7”)
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Craig Padilla

strangefish six!
The man from strangefish one returns with a double LP of kosmische/synthesiser sounds that recalls Klaus Schulze and the Sky label - 80+ minutes of inner space music, late-night listening, all previously-unreleased on vinyl or CD; colour vinyl, naturally
Guaranteed horizontal listening pleasure
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on sale now

Time Waits For Norman

Bronco Bullfrog
Time Waits for Norman

This is Bronco Bullfrog's first outing on FdM and i can honestly say I haven't heard such perfect evocations of British pop-psych circ 66/67 for a long, long time - quite stunning, they really do sound as if the songs were written and recorded at the time, only on better equipment! Two brand-new songs plus a cover of a long-lost freakbeat track from way back when by Sands - 45rpm
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Record Collector magazine's rather-excellent compilation of tracks from FdM's first couple of years has sold out at the RC shop - but don't despair! (it features tracks by the likes of Vibravoid, Mark Fry and The Chemistry Set PLUS an exclusive 7" single from The Pretty Things) - if you'd like some early FdM music, Heyday Mail Order have the last remaining copies
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on sale now

Us and Them
By The Time it Gets Dark

FdM's favourite Scandinavian duo produce a beautifully delicate interpretation of the Sandy Denny song.
Is it acoustic folk? folktronica? I dunno - but i DO know it's just damn lovely - 33rpm
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on sale now

Crystal Jacqueline
and The Honey Pot

Crystal Jacqueline, together with Icarus Peel's band The Honey Pot, have put together a double 7" of great covers - including Mighty Baby, Curved Air, Pink Floyd, The Electric Prunes and more - crammed onto 14" of colour vinyl that wraps everything up in a short story written by Andy Bracken - yes, i think we've finally lost it - 33rpm
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on sale now

White Sails
Laguna Dream

Leigh Gregory (from Mellow Drunk) got together with Ville and Jaakko Vilpponen a year or so ago to create White Sails; here's their debut 7" for Fruits de Mer and it's a thing of beauty - four guitar-led instrumentals, two self-penned and two taken from the songbook of those acoustic rock favourites of mine - Black Sabbath. If you know Laguna SunriseFluff you'll know what I meanl if you don't, you're in for a treat
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play the vinyl, wear the t-shirt

Right now, there are just a handful of the 2013 'Summer Fruits de Mer All-dayer' gig t-shirts left, and a similarly small number of 'Crabstocks'.
And now, fresh from the factory, there are a new batch of Astralasia 'Wind On Water' at FdM Towers; an eye-boggling black on white, they are just waiting to be rushed to a wardrobe near you
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get the latest FdM news...

'news' might not be the most appropriate terms for a label that celebrates the nooks and crannies of the 60s and 70s but, when I HAVE got something new to tell you, I'll tell everyone on our mailing-list - join it today by emailing me If you're looking for news on the website, this is where you're most likely to find it...but don't hold me to that
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all this vinyl and more b sides

hidden away within the vinyl Red Cross parcels, there's occasionally something extra for regular buyers - a limited-run CD, a ridiculous giveaway, an odd-coloured vinyl version, a white label competition prize - half the time I don't know what they are, or why I'm doing it - so the 'SCARCE' page at least tries to gather them all together in one place and force me to explain them - now all i have to do is remember what they were.
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...join our Members Club

have you noticed the 'SOLD OUT' sign stuck over our releases? That's because they are quite literally, and in every sense of the phrase, sold out. But you CAN make sure of every future FdM release by joining the Fruits de Mer Members Club - no cash, no commitment and no previous experience necessary; check out our 'About Us' page for more details, then drop me an email and I'll do the rest - and you thought record clubs were dead and buried? (and no, we won't try to fob you off with a 'James Last b-sides' box set 12 months from now)
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...hear the tracks...

Listen to a few FdM tracks from our archives, with our compliments - by way of thanks to all you fellow vinyl junkies for helping us sell pretty everything we've pressed so far (thank you all).
It seems only a few years ago that Schizo Fun Addict's version of 'Theme One' marked the start of our leafing through the backpages of prog, psych,folk, krautrock and more (that's becuase it was only a few years ago)
But don't go getting that 'downloading' habit, it will only end in tears (mine) - after all, music on vinyl sounds better, looks better and means that much more
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cheap visuaL joke
yes, it's a stream of semi-consciousness from the murky depths of FdM's psyche...
Fairly recent blogs (I WILL try harder!) include: me droning on about Newcastle and Glen Campbell; the joy of ebay - escalating prices for sold-out FdM singles; the hard-sell on our new members club...that sort of thing
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...bring back myspace...
Facebook seems to be the social network of choice these days, so the least you can do is check Fruits de Mer out - we have a page at Fruits de Mer on Facebook - bits of news, youtube stuff, a chance to complain about the price of FdM vinyl, photos of cats (oh sorry, that seems to be the other main use for facebook)
And if FdM isn't enough to quench your vinyl thirst(?), then try this group FdM's psych/prog/vinyl gang

The FDM Shop/Discography

Ready to care care of some vinyl that needs a good home?
Yes, it's time to head over to discography, which would be a proper shop if i could get my act together. I'm already there, waiting patiently behind the counter, pretending I'm an extra in that Nick Hornsby film, trying to get my head round the Royal Mail's postage rates, 7", 12", t-shirts, scarfs - you name it (as long as it's 7", 12", t-shirts, scarfs)
Feel free to browse, but you pay for any breakages, ok?
Or maybe you'd just like to see everything we've released so far and remind yourself of your quick thinking in buying every one of them from our early days in 2008? Or gasp in envy at all the FdM singles that are sold out and you missed because you were busy pointing the roof at the time? (i have no idea what that means)
Call in and take a look at the menu of fishy delights that Heston Bloomin'thingy would be proud of (except most of it is 'off' - sold out, you see)
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Betamax lives!

...if slabs of colour vinyl aren't enough, FdM even spoils you with B-Grade DIY music videos, usually made in someone's bedroom
(no, not that sort of video, calm down at the back)

there are a few scattered around this site but, for the full monty, check out our Youtube site; don't be away too long though, we get lonely stuck in this here computer...

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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...
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