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some nice things people have said about FdM...

"Remember Island, Charisma...think FdM" Geoff Barton, Classic Rock
"Most records on this tie-dyed revival label shoot out of our stockroom quicker than a VW Camper running on kerosene"
Norman Records
"Fruits de Mer are in danger of becoming a UK national treasure" Terrascope
"A national treasure"Shindig!
"This is what 7"'s should be all about" Record Collector
"everyone's favorite little label with the incalculable cool factor"
Trip Inside This House
"A joy - one of the great labels that comes along now and then, that you can tell is a labour a love - a thing we should cherish"
Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio
"a spirited garden shed operation...a bastion for all things psych, and all things vinyl" Mojo
"the ever-awesome Fruits de Mer Records"Pete Jackson, Dandelion Radio
"truly of that select handful of modern labels who really do seem to remember what it was like to be a record collector back in the sixties and seventies"Goldmine
"is there a label around today that comes close to Fruits De Mer for consistently high quality releases? If so I've yet to come across it"
Harmonic Distortion
"the UK's boutique label par excellence"Grahame Bent, Kaleidoscope

Thank you to everyone for making 'Games For May' a great night
...all the bands, everyone who came along, everyone who helped out, the Half Moon, and especially John Blaney from Mega Dodo Records for organising everything
Hope to see everyone again at the
'13th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus'Festival in August
all the best - Keith & Liz

FdM has had some wild moments on ebay....




the SUMMER 2013 FdM

The 2014 Crabstock USA goodie-bag sold for £360 and the Crabstock On Ice goodie-bag for £293


MOST RECENTLY, A 2014 PROMO CD SOLD FOR OVER £150 here one for £100+ here another for £230+ here and one more for £220+ here

moments away from ebay...

Record Collector launched its new Modern Collectibles series with 'Plankton', an LP of early FdM tracks

Goldmine told the story of Fruits de Mer ("truly of the crucial record labels of the past few years" - the bribe clearly worked) here

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Sendelica.....The Bevis Frond.....Arcade Messiah.....The Luck Of Eden Hall......Superfjord.....
The Soft Bombs.....Wreaths(USA).....Julie's Haircut
Yes...The Byrds...Pink Floyd...Aphrodite's Child...Electric Sandwich...
Miles Davis...Gordon Lightfoot...Donna Summer
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on sale early September


'Stepping Stone'

Germany's finest are back - with a surprisingly down-to-earth EP that would be dominating the airwaves in another dimension, featuring new versions of classic 60s songs, two of the three tracks being exclusive to FdM
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on sale early September

nick nicely

nick nicely
'49 Cigars'

a bone fide UK psych cult hero - indeed, one of FdM's own 'League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen' - gives us the OK to re-release the weirdly-wonderful '49 cigars', then gives us an exclusive live version, and then gives us two more tracks to make an unmissable EP
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on sale early September


Tir na nOg

to celebrate their first studio album in 40 years ('The Dark Dance'), Tir na nOg return to Fruits de Mer with a new single, featuring a track from their new LP, backed by a previously-unreleased live version of the magical 'Tir na nOg', which they first recorded back in the early 70s
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on sale early September


Magic Bus
'Seven Wonders'

Magic Bus are newcomers to Fruits de Mer, but their take on the classic Canterbury sound makes them naturals. 'Seven wonders' is taken from their superb new album, while they recorded an exclusive version of 'eight miles high' for the b-side - The Byrds Go The Canterbury?
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club members exclusive


moon weevil
'A Peculiar Accumulation Of Particles'

Back in 2005/6, Cranium Pie's Baking Research Station issued a download-only album by Moon Weevil.
It's taken nearly 10 years but Fruits de Mer has been given permission to issue a limited-edition CD version of the album. As with most CDs from FdM, it's not for sale - it will be sent free to FdM club members who order the autumn batch of 7" singles we release nice and early.
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13th dream festival exclusive

Friends of the Fish 3

we're working on another '' lathe-cut single - to be pressed in a stupidly small quantity (ie probably only 50 copies for sale) - available only at the 13th Dream Festival, and featuring two bands you almost certainly won't have heard of before, but they deliver two fine examples of chilled, instrumental rock.
(I appreciate it's frustrating for anyone who can't make the festival - and it'll be first-come-first-served even then - but it's the only way I can do something last-minute on vinyl these days - 'normal' production schedules are getting longer by the week)
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive


promo eight

Each day of the '13th Dream' Festival, there'll be a free and exclusive Fruits de Mer-compiled CD. Starting in typically-pointless reverse order, this is CD3 - it will be mostly instrumental tracks and it's likely to include Astralasia, Schnauser, Julie's Haircut and The Seventh Ring Of Saturn
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive


promo seven

Each day of the '13th Dream' Festival, there'll be a free and exclusive Fruits de Mer-compiled CD, each one running to around 60 minutes; this is CD2, it gets heavier in parts than CD1 and it's likely to include tracks by Simones, The Bevis Frond, Sendelica and Schizo Fun Addict
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive


promo six

Each day of the '13th Dream' Festival, there'll be a free and exclusive Fruits de Mer-compiled CD - this is CD1, mainly acoustic and psych, and it's likely to include tracks by Me And My Kites, Alison O'Donnell with Firefay, Soft Hearted Scientists and The Honey Pot
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive

crustacean 38 CD

Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists

The Scientists will be making a rare live appearance at the '13th Dream', we're celebrating with a limited-run double CD of their wonderful Fruits de Mer retrospective. It'll be on sale for the first time at the gig - at a mad price - after that, you'll be able to buy copies for a while from the band - more soon
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive


Mantle Brewery '13th Dream' best bitter

Cardigan's own microbrewery will be producing specially-labelled bottles of its excellent 4.5% best bitter - on sale throughout the festival, and from the brewery itself
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'13th Dream' festival exclusive


momentary three

Sendelica's version of 'The Nile Song' from 'A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl' CD set, plus an exclusive new recording by Astralasia of 'Set The Controls', featuring Sendelica's Pete Bingham on lead guitar - limited to 300 copies, and available for the first time at our early-August '13th Dream' festival. (The first two 'Momentary' vinyl releases will be ready for 'Games for May' at the Half Moon in May, and everything left over from that gig will be on sale in Cardigan)
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club members exclusive


yes, it's another members special!

Free with early orders from club members for 'Side Effects', 'From Velvet Visions to Crystal Covers'is the latest in a series of three exclusive FdM members CD mixes from Soft Hearted Scientists - one of the UK's most underrated bands, comprising new and old songs, a demo and an instrumental
If you haven't joined the FdM club yet - why not???
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on sale summer 2015


4 LP box-set

EIGHT side-long excursions into 60s/70s psychedelia, progressive rock, jazz-rock, krautrock and one or two other places i don't like to mention in mixed company - it makes 'Tales Of Topographic Oceans' seem like a modest little number.
18 months in the making, and taking almost as long to listen to end-to-end; peronally, I blame Sendelica, The Bevis Frond, Arcade Messiah, The Soft Bombs, Wreaths, The Luck Of Eden Hall, Superfjord and Julie's Haircut (and when you find out some of the tracks they are covering on the monumental folly, so will you).
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'Games for May' exclusive

half one

a free five-track 7" - yes FREE! (well, if you ignore the £15 you'll have to pay for a ticket to get into the gig) all part of the parcel of goodies for everyone attending Games for May; it contains a mix of live, specially-recorded and previously-unreleased tracks by the bands playing the gig...
...that's Tir na nOg, Schnauser, The Honey Pot, Mark & the Clouds and The Past Tense, for those of you who haven't been paying attention.
No doubt a few copies will find their way onto ebay after the event, but i suspect they won't be free by then
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'Games for May' exclusive

winkle 16 CD

Tor Peders 'Brev Fran Ederstorp'

I've agreed with the surviving members of the band that we'll produce a ludicrously-limited 150-run CD of the album (minus the bonus 7"); I will offer 100 of them for sale at the gig at £5 apiece, the band have the other 50 copies
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'Games for May' exclusive


momentary two

Four covers from the members-only 'A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl' CD set - limited to 300 copies and only available at the FdM gigs. 'Momentary Two' features The Chemistry Set, Claudio Cataldi, Max Kinghorn-Mills and Todd Dillingham & Golly McCry. The first two 'Momentary' vinyl releases will be ready for 'Games for May' at the Half Moon and a third for the '13th Dream' Festival in Cardigan
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'Games For May' exclusive


momentary one

Three great covers from the members-only 'A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl' CD set - limited to 300 copies, and only available at the 2015 FdM gigs - another reason to buy those tickets. This single features three tracks with female lead vocals, which seem to hang together really well to me - step forward Ilona V, Crystal Jacqueline and Cary Grace.
The first two 'Momentary' vinyl releases will be ready for 'Games for May' at the Half Moon and a third for the '13th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus' Festival in Cardigan
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on sale at Games For May


Tir na nOg
Sympathetic Love/Mariner Blues

There will be just 50 individually lathe-cut copies of this exclusive 7" from Leo and Sonny, celebrating the launch of their new album, 'The Dark Dance'- available for sale to buyers of the album at launch night, which happens to be the night of our Half Moon gig
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on sale now


The Thanes, Icarus Peel, The Loons, Astralasia, The Luck Of Eden Hall and more...

freakbeat, fuzz, krautrock, garage rock, a TV theme...10 flexidiscs, 10 postcards, a poster and a CD - all in a clambox - Fruits de Mer self-destructs, it must be nearly Christmas
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on sale now

The Chemistry Set

The Chemistry Set
Elapsed Memories

One of the best psychedelic bands to come out of the UK in the last 25 years are back on FdM with two new songs and a lovely Hendrix cover - this three-tracker oozes class
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on sale now


Superfjord/Earthling Society

Classic John and Alice Coltrane compositions - together on a 7" - not your usual FdM single. Superfjord and Earthling Society take them (and Fruits de Mer) to new places, and then Astralasia and VHSHead join the party on a bonus 70 minute CD that comes with it
'Coltrane' was voted by FdM's club members their single of the year for 2014 - a wise choice
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on sale now


Us and Them
By The Time it Gets Dark

FdM's favourite Scandinavian duo produce a beautifully delicate interpretation of the Sandy Denny song.
Is it acoustic folk? folktronica? I dunno - but i DO know it's just damn lovely - 33rpm
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on sale now

Majic Ship

Majic Ship

Simones - one of the best psychedelic guitarists you've never heard - unless you've been very lucky. Al Simones' self-produced albums are serious collectors' items - and rightly so - fuzzed-out, phased and space-out; here's your chance to hear two tracks specially selected by the artist from his back-catalogue for his first time on 7" vinyl. LAST FEW COPIES - BLACK VINYL
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on sale now


Craig Padilla

strangefish six!
The man from side one of strangefish one returns with a double LP of classic kosmische/synthesiser sounds that recalls Klaus Schulze and the Sky label - 80+ minutes of inner space music, perfect late-night listening (at least it is at FdM Towers), all previously-unreleased on vinyl or CD; colour vinyl, naturally
Guaranteed horizontal listening pleasure
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play the vinyl, wear the t-shirt

Right now, there are just a handful of the 2013 'Summer Fruits de Mer All-dayer' gig t-shirts left, a similarly small number of 'Crabstocks', a few Astralasia 'Wind On Water' and Simones 'Majic Ship' shirts in-stock - they are just waiting to be rushed to a wardrobe near you
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'news' might not be the most appropriate terms for a label that celebrates the nooks and crannies of the 60s and 70s but, when I HAVE got something new to tell you, I'll try to remember to tell everyone on our mailing-list - join it today by emailing me If you're looking for news on the website, this is where you're most likely to find it...but don't hold me to that
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cheap visuaL joke
yes, it's a stream of semi-consciousness from the murky depths of FdM's psyche...
Fairly recent blogs include me droning on about the joys of ebay, The Pretty Things, record fairs...that sort of thing
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...bring back myspace...
Facebook seems to be the social network of choice these days, although it's doing its best to completely piss me off with its rules, regulations and complete refusal to respond to my emails; so the least you can do is check Fruits de Mer out - we have a page at Fruits de Mer on Facebook - bits of news, youtube stuff, a chance to complain about the price of FdM vinyl, photos of cats (oh sorry, that seems to be the other main use for facebook)

The FDM Shop

Ready to care care of some vinyl that needs a good home?
Yes, it's time to head over to FdM shop. I'm already there, waiting patiently behind the counter, pretending I'm an extra in that Nick Hornsby film, trying to get my head round the Royal Mail's postage rates, 7", 12", t-shirts, scarfs - you name it (as long as it's 7", 12", t-shirts, scarfs)
Feel free to browse, but you pay for any breakages, ok?
Call in and take a look at the menu of fishy delights that Heston Bloomin'thingy would be proud of, if he had a very short menu (most things are "off", ie sold out - sorry, guv
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all this vinyl and more b sides

hidden away within the vinyl Red Cross parcels, there's occasionally something extra for our regular buyers - a limited-run CD, a ridiculous giveaway, an odd-coloured vinyl version, a white label competition prize - half the time I don't know what they are, or why I'm doing it - so the 'SCARCE' page at least tries to gather them all together in one place and force me to explain them - now all i have to do is remember what they were.
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have you noticed the 'SOLD OUT' signs stuck over our releases? That's because they are quite literally, and in every sense of the phrase, sold out. But you CAN make sure of every future FdM outpouring by joining the Fruits de Mer Members Club - no cash, no commitment and no previous experience necessary; check out our 'About Us' page for more details, then drop me an email and I'll do the rest - and you thought record clubs were dead and buried? (and no, we won't try to fob you off with a 'Madonna - Up Close And With Her Clothes On' coffee-table book 12 months from now)
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  Wreaths(USA), Gordon Lightfoot, Arcade Messiah, Aphrodite's Child, The Soft Bombs, Miles Davis, Donna Summer, Topos Locos, Trojan Horse, The Telephones, Mauve la Biche, Vostok, The Green Telescope, The Mystery Crystals, Strange Fruit, Big Bird and the Steam Shovel, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Motorhead, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bo Diddley,Superfjord, VHShead, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane, Count Five, Dragonfly, The Hippies, Satori, Calico Wall, The Sorrows, Laurie Johnson, The Crawlin' Hex, The Thanes, Claudio Cataldi, Rob Gould, Cary Grace, The Jet Set, Todd Dillingham, Ilona V, Max Kinghorn-Mills, ZX+, Sproatly Smith, Interstellar Emily, Magic Mushroom Band, Jim Jenkin, Wild Pink Yonder, I Am Voyager 1, Folie Diamond, The Portraits, Simones, The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, Spirit, Clear Light, United States Of America, Tir na nOg, Tor Peders, Schnauser, Bronco Bullfrog, The Honey Pot, Yes, Soft Machine, Mighty Baby, Fleur de Lys, The Great Society, Sands, Curved Air, The Electric Prunes, Sandy Denny, Donovan, Goblin, Black Tempest, Tangerine Dream, Vespero, Faust, Human Expression, Michael Polnareff, Tyrnaround, Gong, Brainticket, John Leyton, Joe 90, Lost In Space, Twink, Astralasia, The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, The Raiders, Mark McDowell, Crystal Jacqueline, White Sails, Me and My Kites, Fuchsia, Black Sabbath, The Fairytale, Second Hand, The Troggs, Cat Frequency, The Cream People, Julie's Haircut, Mechanik, Dead Pylons, Elevation, The Golden Cake Company, The Grand Astoria, Mademoiselle Marquee, James McKeown, moonweevil, Oceanfire, Organic Is Orgasmic, Craig Padilla, Palace Of Swords, Purple Rock Trip, The Amazing Sounds Of D.B.Turi, The Vox Humana, Zenith:Unto The Stars, Temple Music, nick nicely, Paul Roland, Soft Hearted Scientists, The Likely Lads, The Electric Stars, moonweevil, The Higher State, The Neutron Drivers, The Gathering Grey, Anton Barbeau, Dead Sea Apes, The Seventh Ring of Saturn, Skip Spence, Captain Scarlet, Ace of Wands, Jay Tausig, The Nazz, The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra, Jefferson Airplane, Marc Brierley, The Bevis Frond, Sky Saxon, Hills Have Riffs, The Godz, Fran Ashcroft, The Ohms, Fireball XL5, Beau, Jethro Tull, Chocolate Watch Band, Tomorrow, Octopus Syng, The Pretty Things, John's Children, Gemini, Extra, Traffic, The Amboy Dukes, Fleetwood Mac, Julian Cope, Brainticket, The Tornados, Neu!, Pink Floyd, July, Billy Nicholls, Third Ear Band, The Beatles, Clifford T Ward, Jefferson Airplane, The Monkees, Jimi Hendrix, Caleb, Clouds, The Bee Gees, The Who, Peter Hammill, Eddie Cochran, Del Shannon, July, Eno, Hawkwind, Cockney Rebel, Silver Apples, Funkadelic, Velvet Underground, The Kinks, The Remo Four, Tudor Lodge, Caravan, The Zombies, Jackson C Frank, Dantalion's Chariot, Alpha Omega, Vert:x, Helicon, Zeuk, Hi-Fiction Science, Sendelica, Hausfrauen Experiment, Vibravoid, Rob Clarke and the Wooltones, The Swims, Marshmallow Staircase, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Geese, The Luck of Eden Hall, The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder, Earthling Society, The Chemistry Set, Sidewalk Society, Permanent Clear Light, Us and Them, The Flaming Gnomes, Cranium Pie, Baking Research Station, Head South by Weaving, Stay, Sky At Night, Robinson Crusoe, The Past Tense, The Good Feelin's, Sky Pilot, King Penguin, The Byrds, Julian Cope, Robyn Hitchcock, Tomorrow, Peter Hammill, The Hollies and more gather together for your listening pleasure

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