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A Gathering Of The Fish

A Gathering Of The Fish
various artists
CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD6

free with club members' July orders

First there were (or will be) 'Sideshows By The Seashore', and then came (or will come - i'm getting very confused now) 'A Gathering Of The Fish' - another free compilation CD for club members, featuring old friends of the FdM family and some new ones.

This CD will run to well over an hour and mainly consists of extended, instrumental tracks, including contributions by Vespero, Kris Gietkowski and The Ilk

Provisional track listing...

The Ilk - At The Forest Break
Kris Gietkowski - A Visit To Newport Hospital (originally by Egg)
Vespero - The Course Of Abagaz
Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - Like A Setting Sun (instrumental)
Delphini - Nova Boss
Man & Machine - Earthman (Lost In Space)

...just to warm you up to the prospect of receiving the CD, here's are vocal versions of the Man & Machine and Nathan Hall tracks, instrumental mixes appears on the CD...

more news, and maybe more tracks, soon

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