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limited-run LP

Mark Mcdowell and friends
limited-run LP - Friends of the Fish 36

on sale April/May - more news soon

from brooding to flowing instrumentals, West-coast sunshine pop, acid folk and electronica

Mark's superb 'Dark Weave' LP was a Friends of the Fish release - this is his follow-up...

Mark McDowell’s 6th studio album is a full band production – recording as Mark McDowell and friends – that builds on the sonic palette of 2017’s acclaimed Dark Weave.

'Breakthrough' balances themes of uncertainty and euphoria – from life in dystopian living spaces to escape into the haunting beauty of the fields and woods. A celebratory summer festival, the lurking menace of city violence, a hallucinatory road trip and fears of impending cold war combine in a panorama of 21st Century hopes and fears.

As with Dark Weave, the album features the unique instrumentation of the ‘Friends’ – from bouzouki to minilogue synthesizer – all of whom contribute to the sound of a band that understands its roots but is always moving forward.

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