Fruits de Mer Records - Psychedelia, Krautrock, Progressive Rock, Acid-Folk, R&B, Spacerock and Vinyl Heaven


...approximately 50 songs chosen by club members that are an improvement on, or at least an alternative to, the usual Xmas hits compilations that haunt every CD compilation, supermarket, Alexa playlist.........

They range from the emotionally intense to the intensely awful, the unbeatable to the unlistenable - but one man's nut roast is another man's turkey, or something like that

....with thanks to club members Tony Buckley, Chris Dale, Chris Purdon, Les Chase, Till Wolff, Timelord Michalis, Andy Young, Steve Smith, Tony Miller, Dr Floyd, Robert Camassa, Nigel Kingston, Glen Radford, John Sewell, Till Wolff (again), John Duller, Stephen Young, Rob Roden, Robert Musgrove, Ian Roper, Tony Preece, John Gregson, Ernie Oakley, another one from Till and one from Andy Young, Theo Hassenewert, Phil Rogers, Mark Waters, G√ľnter Theberath, Andy Butler, more from Timelord Michalis, plus Jon Hampstead, Steve Smith, Zil Bareisis and Tony Buckley...with more on the 'Festive 50 Pt2' page (check the links at the top of the page!)

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