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sorry...here are the first members club nominations for the world's greatest psych, prog, krautrock riffs, with new improved formatting thanks to Till Wolff that means you might even be able to watch them without the page crashing, so let's start with three suggestions from Till himself - Man, Captain Beyond and Eloy

Henry Schneider was fast out of the blocks suggesting Quicksilver Messenger Service, Stephen Young dug up The excellent Groundhogs, while Nigel Kingston was solid Gonn...

Dale Everrett volunteered a classic Kinks song, George Florakis delved back into the Clapton archives, while Zil Bareisis went for early Jimmy Page

Theo Hassenewert went for The Gods, Simon Clarke was (I think) the only person to suggest the classic Wishbone Ash song, but Tull's 'Acqualung' was more popular - in fact, three members selected the same live version!

Les Chase came up a strange one from Quiet World, a classic from Gun and a track by ZZ top that has a certain appeal...

Hard to argue with Chris Purdon's nomination of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, while Andrew Young came up with Stillwater and john Milner with the might Bevis Frond

Nice Horslips track selected by Andy Butler, Dave Smith goes all 21st century with Porcupine Tree and Mark Winkelmann digs out a rocker from the secretly-rather excellent Sweet!

Colin McCready came up the 13th Floor Elevator, Craig Palmer put on his trusty Mac, but then began to Stray...

I've posted more on facebook - on the Fruits de Mer Records page ( https://www.facebook.com/Fruits-de-Mer-Records-113103324869/ ) and on the facebook group i look after ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/psych.prog.acidfolk.krautrock.vinyl/ )


There's a new members club competition running, where I'm looking for psychedelic. progressive rock or krautrock guitar riffs that are better than the 'World's Greastest Guitar Riffs' 3CD compilation I picked up cheaply the other day (a comp that could and should have been brilliant - but clearly wasn't going to be at the 'bargain price' of £3!)
The competition has been running for about 30 mins and I've already had one terrific entry featuring a 60s US band i'd never heard of...watch this space


Far more UK club members have registered an interest in the crazy special edition than I have copies available for sale, so over Easter weekend Liz and I will be drawing the first names out of the hat - sadly, if you don't hear from us, your name is still in the hat


Tim from Cranium Pie found 100 more copies of the original 'Geometry of Thistles' CD and I had to do something with them, so.....ladies and gentlemen, i bring you the fake Korean edition. OK, so the joke might be wearing a bit thin, so this WILL be the last fake edition ever and there'll only be 100 of them, complete with irrelevent mock OBI strip; they'll be aavailable exclusively to club members who buy all our 'official' August releases (whatever they may be); there'll have to be some sort of (un)lucky draw for these - great album, though


...OK, I will mention it - it's for club members who order all the May releases - and do it nice and early (PLEASE - NOT YET!) - an exclusive CD festuring a new track or two from my favourite band from the Phillipines (and yours I hope, if you managed to get a copy of last year's summer festival lathe-cut); more details in the next week or two


The monumental folly that is The Chemistry Set's 'Endless More And More' special edition continues to come together; I'm sorry that international club members won't be able to get hold of the complete package, but i really don't think it would cope with the strains of international mailings


Club members who got their orders in very quickly for the April singles will be getting a bonus CD - a re-press of Cranium Pie's first album - 'A Geometry of Thistles' - lovingly (and cheaply) recreated by FdM with a vague Eastern slant - our fake Japanese edition, if you will

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