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A members club competition in 2016 asked for recommendations for obscure psych/prog singles from the 60s/70s on equally obscure labels that had relatively few viewings on youtube (ie less than 5,000), and so might represent interesting new sounds to many of us. Here are a few of the entries (sadly, a few of the video links no longer work due to copyright owner blocks)...

Let's start with John Wonderling (recommended by Andy Young), The Executives (nominated by John Fenwick) and Smoke (from Zil Bareisis - a slight cheat as it's only recently found its way onto 7" vinyl, but it's a lovely track)

I happened on This Generation while checking out some member suggestions, Chris Bembridge found some more serious fuzz guitar with Andantes and went onto suggest some 60s Cuban garage/freakbeat/name your genre by Los Barba!

Stephen Young came up with The New Tweedy Bros from the USA and The Rebels from Czechoslovakia, while Jan Poulsen remembered Young Flowers from Denmark (I can well imagine Vibravoid giving this track a good seeing to!)

Till Wolff came up with countless gems, including a trio by The Dukes, a 60s German band who sing about going to the dentists, being unskilled workers and needing a band - wonderful stuff!

Bit of debate on the actual band name on the first one here (suggested by Dave Smith), but a cool track; Tom Roche came up with The Buckle and Les Chase with a wild if slightly overwrought version of 'Morning Dew'

Christopeh Majewicz found two versions of the same song, the second with added kitchen-sink sound effects - good fun to compare them...

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