is it hot in here, or something?

a photographic history
of Fruits de Mer

not really - it's just a bunch of random inserts, cuttings and photos I've cobbled together over the last couple of years and pasted very badly onto a web page

email anything Fdm'ish that you reckon would fit here to:

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ooh, a boxed set - overly ambitious, or what?
when Fruits de Mer does a compliments slip....
Dick Taylor's amp!
a members competition winner - PCL's 3D single, photographed in turntable action in 3D(ish)
an early drawing by Frank Suchomel for the Soft Hearted Scientists sleeve
The White EP in action (thanks to Todd Parker)
an early version of The Baking Research Station cover - i must admit i still quite like it
the wonderful simones box-set on Headspin Records
words can't describe how good Frank Suchomel's artwork is - so i removed them from the 'Re-Evolution' centrespread
bad day at the pressing plant
when we do an album, we don't mess about - the roqueting centrefold
a 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' cover idea that didn't make the cut
Jeff Cummins' stunning image for The Flaming Gnomes' cover
Godfather of Prog, Geoff Barton from Classic Rock kindly donated this photo - unfortunately saved by me under the title, 'geoff bartons crabs' - sorry Geoff!
Alison's signed photo - free with her single back in 2008
ho ho ho - a witty caption to a Stay publicity shot
our very first insert - a recipe for whelk soup and a photo of my fiancee Liz
another record store that doesn't stock FdM releases
The Fruits de Mer Annual 'Miracle Fish' - an exciting, valuable and suitably rocky freebie with all copies
a trip back in time and a touch of the crabs - a free postcard with our 2011 Annual
you're never along with 7 inches
the Head Music label - courtesy of Frank Suchomel
who else remembers?
free A3 poster with a random 60 copies of the Us and Them ep
David Attenborough eat your heart out
some days i seem to have a lot of time on my hands
...and i mean a lot
oh, how we laughed
subtlety would be our middle name - but we're not too sure about spelling sublety
Brian Langan's cool A3 poster/insert - free with early copies of 'A Phase We're Going Through'
they stole my idea, 40 years before i had it
oh, how we laughed - part 2
insert cheap joke here
what could this all mean?
the thigh's the limit, i said
a boxful of goodies
thanks to Simon Larson for the photo
a prototype slipmat that didn't slip
13th dream t-shirt
Stob art
good to know he has a profession to fall back on

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