18th Dream festival exclusives

The Chemistry Set - Pink Felt Trip (special edition)
Moon Goose - Sex Bots Trilogy (8" one-sided lathe-cut)
Hanford Flyover - Neutrino/Entropy (7" lathe-cut)
Anton Barbeau/Taras Bulba - Heads Together (7" lathe-cut)
Fuchsia - Life Is Like A Party (5" lathe-cut +CD)
Fuchsia - Barrett's Allsorts (signed 7")

on sale at the 18th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival

As is usual at Dr Sardonicus festivals, Fruits de Mer will have a stall on the Saturday and Sunday, offering for sale all manner of essential (and non-essential) items.

There'll be our legendary £5 t-shirts and our less-than-legendary £10 polo shirts, but they will be put in the shade by our £15 sunglasses...
...not really, but we WILL have some extremely-limited, highly-collectible and - most importantly - sonically wonderful vinyl specials/lathe-cuts for sale.

This year we'll have:

- 40 special editions of The Chemistry Set's new LP 'Pink Felt Trip' - housed in DIY pink felt sleeves, with a few goodies thrown in for good measure, including CDs of the album signed by Dave McLean and Paul Lake

- a combined 5" lathe-cut + CD - in a tin case - containing a brand new song from Tony Durant's Fuchsia

- signed black vinyl, white label copies of Fuchsia's single 'Barrett's Allsorts'

- a clear vinyl, one-sided 8" lathe-cut from Moon Goose, previewing a track - 'The Sex Bot Trilogy' - from their next LP

- a 7" lathe-cut single from Hanford Flyover, with two new tracks

- a 7" lathe-cut taken from our 'Heads Together' 4CD, featuring tracks by Taras Bulba and Anton Barbeau

...the lathe-cuts will all be £10 each and the Chemistry Set specials will be £25

We'll also have around 20 copies of a special edition of the Custard Flux LP 'Echo', with bonus CDs, and a postcard signed by Gregory Curvey

...oh and we've reprinted an A3 poster from Fuchsia's debut gig at the start of the 70s - that will be free for everyone buying a Fuchsia release from the stall

AND there'll be a giant '18th Dream' poster free for everyone, just for the hell of it!

    some Fruits de Mer releases you might be interested in....

  • Superfjord

  • the Chemistry Set

  • Touch

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