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The Nineteenth Dream
of Dr. Sardonicus
three-day festival
fruits de mer records' 2023 festival
Here's the Fulmen CD, that will be part of the free FdM goodie-bag...

...a track from Claudio Cataldi's CD...

and a track from exedra's CD...

fruits de mer records' 2023 festival special edition Mantle bitter

Fruits de Mer Records & Sendelica
19th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus
Cellar Bar, Cardigan
August 4-6



The 19th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus - our annual three-day psych/prog festival, organised and hosted by Pete Bingham from Sendelica; this will be the 7th year of Sardonicus (we started with the 13th!) and it's become an annual gathering of fans of great music - live and on vinyl - along with great beer courtesy of Mantle Brewery, including their special edition '19th Dream' best bitter, and as easy-going and friendly a setting as you could wish for.

Pete Bingham has been working hard on putting together a great line-up for us - a mix of Sardonicus and FdM favourites, together with some new bands to keep you on your toes.

The final line-up is now complete, with Nick Harper the final artist to be added; with The Bevis Frond headlining, Pinhdar and London Underground flying in from Italy, Cary Grace and the Soft Hearted Scientists returning after too many years away and The Vapour Trails, Spygenius and Codex Seraphini (my live 'find' of 2022) making their first appearances at the festival, I think you might say Pete has delivered in style

AND Record Collector magazine have confirmed their sponsorship of the event - great news for us as it means extra publicity, great news for everyone attending as it means lots more cool giveaways!

So, put a line through August 4-6 in your diary, book your tickets via Sendelica's bandcamp page and try to sort out your accommodation as soon as possible, Cardigan tends to fill up quickly in mid-summer (and please note, OUR festival is mud-free and rain-free - it's all held downstairs in Cardigan's Cellar Bar, opposite Cardigan castle!)

Of course it's the live music that matters most, but there will, inevitably, be an FdM stall on the Saturday and Sunday, a free FdM goodie-bag for everyone on the Saturday and an FdM raffle - and a Record Collector magazine raffle on the Sunday

The goodie-bag will include at least EIGHT CDs including:

1 'The Red Herring' - FdM's DJ-only compilation CD of tracks taken from our 2022 catalogue

2 'Vast Empty Spaces' - a CD by the late, great Todd Dillingham (another FdM festival exclusive, with a new design and different mix of tracks to the Voiceprint release from nearly 30 years ago)

3 'Some Other Animals' - an exclusive CD by Fulmen

4 an exclusive Claudio Cataldi CD 'The Age Of Nova'

5 a CD by pre-Past Tense band, Pipe

6 an exclusive Lemon Clocks compilation CD that looks back at 10 years of the band

7 Astral Magic 'Where The Magic Is Strong' exclusive compilation CD

8 'Converged' - an exclusive compilation CD from exedra

9 Schizo Fun Addict 'Love Your Enemies' - a copy of the Schizos' new album on CD - not available for sale, it's the only way to get a copy

together with download codes for four more albums...

'Magic Modulations and Motorik Manoeuvres' by The Good Force

'Yours' by Blue Navy and both of SEN3's excellent instrumental albums

...and then there are the lathe-cuts and special editions - as always there'll be some records on the FdM stall you'll not find anywhere else - this year there will be 7" lathe-cuts from McDowell and Westaway, The Bevis Frond, Hanford Flyover and Soft Hearted Scientists, all of whom will be playing the festival a very limited number of lathe-cut LPs from Hanford Flyover, and 50 special editions of nick nicely's 'Afterworld' LP - all signed by Nick, and including the only copies of the album on CD that we'll be producing (other than the early promo CDs!)...

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