Custard Flux/Moon Goose

7" lathe-cut - Friends of the Fish 81
limited to 80 copies


7" lathe-cut - Friends of the Fish 82
limited to 80 copies

Two 20th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival exclusives - limited to 80 copies, with the artists getting 20 copies, so just 60 of each on sale at the festival (less than that, as I want a couple of each for myself!) so start queuing now....

The Custard Flux/Moon Goose split 7" features a new track from Curvey & co + a remix of 2023AD from Moon Goose's new album

Pressed on clear vinyl and white vinyl (our first white vinyl lathe-cut!(

Babal + Astralasia-Mushroom's 7" combines an excerpt of a track from Babal's next LP with an exclusive recording by the Astralasia-Mushroom collective.

Pressed on clear vinyl, no labels, an an acetate sheet for a sleeve!

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