10" lathe-cut

Arnald Paul
Transparent Ideation 10" lathe-cut
Yellow Facet Lime DVD

Friends of the Fish 52/52DVD

on sale end February

‘Transparent Ideation’ is a 7-song 10” clear-vinyl lathe-cut EP by US singer-songwriter Arnald Paul, containing a selection of tracks revisited by him during the 2020 lockdown; it comes as a package with a 20-track DVD.

In many instances, his original recordings were embellished or remastered with additional instrumentation and effects; home recording onto a 4-track analog cassette deck over a span of nearly thirty years, this presents his first official release beyond cassettes and CDrs distributed personally at live performances or local record shops. I have no idea why his music isn't already available more widely, but I'm glad I get first chance to share it.

Arnald Paul’s musical influences are worn on his sleeved tentacle, inspired by songwriters such as Syd Barrett and Robyn Hitchcock, and numerous sixties psychedelic bands and purveyors of neo-psych. Revolving mostly around his acoustic 12-string, the songs also incorporate electric guitars, strings, keys, and subjects that range from the ethereal to the absurdly whimsical; I detected touches of Nathan Hall in there somewhere, although of course they've never heard of each other!

The EP cover was created by Ian Barrett; on hearing the music of ‘Transparent Ideation’ Ian’s impressions resulted in a mutated water-coloured octopus with a lobotomized mantle, surrounded on a bed of shimmering gold. Mr. Barrett has been a part of several commissioned projects, including artwork for musical tributes to his Uncle Roger (Syd Barrett) and Daniel Treacy (Television Personalities). Follow Arnald Paul on Twitter @ArnaldPaul / more about Ian Barrett at ianbarrettart.com.

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