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The Big Head BOX SET
The Big Head

on sale January 2022
sorry - sold out

The Big Head draws together a lot of records and CDs released by FdM during our krautrock years
...A LOT

It's big, it's not clever but it does hold a rather large collection of LPs and CDs
Very unwieldy, very limited, very unnecessary, but not very expensive.

You've heard it all before but you haven't had it in a box until now.

There will be 99 individually-numbered sets and it will probably cost almost as much for me to post it beyond the UK than I'm charging for the contents

'The Big Head' draws a big, thick line under our 70s Germanic exploits - and about time too

The Big Head will comprise:

Head Music 2 - triple LP - on black vinyl
Head In The Clouds - double LP on black vinyl + double CD
Head Rush - triple LP on black vinyl + CD
Heads Together - 4CD set
Skullduggery - single CD sampler from 'Heads Together'
Kopf Musik - 3CD reissue of the set that pulled together everything from 'Head Music' + 'shrunken Head Music'

...that makes 8LPs + 11 CDs, all in a rather classy printed box!

Sets were only available direct from me here at FdM Towers, FdM club members had priority and their pre-order requests were almost three times the 99-set run, so it was lucky draw time yet again.

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