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blogs are so 'last year', but then again Fruits de Mer is so last century it's as close to cutting-edge as we're ever likely to get (unless the monkey gland injections start to kick in) this is the FdM blog and you're very welcome to it.

(it's all supposed to be related to music but sometimes I lose the plot, with typically uninspiring results)


RSD 2024 looms and I've got nothing planned for the day, so do I crack? My days of queueing are long-gone, but maybe a mid-morning trip to Banquet Records in Kingston... better have another look at what will be on offer, I suppose...

Well, I had another look and all I've come up with is the Yes live album, so it looks like a lie-in.


You'll hear about Barry 'The Fish' Melton in relation to an FdM release soon, meanwhile check out this gig at the Cellar Bar just a few days before this summer's Dr. Sardonicus festival - a chance to see one of the psychedelic greats of the 60s on stage...


Once in a while there's a decent record fair at GLive in Guilford, and I was there - I couldn't resist a double LP of mid-60s Small Faces live recordings - even if the release is a bit 'dubious' - and who could refuse an official Small Faces live set, with the back cover signed by Kenney Jones?


If I had a scooter (ok, if i could ride a scooter for starters), this is the scooter I'd want - Small Faces branded.


I've lost touch with South Park in recent years, but happened on this 'special' on a holiday flight - and it's brilliant! I won't spoil the initial joke (too much) but it looks at what happens when Disney revisits classic characters and 'adjusts' them to meet current sensibilities. It tears into Disney, but takes a more general swipe at TV/film-makers - and it's bloody funny.

RSD 2024

I haven't tried very hard, but I haven't seen anything listed so far that I'd spend hours in a queue to buy - maybe I need to try a bit harder - but is it really enough to put the standard record out on colour vinyl?
I noticed that the 'extras' listed for the Yes live LP (the one release I've found that I'd take a good look at) include a white inner sleeve, shrinkwrapping and a 'marketing sticker'...good grief!


A third Royal Mail price rise in 12 months has been announced; it's not a flat rate increase - in fact some prices have actually gone down - but it must average out at around 5% and I'm guessing prices have risen by at least 25% in the last year.
I appreciate the company is under pressure, but the whole business of posting and receiving stuff has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and the Royal Mail hasn't.
Reduce deliveries to 5 days a week, letter deliveries could come down to four; charge a serious premium for next-day service; introduce real-time tracking of parcel deliveries; rethink the service outside Europe - competitors are faster, cheaper, more reliable.

Moan over.


Two tracks from the groundbreaking Tangerine Dream album, 'Phaedra', edited down to fit on a 7" - c'mon, who needs it?
Me apparently - once an obsessive, always an obsessive.


I finally got round to watching the early 80s film, 'The Monster Club', which includes my favourite band - The Pretty Things - playing 'live' at a party. The film stars Vincent Price, never known for his underacting, and once seen can never be's dreadful; a bizarre mix of horror, attempted comedy and naff 80s music. The Pretties' scene is right at the end and sadly isn't worth ploughing through the rest of the film to get to - they play a cod-reggae song called 'the Monster Club', and I never want to hear it again; at least I'll no longer be looking for the soundtrack LP in record fairs.


That's unfair, the bands might be brilliant, it's just that I've never heard of any of them - but 12 bands for £10 at a Brighton Hope & Ruin all-dayer is too good to miss - I've be there with my two lads, no doubt after visits to other local drinking establishments beforehand.


Just been watching quite a good documentary called 'Punk '76' on the London Live satellite channel; it was somewhat ironic to find afternoon TV on the channel is sponsored by a company called CareCo, who sell springloaded armchairs and similar for the elderly.


Very sad to hear that Damo Suzuki has died, he was a true one-off and of course was part of Can in their most creative period, including the legendary 'Tago Mago'.

I was fortunate enough to meet him at a festival we ran in Germany with Sunhair Records and he seemed a really nice guy, happy to be photographed with this grinning fool as well as allowing me to include one of his recordings on a Fruits de Mer compilation CD; he also chose an FdM album cover to be photo'd with a few years earlier, preferring 'A Phase We're Going Through' to 'Head Music'.


I've been enjoying for the nth time the unmitigated brilliance of 'Team America:World Police'; if you've never seen it, do yourself a favour and seek it out.


Just back from a bucket-list trip to New Orleans for a few days of Mardi Gras. The place is pretty knackered - potholes you'd could lose a Mini in, and the crowds, and bands playing in the streets for dollars, are more entertaining than the parades; but one good bar makes up for most things and we found it in The Drinkery on Bourbon Street - and a record shop, of course, The Louisiana Music Factory.
By the way, The US has found creative new ways to increase your bills - a sustainability charge added to the cost of a cup of coffee, a kitchen staff appreciation charge added to a food bill, and would you like to add 20%, 25% or 30% service charge - the choice is yours?

Team America....


It's been a while since I got to visit a big record fair but I put that right on Jan 27th with a visit to VIP's London Fair in Victoria's Horticultural Halls.
I wasn't alone, VIP's boss Rob Lythall told me around 600-800 vinyl obsessives make the pilgrimage.


...but not before emptying my wallet at VIP's London fair in return for some 60s/70s sounds on vinyl, some of which might once have been thought to have slightly dubious origins, but seem fair game these days as the labels responsible are stocked by reputable mail order services...
...after that, I had just about enough cash left to enjoy a swift drink with two old friends in Jack Ellister and Heyday Mail Order's Nick Leese - a good day!


my radio of choice for listening to everything from Radio Peking to the wonderful Radio Geronimo in the 60s/early 70s was an Astrad…a great big lump of a Russian radio with a dial on the side that made an almighty ‘clunk’ as you changed from medium wave to one of several short wave bands


I've posted this photo just because I can - the very earliest inarnation of Mickey Mouse of now out of copyright. Not sure how I can exploit this, although it has been suggested in the past that Fruits de Mer is something of a Mickey Mouse label...


A very entertaining read - sex, drugs and rock'n'roll in the early 60s, but with surprisingly little reference to sex or drugs. Goes into a bit too much detail, but I'm looking forward to reading the follow-up, '2Stoned', which starts where 'Stoned' ends - just before Immediate Records (I hadn't realised he written three volumes!)


Here's hoping 2024 will be even better one than 2023 (and if 2023 was a bad one for you, here's hoping 2024 will be a vast improvement)


Perhaps the most unusual gift this year came from one of my kids - pickled sprouts.
Now I'm up for pretty much anything pickled, but this was a new experience.
Nick asked me to describe them..."crunchy, pickly, a bit sweet and - worryingly - a bit fizzy".
I'll leave you, dear reader, to imagine the follow-up...


A late winner for me - after scouring the shops for something in vinyl (don't go there) for Christmas, Juno came up trumps with a Pretty Things 'unofficial'release, which is currently gracing the FdM record-deck


Villa play tonight (Dec 22) before the rest of the clubs at the good end of the Premiership; if we win, we go top - albeit for less than 24 hours. If we lose...well, we'll still be third and that's way better than any of us would have expected when the season started.

Admittedly, on the basis of our last game, we're living on the edge right now but it's fun while it lasts...

...and we did it! OK, so it was for a matter of minutes, before our first goal was (criminally) disallowed by VAR and we ran our of isdeas, scraping a draw in injury time, but this was the league table on the BBC website for a few moments, and that counts as far as I'm concerned


I scour the online stores at the start of December each year to find a 'surprise gift' Liz can buy me for the festive record-deck, but this year...nothing.

OK, that's an exaggeration - by nothing, I mean nothing that I'd be happy to buy myself for an Xmas pressie if I didn't have an excuse to blame/thank Liz - the Yes 'Fragile' and 'Who's Next' box-sets are very tempting, but not at £90+ for an LP + 4CDs, or £220+ for 11 CDs!

There IS a 4LP version of Who's Next for £70, but the three 'bonus' LPs seem to bear no relation to the original album. Looks like I'll have to keep looking...


Fred Laird has challenged me on Facebook to nominate 20 influential albums from the last 50-odd years of buying and listening to them, albums that influenced my taste in music; if you're interested, they'll be on my Facebook page, and in the group I look after CLICK HERE...but feel free to ignore, there aren't many surprises.

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