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FdM talks to Crystal Jacqueline

" I would cook Grace Slick a beautiful veggie stew and listen to her stories until the moon turned blue "

What was the first record you bought? When, where and why? Where was it the last time you saw it?
Heart Of Glass by Blondie from a little record shop in Westbury Wiltshire. I just absolutely loved the sound of it. Sadly the last I saw of it, it was warped on the singles rack of my bedroom windowsill in the sunshine!!

What was the first gig you remember going to?
Status Quo at The Albert Hall, great night out!!!

What was the first band/solo artist you obsessed about?
David Soul… Oh come on, everybody did didn’t they??

What was the first gig you played? what was the name of the band and what kind of stuff did you play?
Singing with Burning Ice, playing at The Viaduct Hotel in Bath. Can’t remember too much but I do know Aha’s classic ‘Take On Me’ was involved. Maybe a couple of very dodgy originals written by the bass player in a punky stylee.

What was the name of the first song you wrote/recorded/released?
First release was ‘Heal Yourself’, first written was ‘Outskirts Of Your Mind’ from ‘Inside The Whale’ (The Honey Pot).

Other than the people you currently play with, describe your dream backing band
2 Drummers from Adam and The Ants, bass Andy Fraser (Free), Guitarist Carlos Santana, Keyboards Stevie Winwood

If you were stranded on a desert island with a record-deck, which three albums would you want with you?

12 Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus (Spirit), Night Moves (Bob Seger), On The Threshold Of A Dream (Moody Blues)

What is your favourite era/genre of music?
60’s West Coast

...and your favourite band/artist/album of the last five years?
Jack Ellister. Best album Tir Na Nog, The Dark Dance

Who do you regret never seeing live?
Bob Seger, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, David Soul

Which artists/labels have you collected over the years, if any?
Fleetwood Mac

Name three memorable album sleeves
Purple Rain (Prince)…El Corazon (Steve Earle)…Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)

Beatles or The Stones or Dylan or Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin? why?
At one time it would have been The Beatles because of their songs that you learn through childhood. Now I would say Stones on a Saturday night, Dylan on a Sunday, there are so many great songs you don’t even realize he wrote. Quite partial to the boy Plant and a touch of Floyd though…

What is the most embarrassing record in your collection? why is it there? Where do I start????? Because David Soul is forever…..

Which do you prefer - on-stage or in the studio? and why?
On stage as long as the sound and the crowd are good. The feeling cannot be surpassed and you never want it to end.

What are your recording/release/gig plans for the next six months?
The brand new Crystal Jacqueline full band will be up and running next year. We are already booked for two major festivals (one headline!!!) and are open for more gigs. Also desperately searching for a manager

Answer three questions I haven’t asked you
I would cook Grace Slick a beautiful veggie stew and listen to her stories until the moon turned blue…The garden is coming along very nicely thank you and we are hoping to install a Yurt next year!!… Poldark, preferably minus the shirt…

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