Custard Flux
Einsteinium Delirium

Friends of the Fish 80

CD and LP - on sale early July

"A fabulous album then that is about something really, really important and is simply indispensable" Dimensions In Sound And Space

Gregory Curvey and his band preface their UK tour with a new album, which Fruits de Mer is dead-proud to be associated with, even though Curvey and co will be doing all the hard work; it will be released on CD and on vinyl, with Custard Flux doing everything - taking orders, posting them out, that sort of thing.

Curvey explains the background to the album...

"('Einsteinium Delerium' is) a conceptual narrative of our historical atomic madness in variable time signatures.
Einsteinium is an unstable element discovered after the first hydrogen bomb test. Einstein was a pacifist who often referred to the Bhagavad Gita which gave me a less depressing and more positive psychedelic inspiration for the album"

"This album is a little different than our first four albums. It’s no holds barred electric! The songs blend into each other on both sides of the LP to create one nuclear based relativity, with a conceptual narrative of our historical atomic madness in variable time signatures, rests and pieces. On top of that, our whole rhythm section is a Detroit gang. Let’s rock!"

Band line-up...
Curvey: Vox, Guitar
Vito Greco: Guitar, Portuguese Guitar
Timothy Prettyman: Bass Guitar
Nick Pruett: Drum Kit, Percussion
…and special guest
Andy Thompson: Mellotron

You can pre-order either or both formats now,go to the Custard Flux bandcamp page CLICK HERE

UK tour dates confirmed...

July 26 - Kozfest, Axminster
Aug 1 - Half Moon, Putney
Aug 2 - 20th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus, Cardigan

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