Fate Chaser

Fate Chaser...

Fate Chaser
Schizo Fun Addict

10" lathe-cut - Friends of the Fish 56

limited to 58 copies
on sale July 25

"I love this band and so will you" (Dave Thompson, Goldmine magazine)

'Fate Chaser' previews Schizo Fun Addict's forthcoming LP 'Love Your Enemies', to be released via Fruits de Mer Records later this year.

It's a three-track clear vinyl lathe-cut, with precisely 58 copies being cut in the US, each one housed in an individually-painted sleeve created by band leader Jet Wintzer.
The labels are in 3D and the band have kindly included a pair of 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure.

The only copies that will be for sale are currently being shipped over to FdM Towers - I will have just 25 copies, with a projected release date of July 25th; they will cost £22 plus postage & packing. The only fair way of allocating copies is to invite everyone who would definitely like to buy a copy to email me, and we will then do a random draw in mid-july and get in touch with 25 lucky people.

PLEASE NOTE: the draw is NOW CLOSED and 'winners' have been notified by email - sorry if you missed out but there are still two ways in which you could get hold of a copy:

1. the August issue of Record Collector has a copy as a competition prize
2. the Fruits de Mer free raffle at the 18th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival includes a copy as one of the prizes

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