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Heads Together 4CD SET
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on sale early January 2022

Fruits de Mer Records bids farewell (for a while, at least) to its obsession with all things krautrock/kosmische-related with 'Heads Together' a 4CD reunion of 37 artists who have graced the grooves of our 'Head' releases over the last 10 years....and one who hasn't

This is what is known as a 'loose' collection - I simply invited artists to send in tracks that they thought FdM followers would enjoy - no serious themes or intentions, just five hours of great music - you can listen to a few examples if you look to your left

Contributors range from bands who were on-board from the early projects, such as Temple Music, Helicon, Sula Bassana and Electric Orange to newer recruits including Eisberg, Anton Barbeau, The Lost Stoned Pandas and Moon Goose.

Here's the complete track listing:


1 Craig Padilla - Perspectives On The Dreamworld Pt.1
2 Jay Tausig - Ekstase
3 Astralasia - Sanscrit
4 Cary Grace - The Land Of Two Fields
5 Cary Grace - Lady Of Turquoise
6 Helicon - Too Much Is Not Enough
7 Computerchemist - That Which Prevails
8 Psychic Lemon - White Light
9 Moon Goose - Second Life
10 Vert:x - The Pythia


1 Sula Bassana - Meteorritt
2 Dark Zen Collective - Infrapolation
3 Das Blaue Palais - Zeeland
4 Schizo Fun Addict - Analog Love Machines
5 Jack Ellister - Des Morgens
6 Saturn's Ambush - Oculus
7 David Oakes - The Resistance (instrumental mix)
8The Lost Stoned Pandas - Freaked Off (demo)
9 Son of Ohm - Soft Mountains
10 Blue Lily Commission - Electrik Steps


1 Mac of BIOnighT - Bracelets Of Guilt
2 Palace Of Swords - (We Are) The New Hyperboreans
3 Electric Orange - Confusion II
4 Astralasia - Emerald Tablet
5 The Legendary Flower Punk - Every Now & Zen
6 The Lost Stoned Pandas - Get Our Madness
7 The Love Explosion - Umwelt
8 exedra - Earthrise


1 Eisberg - Sudpol
2 From Nowhere - For Those Who Led Me Here
3 Rob Gould - Zeit
4 Vince Cory - Belonging
5 Anton Barbeau – Beak
6 Taras Bulba - Wormwood Star
7 Temple Music - Intrastate
8 Blue Lily Commission - Kirotom
9 Revbjelde - Flusterclux (declustered mix)
10 Zenith:Unto The Stars - Europa Sequence
11 Anla Courtis - Manta de Hircino
12 Anton Barbeau - Wimper Flutes Of Tragic Beauty
13 The Arthur Park - Just Room For One Inside, Sir
14 nick nicely - Butterflyy Mind

It could have been a vinyl set, but it would have run to 7 or 8 albums, taken a year to get pressed and would have cost you £60 or more; as it is, the CDs are presented in a simple card sleeve and it'll only cost £12 inc P&P in the UK, a bit more if you're not.

Pre-orders from people on the FdM mailing-lists have claimed all of the initial run of copies, I am hoping to get another 20 or 30 sets produced - for further details, please email me - fruitsdemer7@hotmail.com

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if you're not already on a Fruits de Mer mailing-list, please email fruitsdemer7@hotmail.com
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