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Me and My Kites, with Tony Durant from Fuchsia


Me and My Kites, led by David Svedmyr, are named after a song on Fuchsia's classic acid-folk/prog album, from 1971, which is all the more appropriate as Fuchsia's lead singer Tony Durant wrote and now sings a new version of Fuchsia's 'The Band' one of the two tracks on this single.
The tracks....

The Band (by Tony Durant)
Isis' Adventure (by David Svedmyr)

Here are excerpts....

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Me and My Kites are a new band, from Sweden. They are named after a song on Fuchsia's classic acid-folk/prog album from the early 70s, which is all the more appropriate as Fuchsia's lead singer Tony Durant wrote and now sings a new version of Fuchsia's song 'The Band' on this single.
Here’s Tony’s side of the story…
The new Fuchsia album, “from Psychedelia to a Distant Place” was mixed and mastered, when I received an unusual email. I have had quite a number over the years, from fans telling me of their warm, often sentimental connection with that unusual little Fuchsia album I recorded all those years ago. Yes, that album really did go off and create a life of its own over the years, creating fans and friends along the way. But this was different. This was a musician from across the world in Sweden, in a band called Me and My Kites contacting me. Named after a track on the first album. These young inspirational free thinking psych/folk devotees then sent me some of their own tracks, and then put to me the idea of them recording “The Band”, an old almost forgotten demo track of mine. It didn’t end there. David and friends wanted me to actually sing on the track. What an opportunity for diverse generations of people linked by a love of a style of music to make connection on a song. Not any song... one of MY songs. It doesn’t get better than that! So, presenting the very talented Me and My Kites, with a “guest singer” to entertain you.
Tony Durant, Sydney.

David Svedmyr, from Me And My Kites, talks about what led up to recording with Tony Durant...
“Contacting ones musical heroes could be something dangerous. Will they ruin your picture of the music you fell in love with, by being something totally different from the image you've had? I've had a lot of music love stories, starting with The Beatles at seven and from then I was caught. I have had so many strong experiences through songs and sounds, mostly from the years around 1970. Though that's 15 years before I was even born, that music is for me timeless.
The latest years I've felt like growing from these revolving experiences, but then my friend Reine played me the Fuchsia album. I was stuck with it, couldn't get enough. For the next few weeks it was the only thing I listened to and it's been like the soundtrack of my life since then. When we started recording an album with my songs we named the band after a Fuchsia song. Me and My Kites suited the concept well and it felt good to honour the band that have given me so much.
Then somewhere around sending the album to pressing, we found Tony's email on the Fuchsia site and sent him one of our songs with some words about how much his music meant to us. We started a conversation and he turned out to be this wonderful person in love with life, living on the other side of the world just about to release a new Fuchsia album, 42 years after the first one!
My friend Gunhild had just sent me some demos Fuchsia made for a second album back in 1972. We started to record a cover of the song "The Band" and I boldly asked Tony if he wanted to sing it. Was really star struck when I recieved the vocal tracks and it turned into a "new" Fuchsia song, with Me and My Kites adding our colours to it. Here for your ears, together with an extended version of the song "Isis in Heaven" from our album "Like a Dream Back Then".
Have a nice listening!” David Svedmyr, Brottby, Sweden.

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