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that second bit's easy - you keep getting emails from me that refer to you as a club member.

If that means you then, in the words of Viv Stanshall, "now read on dot"

if none of the FdM emails you receive refer to you as a club member, you're not yet a club member; if you only ever get FdM emails via mailchimp, then you're not yet a club member; if you're not a member and you're buying (or planning to buy) most Fruits de Mer releases that come out, email me today ( or click on the 'Mailing list' tab at the top of the page, because you're missing out - there's no financial commitment, just a willingness to put up with a few more emails from me, and 'benefits' include a chance to pre-order new releases before anyone else, competitions to win various things and, if you buy vinyl releases from me (or from Nick Leese at Heyday Mail Order if you're not based in the UK), members-only exclusive CDs and more.
All that said, if you ARE in the club, this needed no introduction and you'll be getting bored by now - I'll get my coat


We've lined up another club members-exclusive compilation CD for club members who buy the vinyl goodies we're releasing in early November - this one brings together friends of FdM old and new...from Eastern Europe, South and North America...and Birmingham

The full artist list is:

Yaatra : Culto al Qandor : The Sugarman Band : Jay Tausig : Arcade Messiah : Vision Eternel : Bruce Hendrickson and The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies : Stray Owls


Rather than me moan again about how RSD 2020 is dominated by not-very-limited bog-standard reissues (on coloured vinyl) of albums you can pick as originals in decent second-hand record shops, we asked FdM club members to come up with some suggestions on what would make worthwhile/must-have releases next year.

Interesting results? Oh yes - long-lost singles and albums, private pressings, live recordings never given an official release, albums that were only released on CD in vinyl's dark days....

more on this soon


We'll have a couple of 'modest' vinyl releases in late-September (he laughed nervously) and club members will have the added incentive to buy them in the (square) shape of 'Head Quarters' - a compilation CD that was due to be unleashed in May but had to be locked down and locked away until now.

It includes tracks from our krautrock back-catalogue from Vibravoid and The Bevis frond, along with Eroc's intro to 'Head Music' and a preview of a track from a set called 'Head Music 2' that I've not even announced yet!


Our '17th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Live' double LP will be available very soon, with great performances by the likes of Sendelica, The Chemistry Set, The Bevis Frond and Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs captured on vinyl and that seemed as good an excuse as any to ask FdM club members once again to recommend some examples of live music that's been preserved on vinyl (or should have been - a few examples sneaked through without the obligatory vinyl release to go with them, but sod it).

So settle down with our club members' version of what Glastonbury would be like if it was any good these days, or a Dr. Sardonicus festival if we had five stages...see the 'LIVE VINYL' tab (oh and two club members will win fdM test pressings for their trouble - drawn at random out of our virtual hat)


Recently, we offered club members the chance to TRY to grab one or more of the limited editions/lathe-cuts we would have been selling at the 18th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival - if we'd been able to hold it.

They are:

Schizo Fun Addict's 'The Final Wave' album on vinyl. There are only 99 pressed, we had no more than 50 of them for sale - to be shared between UK and international club members

Sendelica + Elfin Bow 'Seren' - a collaborative effort on a 7" lathe-cut, we'll have 55 copies for sale

PLUS a very, VERY limited 5" vinyl promo for what itself will only be a 400-run 7" single from Fuchsia that we'll be releasing in September.

For all three releases, our copies have only been sold to club members - we had to organise a sort of lucky draw for each release in order to give UK club members a chance to bag one, while Nick at Heyday Mail Order had a limited supply of each one for international club members


FdM's late-July vinyl releases will be accompanied by another members club special - an exclusive compilation CD featuring some artists that are new to the label and some that haven't been on it for a while but it's great to have them back.
If you enjoyed 'The Half Time Orange', you'll love this - and once again it'll be FREE - but only if you pre-order all three vinyl releases (and if you pre-order early enough, before either the LPs or the CDs run out)


The latest members club competition was looking for amazing, or at covers from the 60s and 70s of psych/prog/folk-rock/krautrock tracks recorded in the 60s and 70s; we got well over 100 suggestions and one entrant won the only Fruits de Mer 'Band for All Seasons' jigsaw that will ever leave FdM Towers.


...for our latest competition to find the best and worst covers from those reviled budget hits covers LPs from the 60s and 70s. Dave has listened to all 92 Top Of The Pops LPs and come up with his best and worst 'top tens'. We're asking club members to come up with their own favourites/pet hates, there are some gems hidden amongst the dust...


...although Liz has asked two more to be taking into consideration.
Yes, I've started painting the bloody fence (and no, that isn't a photo of it).


what the world needs now (other than an effective vaccine, social distancing, more toilet rolls, etc) is a bit of cheering up, so the new members club competition is asking for recommendations for 60's tracks that are full of sun, love, peace, beads and more sun (and the tracks don't even have to come from the 60s). If you haven't already received an email asking for contributions, you're either not a club member or your service provider is wisely treating Fruits de Mer emails as spam.
either way, feel free to drop me an email


Our previous competition was FdM's version of The Masked Singer, only not quite as unbelievably godawful, as we asked members to come up with tracks or albums released by bands/rock stars in disguise - from XTC and The Pretty Things to Nick Saloman and George Harrison, and a lot more in between.
Look out for examples under the website's 'Family Favourites' heading - click on 'Pseudonyms' and 'Masked Singers'...


Club members who get their orders in VERY fast for The Stoned Pandas and 'Band for All Seasons' will get copies of the posters that we'll be sending out to shops who are mad enough to stock FdM releases. They're quite big and they're not clever.


The last members club competition of 2019 asked for recommendations for brilliant/mad/totally-unexpected tracks hidden away on the b-sides of 7" singles - go to KILLER BEES and prepare to be swarmed (how about Stereolab, The Who, Sweet, The Lords, Dion, The American Breed, The Beatles, Teardrop Explodes, The Move, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore for starters?)


...or it will if buy buy copies of our next batch of releases - due on sale in March. An exclusive compilation CD crammed with great tracks from some FdM favourites, together with artists that are new to the label - and possibly to you too. more news soon.


Not club members (well, maybe...) but FdM's last release/escapee of the year is a members club exclusive - a four-track 7" lathe-cut featuring Terry-Thomas, Leslie Phillips, Stanley Unwin, Sid James & Liz Fraser.
"Ridiculous", "Highly inapproriate", "juvenile humour"...why, thank you.
With my apologies to everyone who grew up as well as old.
Nick Leese at Heyday is handling international club member orders and UK members have already staked their claims (it's about 5x oversubscribed, but I can't ask Phil the lathe-cutter to subject himself to any more listenings to the four tracks)
...don't say you haven't been warned...


Club members are now searching their racks to choose and recommend their best (non-FdM) releases of 2019 - new stuff and reissues; should be interesting, could be expensive - a selection will be posted in due course.


Many thanks to Pete, Glenda and Lee from Sendelica for signing the labels to a dozen or so sets of 'Cromlech Chronicles III' - all of which will be appearing as competition prizes/festival raffle prizes over the coming months, none of which will be offered for sale (not by me, anyway!)


So I was listening to the wonderful LP ‘Music In A Doll’s House’, by Family – full of wild, unsettled and unsettling music, enhanced by studio effects – and wondered whether the phrase, ‘psychedelic rock’ really did it justice.
I checked to see whether anyone had coined the phrase ‘surreal rock’ and only found 93,000 examples on Google – so instead I wondered whether I could think of any other 60s albums that mirrored Family’s album in the way it leaps stylistically and lyrically from track to track, occasionally dark and disturbing, never settling into a ‘summer of love’ mood for very long.
I came up with a few possibles…. S.F. Sorrow, Second Hand’s ‘Reality’, White Noise, The Bonzo’s ‘Doughnut In Granny’s Greenhouse’…but I asked club members to do better - 60s LPs that are definitely psychedelic but maybe more than that (‘studio-enhanced’, exploring areas musically and/or lyrically that go beyond ‘love and peace’) - and they have, in style. Look out for some amazing examples under the 'FdM Family Favourites' heading on the website.


Very good of Mr Maconie to play Custard Flux's track from 'Deep Sea Exploration' on his Freakzone show on BBC 6Music - what excellent taste.


FdM club members who order our early November full-run releases will get a new FdM-curated compilation CD as a thank-you. It's a bit like one of those cover-mounted CDs you get with certain magazines, except the artists/record companies haven't paid to be on it, so the music is uniformly good, really good, in fact.
Insektlife Cycle and SEN3 are on there, familiar names to FdM regulars, but there are some new names too - including the legendary Ax Genrich and Gregory Curvey's Custard Flux.
I think you'll enjoy it.


club members have been asked to recommend some new/readily-available compilations that they think will appeal to fellow inmates as introductions to specific genres - check out the 'FdM Family Favourites' button and click on 'FROM NWOBHM to OZ PSYCH' - you'll find Estonian grooves, library music, Italian new wave, Mongolian folk metal, country noir...oh and some obscure stuff too...


I usually enjoy the Cherry Red 3CD sets - sensibly-priced, ideal CD fodder - easy to skip over the tracks that don't appeal in order to focus on the hidden gems; but their new release, 'Strangers In The Room: A Journey Through The British Folk Rock Scene 1967-73', has beaten me, to the extent that I'm starting to wonder what folk-rock is, or whether there really was a scene at all.
The tracks on the compilation range from pure folk to singer-songwriter to country rock to Canterbury-with-a-funny-accent, but folk rock? There are no more than a handful of tracks that I'd recognize as folk-rock - and even the Fairports track is a rather lacklustre one - maybe it's me, or maybe licensing restrictions limited the compiler's choice.
...and so a new members club competition was born - members were asked for their folk-rock recommendations and you can see a stack of them if you hover over the 'FAMILY FAVOURITES' heading at the top of our webpages and then click on 'Folk Rock UK' or 'Folk Rock US' (there might even be a 'Folk Rock Europe' by the time you read this)


Club members who got their orders in for all three April double LPs nice and early with Nick at Heyday or through the FdM SHOP will have received a (welcome?) added surprise - an Astralasia slide-puzzle.
All i can say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time.


We'll have limited numbers of special editions of both the 16th Dream double LP and Astralasia's 'Different Kettle Of Fish' set on sale at the 17th Dream festival (and others too - news on those soon).
My apologies to club members who can't get to our annual gathering but Cardigan is a big part of the FdM year and we really try to make it special for everyone who comes along, including having exclusive vinyl for sale. Any copies we still have after the festival will be offered for sale to club members first.


I thought not - pity, because the next members club competition has them as prizes - along with a rather more sought-after set of test pressings of the '16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival live' double LP; members are being asked to recommend examples of great live recordings that have made it onto vinyl. Check out the 'Live On Vinyl' tab over the next week for some of their suggestions.


One of the CDs in the Fruits de Mer 17th Dream free goodie-bag will be a special edition of the album, ‘Mercy And The Wild Sea’, kindly provided by the band; it includes the complete, original album plus three exclusive bonus tracks (the album itself is a studio recording of a production staged at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016, we included a track from it on the members club CD ‘A Gathering Of The Fish’ last year).
As well as giving everyone at the festival a copy of the CD, we’ll also have a handful of copies of the album on vinyl to be won at the event – and I’ve also set aside three copies of the LP as a competition prize for all club members....if you've not received an email from me with the two questions and you think you're already in the members club, please email me


The most recent members club competition asked for examples of great spacerock music - the prizes included 'make your own moon mud' kits, as recommended by Moon Goose (and a set of 'source Code' test pressings, which might have been a little more sought-after). Check out a bunch of the entries on the 'SPACEROCK' and 'SPACEROCK2' pages of the FdM site - they range from the wild to the wonderful - sometimes both at the same time.


50 FdM club members will be receiving their Lemon Clocks 7" lathe-cut picture discs in the next week or so - another club exclusive, hand-cut by Phil Macy at,
Pretty cool and probably collectible, but music and a band well-worth checking out and there'll be more from them on Fruit de Mer soon


Just a snippet from the new album by SEN3 - fingers-crossed, there'll be 75 copies for sale at their support gigs for Sly & Ronnie at Ronnie Scott's on April 1st and 2nd - and then I'll have 75 copies for FdM club members after that - more news soon


Whether you're able to grab one of The Lemon Clocks 7" lathe-cuts or not, you'll want to get this - an exclusive CD compiling tracks from the huge back-catalogue of Jeremy Morris and The Lemon Clocks.
From innocent 60s pop-psych to epic instrumentals, there's a joyous feeling to their music that will leave you with a smile on your face.
It'll be free to all club members who buy our July vinyl releases - either from FdM or from Nick Leese at Heyday Mail Order


Our latest club member competition is to win a copy of the Das Blaue Palais album, 'Welt Am Draht' on vinyl. Bellerophon Records have kindly given us enough copies on CD to put one in every goodie-bag at this year's summer festival, but club members have the chance to win a vinyl copy.
You can discover Bellerophon at


Club members who order all three of our April double LPs will also get the last of Marc Swordfish's compilations - The Second Road Trip - a CD compilation on which Schizo Fun Addict, King Penguin, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Jay Tausig, Vibravoid, Soft Hearted Scientists, Jack Ellister, The Flaming Gnomes, The Bevis Frond, The Research Baking Station, Cranium Pie, The Chemistry Set, Dead Sea Apes, Claudio Cataldi and The Honey Pot all make appearances as Marc makes a personal journey through the FdM archives.


No, I've no idea what I'm talking about either, but I've hit some PC problems (yet again) which means that I've been having to resort to sending recent updates to club members via the 'Mailchimp' commercial mailing service. I know that some email services treat any emails from commercial services as 'junk' so please take a look through your junk files and you might find the odd email from FdM; however I've now been given a crash-course in Excel which may allow me to get round my PC's reluctance to send more than a handful of emails at a time - but then again, it might not - only the next couple of days will tell (listen out for the sound of a PC being chucked through a window)


Club members who order all three of our April double LPs will also get the last of Marc Swordfish's compilations - The Second Road Trip - a CD compilation on which Schizo Fun Addict, King Penguin, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Jay Tausig, Vibravoid, Soft Hearted Scientists, Jack Ellister, The Flaming Gnomes, The Bevis Frond, The Research Baking Station, Cranium Pie, The Chemistry Set, Dead Sea Apes, Claudio Cataldi and The Honey Pot all make appearances as Marc makes a personal journey through the FdM archives.


10 years of Fruits de Mer are over (did I hear, "thank god"?) and if there's ever a good moment for some self-congratulatory awards, this must be it - the chance for FdM club members to cast their votes in a thankfully short list of categories, so I can hand out a few trophies (that I bought on ebay and then spray-painted) to some of your favourite musicians from well over 100 releases on various FdM labels from 2008-2018; I'm sure the winners will treasure them for ever........

if you haven't received an email from me with details of how to enter, you're either not yet a Fruits de Mer club member or your email service provider is treating my emails as spam (good call) - either way, you can always email me


to all the FdM club members for your support, emails, comments, ideas - and yes, 2018 - you keep the label going and you're a big part of what makes it fun for me to run it. Here's to 2019!


Much to my surprise, a new batch of FdM shirts arrived at FdM Towers in mid-December - I didn't expect them to turn up until 2019. I only ordered 60 of each and I sold them in sets of four - club members got first refusal and they all went rather quickly, but I might order some more in a few months time.


The new members club competition asked for suggestions for festive songs that are an alternative to the usual Christmas fare; here's a song from Permanent Clear Light that appeared on our 2010 members club year-end freebie, to kick things off...
....there are loads more on our 'FESTIVE 50' and 'FESTIVE 50 Pt.2' pages


An FdM members club exclusive to kick-off 2019 - a VERY limited 7" pic disc from the prolific US pop-sike band The Lemon Clocks, who have an innocent charm to their recordings that's part 1967, part Todd Dillingham, part something else. There'll be maybe 50 copies for sale, no more than that; more news soon.

There's been a members club competition running to win a set of 'Three Seasons' test pressings, with members asked to provide suitable photos/images to grace the FdM SIGHTS pages on our website - but you probably knew that already; anyway, I've uploaded a bunch of the entries....


I hope club members enjoyed the recent 60 minute journey on CD through our archives, courtesy of Astralasia's Marc Swordfish - with visits to The Bevis Frond, The Seventh Ring Of Saturn, Soft Hearted Scientists, King Penguin, Vibravoid, Schizo Fun Addict, The Chemistry Set, Cranium Pie, Anton Barbeau, Us and Them, The Honey Pot and Sendelica along the way...because there are more trips to come!


I've been asking club members to suggest the best vinyl reissues of the year, for a little project that probably won't materialise, but has been interesting and illuminating for me.
I've been posting a bunch of the recommendations on the FdM facebook page, not to mention checking some that completely passed me by when they came out.

They seem to fit into one of four groups...

- amazing, kitchen-sink box-sets of legendary albums
- unearthed cult/rare/long-lost albums
- colour vinyl + bonus cuts of classic LPs
...which leaves an awful lot of 'straight' reissues of albums that either weren't special in the first place, or can be picked up in decent second-hand record shops for half the price.
One of these days, HMV are going to have a proper vinyl sale again - not £17.99 knocked down to £15.99 - but all the albums that are currently filling up warehouses somewhere being knocked out at a fiver a time.


our latest members club competition has been to win one of four mini-collections of albums from those fine purveyors of vinyl, Sugarbush Records - but if you're a club member you knew this already


a bit of background on the free CD compilation Fruits de Mer's club members get if you order both the Fuchsia double LP set and Sendelica's 3x10" 'Cromlech Chronicles III' set from the FdM SHOP - or form if you live outside the UK...
'A Gathering Of The Fish' is an hour or so of instrumental tracks that I've discovered in the last six months and thought that club members would enjoy; you'll already know artists such as Black Tempest, Nathan Hall and The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, but some names will be new to you (they were to me, anyway!).
The range of musical styles is wide enough for there to be at least a few tracks that I think will have you investigating further; I want to keep a few surprises for when you receive the CD, but here are three tasters...Man & Machine, Delphini and Vespero...

...and the sleeve photo is courtesy of club member Brad Bell, just to keep things in the family!
full track details at


Raquel would have a go in the Fruits de Mer's 2018 World Cup competition - if only she knew about it.
OK, so she probably wouldn't, but that shouldn't stop you - after all there's a set of test pressings of the Fuchsia reissue double LP to be won. If you haven't already heard from me about the rules, then please email me asap as you only have until 7pm (UK time) June 14 to enter


You should have received at least a couple of emails from me telling you about a competition to win an advance edition of 'The Incomplete Angler' (it's the print equivalent to a vinyl test pressing!). If you haven't received details, please drop me a line asap as the competition is now closed and some of the entries are already posted on the 'You Can't Judge A Book' page of the website


Nick Leese at Heyday Mail Order has a limited number of the members club version of Dave Thompson's book, so if you're not in the UK and you'd like to buy a copy, please let Nick know.
I've emailed UK club members about how you can register an interest in buying a copy - I really don't know how much interest there will be in getting hold of them, so at this stage I can't be sure that I'll be able to meet all orders - but I'll try to give everyone a fair chance of claiming one.


There are two rather lovely 7" transparent lathe-cut pic-disc versions of 'the little goldfish' to be won in a new members club competition - only 12 produced in total, so serious collectors items (well, not that serious).
Once again, if you've not received an email from me about this, you're either not in the club or your web server doesn't like my emails.


Club members have been coming up with recommendations from 3LP sets to help deflect interest in the FdM 'Goldfish' 3LP set. Prizes are signed prints by The Pretty Things, Tir na nOg and nick nicely. If you didn't received any emails about this, it must be because you're not in the club! Lots of the entries are now posted on the FdM site, under 'I Don't Believe It' and 'IDBI2'


I'm currently putting together two CD compilations for club members who order our April and then July vinyl releases...artists that you know, artists that are probably new to you, classic and obscure covers and a bunch of original songs - you know the pattern of these things...both will run to around an hour each, which is not bad value - not least because they're both free-of-charge (and none of the songs have appeared on an FdM release before)
Artists appearing include The Chemistry Set, Vespero, Nathan Hall, Ex-Norwegian, Kris Gietkowski and Dear Mr. Time and covers include songs originally recorded by Todd Rundgren, Manfred Mann, Egg, Joe Meek and The Shadows!


very sorry if you weren't one of the club members who were able to buy a copy of Moloko+'s new single from me or Nick at Heyday (they really are cut individually in real-time, so quantities are always going to be painfully limited); it was kind of Record Collector's Ian McCann to give the single a glowing review in his last page of singles reviews before his retirement


the plan is that Nick Leese and I will post out the Cromlech II box-sets to lucky members club recipents early in January - subject to the albums turning up on time, of course (everything else has now arrived)


Here's a preview of one of the Moloko+ tracks that will be on their new FdM lathe-cut 7" - only 50 copies for sale from us and only available to club members...


Jet Wintzer and I only sent out a few copies for review as it's a vinyl-only release - no promo CDs - but it's been getting some great feedback from the likes of Shindig (a 5 star review, no less), Dave Thompson at Goldmine, Jake Barnard at Strange Brew and Losing Today's Mark Barton - and it's only going to be available via FdM, to club members and people who come along to our Glastonbury birthday bash (oh, and a few competition prizes!)


new members club competition now on - with a chance to win a Pretty Things test pressing - dust down your best/worst record shop stories and email them to me


bit of a surprise to find six huge boxes from the Tiny Box Company waiting on the doorstep this morning - turns out they contain the rather large boxes that the special editions of Sendelica's Cromlech II will be going in - now all I need are the albums, t-shirts, DVDs and various other things that will go in them...there are only going to be 110 sets - Sendelica have already pre-sold their 55 copies, my 55 will be offered to FdM club members only - full details soon. Quick update...all gone!


The latest members club competition looked for lesser-known examples on youtube of psych-tinged tracks by any of these vaguely popular bands; here are a first few examples...from David Smith, Tom Roche, Luke Lands and Dr. Floyd

...while Andy Pernet, Gunter Theberath, Dave Lovatt and Wayland Workman contributed...

...more to come in a few days


I'm celebrating The Pretty Things' return to FdM with a new single, by running a competition to win one of two test pressings of their 'Live In London' FdM 7" - if you haven't received an email from me on the subject, it's either because you're not a club member or something's gone wrong with my mailing-list!


Without SFA, there'd simply have been no FdM - and that's enough acronyms for now...because thanks to Jet Wintzer's lunacy and generosity, club members who order our Jan releases early enough (from me, or from Nick and Heyday) will get an exclusive pressing of the band's 'Sun Yard' album for absolutely nothing - never been on vinyl before, it'll never be offered for sale (by us or the band, anyway!) - a rather cool way to see our way into our 10th anniversary year, I think.
...and a few copies will be sent out in glow-in-the-dark sleeves handsprayed by Jet!


There'll be another very limited Moloko+ lathe-cut at the end of the year that only club members will have a chance of buying, but this one is a little different as it will be released simultaneously by the cassette label Eggs In Aspic. you'll have to get in touch with Eggs In Aspic direct if you want to grab a copy....


anyone want to have a go at the 15th Dream festival Fruits de Mer music quiz?
On Friday night, we had a quick quiz to kick off the festival, with a first prize of over £200s-worth of Record Collector magazine vinyl LPs.
DJ Wally Stagg played excerpts from 10 tracks released by FdM - and we asked teams to identify each song, the Fruits de Mer artist who recorded it and the artists who originally recorded it.
The winning team ('The Advisors') scored 20 out of 30 (1 point for each song/ FdM artist/original artist) and I thought club members might like to have a go - just for fun!
The answers are below...
...go on, give it a listen...
1. International Feel - Jay Tausig/Todd Rundgren
2. Psychotic Reaction - The Luck Of Eden Hall/Count Five
3. Scary Monsters - Anton Barbeau/David Bowie
4. Hard Hard Year - The Bevis Frond/The Hollies
5. Helter Skelter - The Pretty Things/The Beatles
6. Venus In Furs - Sendelica/The Velvet Underground
7. Four Horsemen - Arcade Messiah/Aphrodite's Child
8. Fluff - White Sails/Black Sabbath
9. Hilly Fields - nick nicely/nick nicely
10.Theme To The Avengers - Icarus Peel/Laurie Johnson


play the link above this post and see how many tracks and artists you recognize...
International Feel - Jay Tausig/Todd Rundgren
Psychotic Reaction - The Luck Of Eden Hall/Count Five
Scary Monsters - Anton Barbeau/David Bowie
Hard Hard Year - The Bevis Frond/The Hollies
Helter Skelter - The Pretty Things/The Beatles
Venus In Furs - Sendelica/The Velvet Underground
Four Horsemen - Arcade Messiah/Aphrodite's Child
Fluff - White Sails/Black Sabbath
Hilly Fields - nick nicely/nick nicely
Theme To The Avengers - Icarus Peel/Laurie Johnson


club members struggled to be polite about some of the biggest names in rock in our latest competition - but that was the point, so good work! I pushed Jon Hampstead to find something by Led Zep he liked, Steve Hallam volunteered Iron Butterfly's epic (ie very long) song, John Sewell wasn't the only person to prefer Curved Air with the sound turned down most of the time, Dave Smith reckoned Leicester's finest weren't that good, except for...

Andy Bracken kicked the whole thing off with Robert Palmer, Wayland Workman ripped into Faust, Robert Musgrove and Ray Collins both dug deep to came up with Sopwith Camel and The Savage Resurrection, respectively...


The club members competition looked for exceptional tracks from unexceptional bands - bands that produced just one knockout track in the eyes and ears of a club member, while the rest of their catalogue left them unmoved.
The competition has "thrown up" a few surprises, including Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, VDGG, The Grateful Dead, XTC and Magma amongst the nominations - here are a few to kick things off (remember, the tracks nominated are highly rated, it's just the band that isn't!)...
Ian Roper came up with VDGG, TimeLord Michalis chose Ash Ra Tempel, Dr Floyd went for Edgar Winter, while Dave Lovatt may already be regretting suggesting The Carpenters...

Mark Colwill says, "not Brand X", Craig Palmer chose a Wishbone Ash moment by Def Leppard, Chris Majewicz was one of several club members to name-and-shame Kraftwerk and Roy Bennett picked on Julian Cope

Till Wolff forgave Isaac Hayes and Tangerine Dream for their sins based on these tracks, Henry Schneider found everything else SAC did to be pretty tasteless and Kelvin Bowen could only find this to praise from Julie Felix...


club members who buy our September vinyl releases early will get two CD specials for their trouble - one containing three exclusive Marc Swordfish remixes of The Chemistry Set track 'Fountains of Neptune', the other a sampler containing two Crazy World Of Arthur Brown covers by Kris Gietkowski from his 'Three Of A Kind' 3CD set
- I know, we're generous to a fault


...trying to find suggestions from the members club captions competition that won't get the site shut down is the first challenge. I have to admit to liking the first one, courtesy of Dave Lovatt, while Ray Canham managed to make light of the UK's latest attempt to self-destruct; Andy Pernet managed to namecheck a band and Ernie Oakley showed that wit is not dead (although it's not very well at FdM Towers); more to come


Chris Dale was doing so well with his first competition entry and I'd swear Liz was about to draw his name out of the virtual hat when i remembered he'd made two suggestions; andy Pernet showed much better taste with his caption, while Henry Schneider spoke for most of us with his jukebox plea,(well, maybe not) and Richard Schofield ended with a nice plug for the 15th Dream festival

ROB GOULD - ONE LABEL'S SCREW-UP... an FdM club member's bonus.
Thanks to yours truly screwing up in style in producing Rob's 15th Dream festival compilation CDs (now sorted), we're going to include a two-track sampler from it along with the Bevis Frond demos CD with orders placed by club members who order all three of our July vinyl releases early - we'll begin taking orders from early June.
(Sometimes it pays to be a club member of a record label that doesn't know what it's doing)

The latest members club competition has a bunch of LPs on Markus Holler's Sugarbush label as prizes (hard to believe, but there ARE other record labels)


So what's the perfect add-on for club members who bought the Sendelica/Superfjord 'Zappa' 7" nice and early from FdM or Heyday? No, I had no idea either, so that's why you're getting something that's up to our usual standard of pointless stupidity
Club member Dave Lovatt saw the funny side and posted this drawing on facebook (at least I hope he did - it could be his new look for 2018, of course)


Not quite, but as we edge closer to FdM's 10th anniversary year, the band that started it all - Schizo Fun Addict - have come up with a rather special way to kick things off at the end of 2017, an exclusive vinyl release that only club members (and a handful of reviewers) will get - AND you'll get it for free - if you continue to buy Fruits de Mer releases during 2017; more news soon.


Club members who order all three of FdM's 'full-blown' July releases (that's the Sidewalk Society LP, Fuchsia double 7" and Ant Barbeau 7"EP) will get a little extra of a Frond-like persuasion for their troubles.


...not only that, club members who order all of FdM's late-September releases (which I haven't even finalised yet) will get something exclusive from our good friends Dave McLean and Marc Swordfish. Sometimes it pays to be a club member...


I had to declare a sell-out on this release before even listing it for sale to non-members; Heyday, Clear Spot and Rough Trade will have some copies but Nick at Heyday will use almost all of his up on international club members and Rough Trade/Clear Spot will have very limited supplies (I AM trying to get a short re-press sorted, waiting for news on this); club members who got their April orders in quick will also be getting a couple of small/silly freebies for their trouble.


Club members had to move quickly to claim one of 100 special editions of Soft Herted Scientists' Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals' debut CD - the special editions include a 5" lathe-cut vinyl single and a signed postcard from Nathan.


The first members club competition of 2017 had two first prizes - lathe-cut pic discs featuring two tracks from Us and Them's new 10"; only around a dozen were pressed in total, so they are what you might call 'collectible'; even if you didn't win, at least you had a chance - which is more than non-members had

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