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CD - Friends of the Fish 44 CD

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LP - Friends of the Fish 44
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a new album by the Italian trip-hop duo, produced by Howie B.

‘Parallel’ was recorded by Pinhdar in their Milan studio alongside producer Howie B (who has worked with U2, Bjork, Massive Attack, etc); the duo initially contacted their producer hero without expecting a reply; instead, his response was enthusiastic and at a level they had never expected, offering to not only mix the raw tracks but also to contribute creatively as the album's producer.

Pinhdar (aka Cecilia and Max) explain ‘Parallel’ as follows…"the record is a dream-like journey, exploring themes such as solitude, social indifference, environmental threats and our fear of mortality - a snapshot of life experienced in 2020"

We are already sold out on pre-orders, but do check out Norman Records, Rough Trade or VOD music as they all received supplies - or try the website if you're not in the UK.

it's also worth checking the Pinhdar bandcamp page in case they have copies available CLICK HERE

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