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Never Mind The Pollock
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo 29

a late-December BBC radio promo

Bang goes what was supposed to be a quiet year for Fruits de Mer (maybe we can calm things down a bit in 2022? The problems associated with getting anything pressed on vinyl are certainly helping)

'Never Mind The Pollock' takes a quick trip round a year's worth of releases - from Italian art rock to sixties summer of love, taking in tributes to the 70s motorik sound and a Filipino guitar legend along the way, plus some cracking new examples of psychedelic rock.

The CD will go out to a few DJs (mainly the BBC variety) in the hope they will pick up on a few tracks that might have slipped between the grooves during the year

‘Never Mind The Pollock’ track listing:

1 Pinhdar - Too Late (A Big Wave)  3:54 : from their LP ‘Parallel’
2 Giacomo & Carolina - Sunrise Part 7  5:06 : from the ‘Head Rush’ 3LP set
3 Das Blaue Palais - Zeitfeld (Motorik mix) 8:14 : from ‘Head Rush’
4 Hanford Flyover - Revolve  4:20 from their CD ‘Hanford Tape Sessions’
5 Magic Cobra - Magic Cobra 5:24 : from ‘The Bare Essentials’ single
6 Kazarus - Moon Landing  5:04 : from ‘The Bare Essentials’
7 Sendelica - The Seekers  6:28 from their double LP ‘And Man Created God’
8 Astral Magic- Stars Above  4:00 : from the single ‘Birds Of A Feather’
9 Doctors Of Space - Ghouls'n'Shit  3:45 ; from ‘Birds Of A Feather’
10 Superfjord - Moment 1  10:09 : from their LP ‘For The Moment vol one’
11 Insektlife Cycle - Blues Guitar  4:07 : from their lathe-cut+CD package
12 Jeremy - Crack The Sky  4:01 : from the ‘Music For Amphibians’ single
13 Jim Griffin - Our New World Will Bathe In Ancient Light  4:19 from ‘Music For Amphibians’
14 The Fishheads - Pleasant Valley Sunday  3:49 from ‘The Fishheads’ single

...and maybe a few more copies will escape into the hands of new recruits to the joys of FdM in a thinly-disguised attempt to persuade them to part with more cash.

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