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Dev Bugger overhears some famous people

Brian May "Shall we stop flogging this to death?"

Roger Waters "It's not the same without my mate Dave"

Jon Anderson "How about a game of five-a-side, winners get to use the name for keeps?"

Gene Simmons "I feel a bit self-conscious"

Pete Bingham "We're not bringing out an album this week" (sorry, Pete!)

Francis Rossi "Let's try that again, but in 13/8"

Steven Wilson "The original mix sounds fine to me"

Ozzy Osbourne "The new album is based on my own translation of Homer's Iliad"

Paul McCartney "ooh, that's a bit high for me"

Prog magazine "Here's a new band that aren't very good"

Opeth "This is our Christmas single"

Elton John "I'd like a pair of flip-flops, size 11"

Pink Floyd "There's nothing left in the archives - that's it"

Madonna "I'm getting a bit old for this"

editor's note: some or all of this might not be true

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