Jay Tausig

'Skating Away'...

Skating Away
Jay Tausig
8" lathe-cut - Friends of the Fish 66

limited to 90 copies
on sale mid-December

Jay is a mult-talented multi-instrumentalist, but he's also a multi-vocalist - as well as have a great voice in his own right, he can also interpret songs by Ian Anderson, Bowie, Peter Gabriel and many more.

I happened to see and hear some home videos earlier this year of Jay playing solo versions of a number of Jethro Tull songs; they had a warmth and simplicity that really appealed to me and I suggested to Jay that they'd make an excellent 'festive special' on the Fruits de Mer label.

Fortunately, Jay agreed and 'Skating Away' was born - a five-track lathe-cut with Jay's live, solo recordings delivered with just a few subtle overdubs, including his own harmonies.

Songs featured are:
The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
Life's A Long Song
Dr. Bogenbroom
Skating Away
A Christmas Song

The record itself is an 8" lathe-cut - most copies are cut on clear vinyl, but there are a few black vinyl copies slipped into the run of 90.

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