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A Sparkle On The Dark Water

CD - Friends of the Fish 78 CD

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LP - Friends of the Fish 78
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"One of the year's rare gems" Record Collector

"An album that skillfully employs dream pop as its foundation, upon which it scatters brief sparks of unforgettable shoegaze charm” Rockerilla (Italy)

"Their sound is rich with velvety echoes reminiscent of the Cure and the first 4AD, blending the dreamy charm of dream pop with warm electronic elements” (Italy)

The stunning new album by the Italian duo, who are championed by the legendary journalist Kris Needs, describing Cecilia and Max's sound as follows...
"... the duo’s distinctive brand, given by trip-hop beats and dreamy textures of dream-pop, unfolds itself in a more dense and evolved sound. Cecilia’s passionate voices are surrounded by Max’s enveloping pyramid of synths and guitars, along with fiery authentic lesson on how to combine electronic music models with a rare human sensitivity ”

Trip hop / dream pop / electronica / darkwave? Take your pick - ‘A Sparkle On The Dark Water’ has already picked up some great reviews for its initial release on CD, and now Fruits de Mer Records is releasing the remastered album on vinyl, which – as we all know – is the real deal.

Pinhdar are handling the CD version themselves (details below) and we'll be releasing the vinyl album in mid-August - although we're hoping to have copies available in time for their appearance at this summer's 20th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival.

Here's a little background for newcomers...

PINHDAR are an Italian duo composed of singer Cecilia Miradoli and guitarist/producer Max Tarenzi. Born out of experiences in the rock band Nomoredolls and the organisation of the international musical festival 'A Night Like This', they explore the fusion of trip-hop, dark wave, and electronica with originality, influenced by the Bristol scene.
Their eponymous debut EP in 2019 received praise from the British critics, with the single ‘Toy’ broadcasted on major radios like KEXP. In 2021, they released their first album, ‘Parallel,’ with the collaboration of legendary producer Howie B, published by Fruits de Mer Records. The European tour included prestigious venues such as Stereolux in Nantes.

‘A Sparkle On The Dark Water’ has been produced by Bruno Ellingham, a former Massive Attack and Portishead collaborator. The duo describe the album as, "an intimate reflection on the meaning of human existence and what can still be done, both privately and to others, to ignite a spark in the dark waters into which the planet Earth is increasingly sinking"

The vinyl edition will be released on August 13 (that's Cecilia's birthday - although we're hoping to have early copies on sale at the 20th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival), meanwhile you can order the CD version from Pinhdar's bandcamp page... CLICK HERE

Track listing...

1. In The Woods
2. Cold River
3. Home
4. Little Light
5. Murderers Of A Dying God
6. Humans
7. Solanin
8. Frozen Roses
9. Abysses
10. At The Gates Of Dawn

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