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lathe-cut 7"
Life of Stanley

The Arthur Park
'Life Of Stanley'
one-sided lathe-cut 7"
(friends of the fish 43)

on sale now

If you don’t instantly recognize Stanley, you are in serious need of help – and who better to provide it than Pete Bowman; as well as being a member of the band ‘The Arthur Park’, Pete happens to run the website ‘The World of Stanley Unwin’.

I released a very limited lathe-cut 7” EP at the end of last year, featuring tracks by Professor Unwin, Terry-Thomas, Sid James and Leslie Phillips; Pete got in touch asking whether I was interested in some recordings he had of interviews with Stanley, whose family were keen to see the good Prof’s wonderful and uniquely distorted interpretation of the English language (Unwinese) remembered; I snatched his hand off - it sounded like a cracking way to end what’s turned out to be a seriously-warped year and we agreed that Pete’s band should add a little instrumental backing to proceedings.

And so ‘Life Of Stanley’ was born

Thanks to some overtime from Phil the lathe-cutter at we'll now have 70 one-sided 7” lathe-cut singles for sale to FdM club members and they will be snapped up faster than you can say, “deep joy”, to be enjoyed by a lucky few people who appreciate one of Britain’s great verbal innovators and eccentrics; his narration to the Small Faces classic album ‘Ogdens Nut Gone Flake’ and appearance as the Chancellor in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ might trigger a few memories.

Shindig! took a listen to the single...

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