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Schizo Fun Addict
The Sun Yard

free to FdM club members

I blame Jet....Schizo Fun Addict started things for FdM by stepping in when we were up download-creek without a paddle back in 2008, recording both tracks for our first single.
Now they're helping us celebrate 10 years of bluffing our way through the vinyl revival by funding the pressing of turquoise and red vinyl copies of their much-acclaimed album, 'The Sun Yard'.

Thanks to the generosity of band leader Jet Wintzer, we've already given over 300 copies away to FdM club members (pressed on lush turquoise vinyl) and we'll be giving 150 red vinyl copies away to people attending our 10th birthday bash in Glastonbury in May.

....and a few of them will be in glow-in-the-dark sleeves, hand spray-painted by Jet and Jayne from the band - they'll be dished out randomly as people come to the gig.

Incidentally, 'The Sun Yard' continues to pick up great reviews, getting four stars from Record Collector and FIVE from Shindig!
Sorry - the album isn't available for sale, it's not a standard Fruits de Mer release - it's a very special one, commemorating 10 years of the label, and 10 years of us working with the band.

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