7" EP
The Superstars

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The Superstars
four-track 7" EP
on sale early November

£6.50 (UK price)

The Superstars

7" EP (33rpm)
winkle 43

on sale early November

It's the classic prog sound from Italy (although at least one of the band lives in Germany) or it is in my book, with keyboards to the forefront.

The band are working to complete an album, but it was a mainly instrumental cut called 'Metamorphosis' that grabbed my attention, and on this 7" EP you get both live and studio versions of it, along with a track called 'Finale'; I'd suggest it's guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any 70s prog fan.

Where did the band name come from? I asked band leader Federico to explain..."....it came up pretty much by chance. There are two of us (guitar and keyboard) who are playing together since a long time in different band formations.
Over the time we wrote a multitude of songs together. We decided to record a selection of them and thus the name of the album "Greatest Hits". "The Superstars" is more a consequence of the name of the record; more or less a playful answer to the generic question of "who would normally write a greatest hits album?"
... but coming to think of it, the reference to Jesus Christ Superstar is not completely off track, we even covered Gethsemane a couple years back ;)"

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