7" single
kevin robertson

an excerpt from 'Why'...

and an excerpt from 'D.C.B.A.-25'...

Kevin Robertson

7" single (45rpm)
crustacean 96

sold out

Kevin Robertson takes time out from fronting The Vapour Trails (who will be playing at the 19th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival in summer 2023) for a first single on Fruits de Mer.

Kevin's single combines covers of The Byrds' 'Why' and Jefferson Airplane's 'D.C.B.A-25' - lovingly crafted, jangly pop-psych

Over to Kevin to explain his Fruits de Mer debut...

"Following three jangling psychedelic releases from my band and two solo albums within the last five years it’s been a pleasure to take a break from those avenues of music and delve into two of my favourite 60s songs, putting my own spin on them
The band on these particular tracks are Nick Bertling (Vapour Trails & Kevin Robertson solo work producer), Scott Robertson (The Vapour Trails, General Winston ) and yours truly.

‘Why’ is right up there with my favourite Byrds songs, but rather than copy the style I wanted to make it my own with uber psych guitar breaks and phasers set on full blast whilst still harbouring the soft vocals and harmonies heard on the original.

‘D.C.B.A-25’ is my personal favourite song from ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ incidentally an album in my top 10 records ever made.. The idea was to keep the jangling psyche vibe of the original but to add gentle splashes of moog and harmonica sounds, structure the vocals a little differently and generally bring the song into Kev Robertson territory…great fun to arrange and record!"

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