Fruits de Mer Records - Psychedelia, Krautrock, Progressive Rock, Acid-Folk, R&B, Spacerock and Vinyl Heaven

a photographic history of Fruits de Mer

not really - it's just a bunch of random inserts, cuttings and photos I've cobbled together over the years and pasted very badly onto a web page

email anything FdM'ish that you reckon would fit here to:

some beatles
July 2017 from FdM
oceania t-shirts
cd on a stick
13th dream gang
Fruits de Mer t-shirt
the trademark of quality
the first FdM flyer
Egg's first LP
arthur brown - still crazy
all stereos should look like this
FdM fishnets postcard
Garrard deck, I reckon
it's a sideline
so which release was this nearly the cover to?
who needs Whizzer and Chips?
Otober 8th, in Derby
another 'good idea at the time; giveaway
so you DO get something for nothing - sometimes
Rob Schofield's photos of Games For May 2016
we all have our own way of showing our respect
appearing soon in a limited edition box-set near you
look - I'm sure Sendelica said ghosts, not goats
shame there isn't a poster with the single - but it IS a gatefold sleeve
I'd just like to point out I'm releasing a record by July - although not one of these
two came at once...
the 13th dream festival - what a weekend
surely they would try to repeat it in 2016?
the calm before the storm at the half moon
lathe-cuts r us
lathe cuts r us again
see-thru lathe-cut LPs r us
we're famous!
comic book guy branches out
scratch'n'sniff cover
superman sees through the 'Postcards From The Deep' scam
god bless mick dillingham
i rather like this version
a special version for something the soft Hearted Scientists are doing soon
a freebie for early bookers at the October gig in Cardigan
start 'em young
...and keep 'em going til they drop
not another fdm release, surely?
we made the front cover - in small print
an insert for the bands' copies - although they already knew who they were
in good company
is it half full...?
the world tour
molly crab  - she will make occasional appearances
The Raiders - a new boy band - in 1964
the mighty Pretty Things
one side of Me And My Kites
I post loads of excerpts of FdM tracks on facebook, and guess what gets more 'likes' than anything else....?
ahh, those were the days
good grief - Damo Suzuki with 'A Phase We're Going Through'!
subtle product placement...
Record Collector and Fruits de Mer got together and gave birth to Plankton
i decided against this version of the cover - but it was a tough call
a medical breakthrough by FdM
even easier to put together than one of those flaming airfiz kits
i decided against this version of the cover - but it was a tough call

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