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Mantle bitter at night


FdM's resident designer Dale Simpson was obviously planning to impress when he recycled four bottles of Mantle best bitter to create this heartwarming display.

cock soup


Sainsburys deliver again - usually it's a well-judged or misjudged vinyl release, but this was down a different aisle altogether ("...this was down a different aisle...").
OK, so it's been posted on social media many times in the past, but I couldn't resist it for 80p - it made me laugh almost as much as when Liz tripped over on our way home from a curry the other night!

George Peckham


Great to see that George 'Porky' Peckham is getting his autobiography published. George lives just down the road from me and I used to see him in the pub occasionally (although I understand he's not been well for a while); he gave me a draft to read and there are some laugh-out-loud moments from his early days which i hope made it beyond the censors into the printed edition!

kraftwerk spirit 71


Here we go again (as I start my 50th year of buying albums!) with what look suspiciously like suspicious releases - Kraftwerk live in 1975, including a sidelong version of 'Autobahn', and Spirit live in 1971
But they're both listed by Juno, so maybe they're OK?


Liz and I sneaked off to Spain for a few days after Christmas - five grandkids running riot round FdM Towers was bloody exhausting! I managed to track down one secondhand record shop after a long and tortuous wander round the back streets of Fuengirola - Liz was not wholly convinced by my 'walking tour'.
The shop was probably OK but the crates were rammed so tight with vinyl it was impossible to sort through the albums and that's once you removed the stacks of vinyl piled on top of the crates. I soon gave up - it's just not what crate-digging is supposed to be about, in my book anyway.

Haynes synth soldering iron, anyone


Liz bought me a 'make your own synth' for Christmas! she even bought me a soldering iron so i can put it together - so simple, an 8-year old could do it.
Shame none of the grandkids are eight years old.

Long Live Vinyl


As we were heading off on holiday, I picked up the latest issue of Long Live Vinyl as I don't feel I've given it a proper chance to get on my monthly reading list.
I've got to admit I'm still not won over - it seems to be more about owning the physical objects than the music/bands, and the cardboard covers put me off - I guess its the equivalent of 200gm vinyl?
BUT...there's a cracking feature by Gary Tipp on 40 krautrock albums you should listen to/own; nothing too surprising in there (although FdM club member Till Wolff will be appalled to hear I don't have the Roadelius LP that's suggested by Gary), but a really good introduction to krautrock, in my opinion


Well, not quite but Sainsbury's (I'm not on commission, it's just that it's the only shop in walking distance of home that stocks vinyl these days) are doing a '2 for £25' deal on all their albums at the moment. If you haven't got the Bob Stanley-curated 'Meet On The Ledge' double, that's a good place to start, although there wasn't a lot else in Walton - and offering the 'Best Of Cream' LP as part of the deal didn't quite work as it's only £12 in the shop to start with.

Harry Langdon Tom and Jerry


When I was a kid, US TV shows seemed to consist of not a lot, with the occasional ray of sunshine in the form of a silent film or a Tom & Jerry cartoon; that said, it's only 50-odd years later that I'm starting to appreciate quite what a genius of comic-timing Harry Langdon was (I enjoyed the more slapstick stuff), but it was heart-warming to see a couple of our grandkids settling down to watch classic Tom & Jerry cartoons on one of the myriad kids TV channels over Christmas - PROPER Tom & Jerry cartoons, not the cheap and nasty ones that were churned out from the 60s onwards.

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