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colour vinyl - only 700-ish copies of each pressed for worldwide distribution
available in the UK direct from FdM - £5.50 each for singles, £9 for double singles, £15 for LPs, £19 for an LP+7" extravanganza,
£20+ for a double LP financial disaster, £27 for a set of 10 flexible friends, £35 for a 7" box-set that rivals Tesco's attempts at keeping track of its finances - all including P&P
OUTSIDE the UK, you'll have to contact one of FdM's vast network of international stockists listed on our 'links' page and pay international postage - i suggest you start with Heyday Mail Order ( or Shiny Beast ( - both are excellent and stock all FdM releases
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'Games For May' 7" - an exclusive 7" free to everyone who comes along to the gig
Momentary Three - a track from 'A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl' and a new recording - 300-pressing 7" black vinyl - available exclusively at 'The 13th Dream' Festival
Momentary Two - four tracks from 'A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl' - 300-pressing 7" black vinyl - available exclusively at 'Games For May' and 'The 13th Dream' Festival
Momentary One - three tracks from 'A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl' - 300-pressing 7" black vinyl - available exclusively at 'Games For May' and 'The 13th Dream' Festival
  • Winkle 19: Cranium Pie double LP on sale March 2015 - more news soon
  • Friends of the Fish Promo 2: 'strange fruit and veg' - a bonus CD for club members who order the Cranium Pie double LP nice and early

  • Volume 60: A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl members-only double CD
  • Volume 59: 'Coltrane' 7" on sale now
  • Volume 58: 'Postcards From The Deep' sort of box-set on sale now
  • Winkle 18: The Chemistry Set 7" 'Elapsed Memories' on sale now

  • Friends of the Fish Promo 1: a bonus CD for club members who ordered our September releases nice and early

  • Volumes 51-57: '7 And 7 Is' - a box-set comprising volumes 51-57 sold out
  • Volume 57: Black Tempest/The Seventh Ring Of Saturn split 7" sold out
  • Volume 56: The Gathering Grey 7" sold out
  • Volume 55: King Penguin 7" sold out
  • Volume 54: Sendelica 7" sold out
  • Volume 53: The Chemistry Set 7" sold out
  • Volume 52: The Higher State 7" sold out
  • Volume 51: The Bevis Frond 7" sold out
  • Volume 50: Simones 7" 'Majic Ship' on sale now

  • Friends of the Fish 1: Sendelica 'Live At Crabstock' LP on sale now - order direct from Sendelica's bandcamp page

  • Volume 49: Tir na nOg 'I Have Known Love' 7" sold out
  • Winkle 17: Astralasia LP+7" 'Wind On Water' sold out
  • Winkle 16: Tor Peders LP+7" 'Brev Fran Ederstorp' sold out
  • strange fish six: Craig Padilla double LP 'Sonar' on sale now

  • Promo five - Crabstock USA - a CD intro to FdM and its artists - free and exclusive to early arrivers at the Outer Space in CT and Bowery Electric in NYC
  • Promo four - Crabstock On Ice - a CD introduction to FdM and its artists - free and exclusive to early arrivers at the Helsinki festival
  • Promo three - Crabstock - a compilation of new recordings by the artists appearing at the FdM Festival - on sale at the gig
  • Promo two - Lobster Disque - free and exclusive to early arrivers at Crabstock

  • Volume 48: Schizo Fun Addict - 'Suspiria' 7" - sold out
  • Volume 47: Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot double 7" - sold out
  • Volume 46: Schnauser 'As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still' 7" - sold out
  • Winkle 15: Bronco Bullfrog 'Time Waits For Norman' 7" - on sale now
  • Winkle 14: Us and Them 'By The Time It Gets Dark' 7" - on sale now

  • Winkle 13: The Regal Crabomophone 2014 Annual 7" - sold out
  • Volume 45: Fruits de Mer members exclusive 7" - available to members only
  • Volume 44: The Fruits de Mer 2014 Annual 7" - sold out
  • Volume 43: Shrunken Head Music double 7" - sold out
  • Volume 42: Vespero 7" - sold out
  • Volume 41: Vibravoid 7" - sold out
  • Winkle 12: Me And My Kites - sold out
  • Winkle 11: White Sails - on sale now
  • Winkle 10: Stay - sold out
  • Volume 40: Jack Ellister - sold out
  • Volume 39: Crystal Jacqueline - sold out

  • Plankton - Record Collector's 'best of the early years' LP - sold out

  • Promo One - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed - free and exclusive to early arrivers at the Summer Fruits de Mer All-Dayer

  • strange fish - the series - general information
  • strange fish five: bonus CD for buyers of the vinyl set
  • strange fish four - a single LP - sold out
  • strange fish three - a double LP - sold out
  • strange fish two - a double LP - sold out
  • strange fish one - a single LP - sold out
  • the soft and strange one: James McKeown/Julie's Haircut/Soft Hearted Scientists - a promo 7"
  • Volume 38: Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists...sold out
  • Volume 37: Re-Evolution - FdM sings The Hollies...sold out
  • Volume 36: The Crabs Sell Out/The Crabs Freak Out - available to FdM club members only
  • Volume 35: Fruits de Mer Annual 7" - sold out
  • Volume 34: The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen 7" - sold out
  • Volume 33: The White EP double 7" - sold out
  • Winkle 9: The Luck Of Eden Hall 7" - sold out
  • Volume 32: Anton Barbeau 7" - sold out
  • Winkle 8: The Chemistry Set 7" - sold out
  • Winkle 7: Permanent Clear Light 7" - sold out
  • Volume 31: The Pretty Things 7" (S.F. Sorrow live in London) - sold out
  • Winkle 6: Jack Ellister 7" - sold out
  • Volume 30: Beautify Junkyards 7" - sold out
  • Volume 29: The Pretty Things 7" (Honey, I Need) - sold out
  • Winkle 5: The Lucid Dream 7" - sold out
  • Volume 28: The Baking Research Station 7" - sold out
  • Volume 27: nick nicely 7" - sold out
  • Volume 26: Head Music - sold out
  • Volume 25: Sorrow's Children - sold out
  • Winkle 4: Regal Crabomophone 2012 Annual - sold out
  • Volume 24: 'In The Beginning' - available to FdM club members only
  • Volume 23: Fruits de Mer 2012 Annual - sold out
  • Volume 22: Do Not Adjust Your Set - sold out
  • Volume 21: Keep Off The Grass - sold out
  • Winkle 3 (Regal Crabomophone): The Luck Of Eden Hall - sold out
  • Volume 20: 'Summerisle' - songs from The Wicker Man - sold out
  • Winkle 2 (Regal Crabomophone): Cranium Pie - Mechanisms Pt.1 - sold out
  • Volume 19: Earthling Society - sold out
  • Winkle 1 (Regal Crabomophone): The Chemistry Set - sold out
  • Volume 18: 'Roqueting Through Space' - sold out
  • Volume 17: 'A Phase We've Been Through'- available to FdM club members only
  • Volume 16: FdM Annual 2011 - sold out
  • Volume 15: Eddie Cochran instrumental covers - sold out
  • Volume 14: Sidewalk Society - sold out
  • Volume 13: Sendelica - sold out
  • Volume 12: Hausfrauen Experiment - sold out
  • Volume 11: A Phase We're Going Through - sold out
  • Volume 10: Vibravoid - sold out
  • Volume 9: We Come Bearing Gifts - available to FdM club members only
  • Volume 8: US & Them - sold out
  • Volume 7: Cranium Pie - sold out
  • Volume 6: Vibravoid - sold out
  • Volume 5: Mark Fry - sold out
  • Volume 4: Flaming Gnomes - sold out
  • Volume 3: Stay - sold out
  • Volume 2: Alison O'Donnell - sold out
  • Volume 1: Schizo Fun Addict - sold out
  • Perch 11: Astralasia - on sale now - last few
  • Perch 10: Simones t-shirt - on sale now - last few
  • Perch 9 - Mantle Brewery Crabstock special edition bottled bitter - on sale at the gig AND online for a limited period only
  • Perch 8: Crabstock t-shirt - on sale now - last few
  • Perch 7: Summer Fruits de Mer All-dayer/Borderline t-shirt - on sale now - last few
  • Perch 6: Eddie Cochran Instrumentals t-shirt - sold out
  • Perch 5: Roqueting Through Space t-shirt - sold out
  • Perch 4: Wicker Man t-shirt - sold out
  • Perch 3: Keep Off The Grass t-shirt - sold out
  • Perch 2: The Fruits de Mer scarf - on sale now
  • Perch 1: Fruits de Mer t-shirt - sold out

  • Volume 1
    Schizo fun Addict Limited Edition Vinyl Sleeve
    " Theme One" (George Martin/Van der Graaf Generator) + "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake"(The Small Faces). As Record Collector magazine put it "This is what 7"s should be all about. Fruits de Mer is clearly a label of love"

    Sold Out!
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    Volume 2
    Alison O'Donnell Limited Edition Vinyl Sleeve
    "Frozen Warnings"(Nico) + "Day is Done" (Nick Drake). Mellow Candle's lead singer, Alison O'Donnell, teams up with Head South by Weaving to bring you two very personal interpretations of classic songs. "Wonderfully stark and haunting renditions"- Rough Trade.

    Sold Out!
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    Volume 3
    Stay's Limited Edition Vinyl Sleeve
    "2,000 Light Years From Home"(The Rolling Stones) + "Rainy Day, Mushroom Pillow"(Strawberry Alarm Clock) + "Chicago" (Graham Nash). Three classic tracks plundered by these pirates of the Spanish Main (they're from Barcelona) and then drenched in sitar and fuzz-guitar! "Brilliant, inspired, mental" - Terrascope (terrascope is the direct online descendent of that great magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope!).

    Sold Out!
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    Volume 4
    Flaming Gnomes Limited Edition Vinyl Sleeve
    "Care of Cell 44"(The Zombies) + "Love Song With Flute"(Caravan). The Flaming Gnomes pick breezy-dreamy pop-psych classics from The Zombies and Caravan, and Small Face them up by adding a bit of Unwinny cheeky-chapiness. "Gorgeously radiant mellowing effervescence" - Losing Today.

    Sold out!!
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    Volume 5
    Mark Fry - Dreaming With Alice
    "Dreaming With Alice" + "The Witch". Acid-folk legend, Mark Fry, hooks up with Nick Franglen (Production and Arrangement) to re-record 'Alice' in her un-fragmented entirety for the first time ever. Plus an equally exclusive live take of 'The Witch'. "Pure bliss" - HeyDay.

    Sold Out!
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    Volume 6
    Vibravoid's Limited Edition Vinyl Sleeve
    Krautrock Sensation EP.
    "Ruckzuck" (Kraftwerk), "Eye Shaking King"(Amon Duul II), "Mother Sky"(Can), "Rauchkraut" (Mashantra). Germany's finest psych-rock band re-appraise Germany's finest hours. Vibravoid get all motorik with some classic early Krautrock.

    "Absolutely out there" - Heyday.

    Sold out!!
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    Volume 7
    Cranium Pie Limited Vinyl Cover
    'Baby, You're A Rich Man' (The Beatles) + 'Madman Running Though The Fields' (Dantalion's Chariot)
    Rob Appleton and the gang's first vouting on Fruits de Mer - and definitely not their last.
    "Quite frankly barking....priceless stuff...ruddy essential" Losing Today

    Sold Out!
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    Volume 8
    Us & Them
    US & THEM
    'Home To Stay' (Tudor Lodge) + 'Dialogue'(Jackson C Frank) + 'Julia Dream (Of All The Pretty Little Horses)(Waters/ Traditional). Us & Them are a Scandanavian duo who make the most of those long, dark nights in log cabins, not least with their spellbinding version of 'Julia Dream'...

    Sold out!!
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    Volume 9
    "We came bearing gifts"

    Fruits de Mer's end of year cassette - given to few, played by even fewer
    A strictly limited promotional cassette - with 100 only pressed (or whatever you do with a cassette);given free, gratis and for nothing at the end of 2009 to supporters of FdM from our early days - featuring tracks by some of our favourite FdM bands
    sorry, long gone!
    We decided that a follow-up on an 8-track or on reel-to-reel was pushing things too far, so we gave away a CDr in 2010, maybe we'll do something similarly daft at the end of 2011? Join our Members Club and find out!
    Volume 10 The second coming of Vibravoid
    After the sell-out success of of their 'Krautrock Sensation' ep we are delighted to give you another very special release - three Floyd tracks from their classic album, 'Saucerful of Secrets' on a 72 colour vinyl ep... "a hairy bunch of psychedelic motherf*ckers from Dusseldorf" (Record Collector mag)

    Sold out!!
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    Volume 11 Just a phase
    Fruits de Mer Records dives back deep in time to extract 11 late 60s and early 70s pearls from their shells, puts them in the hands of an equally odd number of bands, who treat them with love and affection to create our first LP, featuring Sidewalk Society, The Chemistry Set, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Cranium Pie, The Sw!ms, Permanent Clear Light, The Luck of Eden Hall, Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder and more...we're sold-out but you might just be able to find one last copy at Piccadilly Records (
    Sold out!!
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    Volume 12
    Fruits de Mer Records severely tests the limits of its sixties/early seventies psych/prog/krautrock agenda and completely blows its budget with a double 7" colour vinyl release from the deeply mysterious Hausfrauen Experiment
    Four future/retro/electro/outthere versions of a bizarre selection of tracks that only the musically-deranged or commercially-suicidal could put together in one release (so we did).

    Oscillations, originally by Silver Apples
    Spirit of the Age, originally by Hawkwind
    Baby's On Fire, originally by Eno
    Sebastian, originally by Cockney Rebel

    Sold out!!
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    Volume 13
    Sendelica - have you felt the whip yet?
    The tracks are nothing short of brilliant - and if you don't believe us, Geoff Barton in Classic Rock says, "look, just got out and buy the sucker before it sells out!"
    'Venus in Furs' (Velvet Underground) + 'Maggot Brain' (Funkadelic)
    We get in a hot sweat every time we listen to 'Venus'; mind you, at our age we tend to break into hot sweats quite often, not to mention having to go to the loo about once every.....sorry, must dash...
    Sold out!!
    More Info
    Volume 14
    Sidewalk Society
    FdM 14 features that great US band, fresh from 'A Phase We're Going Through', reinterpreting four classic 60's psych tracks from some of the UK's best-loved bands. The tracks capture the essence of UK sixties psych, but with Sidewalk Society's stamp on them (if you've heard the band's version of 'Red Chair, Fade Away' you'll know what a class act they are
    Sold out!!
    More Info
    Volume 15
    Eddie Cochran instrumentals
    ..also known as Andy Bracken's pet project, this is FdM's 7" homage to one of the true innovators of Rock'n'Roll. Three instrumentals that take Eddie Cochran's originals as inspiration to something new, different and very unexpected (by me, anyway). Featuring Vibravoid, Cranium Pie and Head South by Weaving.
    Limited to a 300 pressing and it sold out on reserves alone - sorry, quite possibly our fastest-selling single ever - gone forever, unless you want to try ebay
    Sold out!!
    More Info
    Volume 16
    oooh it must be September already, the Christmas annuals are in the shops
    The 2011 FdM ANNUAL

    Something we'd like to think appealed to anyone who woke up on a Christmas morning to their copy of Roy of the Rovers, Tiger, Lion, Valiant, Victor, Bunty (whoops, what a give away)... a 2x7" doublepack, featuring: Stay - 'Tomorrow Never Knows' (The Beatles)  Permanent Clear Light - 'Wherewithal' (Clifford T Ward)  Hi-Fiction Science - 'Fleance' (Third Ear Band)  Zeuk - 'Vision' (Peter Hammill). On sale now - oh no it's not, it's sold out
    Sold out!!
    More Info
    Volume 17
    commercial suicide is painless

    Oh good grief, it's a CDr (yes, we know we've said in the past we don't do CDs), it's completely free (hello commercial suicide, my old friend), and it was exclusive to Fruits de Mer Club members when you ordered all of our 2010 releases.
    FdM 17 featured tracks kindly donated by some of the bands we've worked with in 2010. Some new tracks, some covers, including contributions from Cranium Pie, Stay, Luck of Eden Hall, Head South by Weaving, Sendelica, Sidewalk Society, Permanent Clear Light, The Chemistry Set and Vibravoid - 17 great tracks, oozing quality.
    What's more, we ran off less than 200, we gave them the FdM 17 catalogue number and we're keeping a few for ourselves, so good luck in tracking one down! Click here for all the band and track details
    More Info
    Volume 18
    FdM in Space

    Originally intended to be our first release of 2010, 'Roqueting Through Space' finally landed at FdM Towers in June - a bloody-good-looking LP and 7" package this time -19" of fun, featuring new versions of tracks originally recorded by the likes of
    Neu!... Brainticket
    Can... Julian Cope
    Hawkwind... Pink Floyd
    Hooterville Trolley... The Tornados

    Artists involved are Sendelica, Vert:x, Cranium Pie's Baking Research Station, The Grand Astoria, Vibravoid, Helicon, Diarmuid MacDiarmada, The Luck of Eden Hall, Frobisher Neck and Alpha Omega - not bad, eh? started out as pure spacerock, then a lot of 70s German influences started to get mixed in, which can only be a good thing, can't it? One or two tracks might be lurking around this page to give you an idea of what we had in store for you. Sold out - sorry
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 19
    Earthling Society

    Fleetwood, Lancashire's finest, Fred Laird and the band cooked up something very special for our first single of 2011 - a driving, almost gothic rock take on Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac's 'Green Manalishi' plus an obscure 60s US psych track (The James Taylor Set's 'And I Heard The Fire Sing') that they ressurect, inject with some illegal substances and then commit to vinyl. On sale now! check out lots of reviews in our - gasp - 'Reviews' section, then click on 'more info' to hear a couple of samples, now sold out
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Regal Crabomophone (Winkle 1)
    more info soon

    Andy and I had talked since the early days about creating a sister label to Fruits de Mer, featuring some of our favourite bands unveiling new material - still with the FdM stamp of quality and still with the heady smell of vinyl. We finally got off our backsides with REGAL CRABOMOPHONE and that fine UK band THE CHEMISTRY SET. Last year they were playing to crowds of 5,000 in Spain, but they put away their castanets and stuffed donkeys in order to put together an all-new swirling, grooving, six minute psychedelic masterpiece called, "Impossible Love', backed with a new version of The Rolling Stones' 'We Love You' that is classic '1967 never went away or, if it did, i've been too seriously spaced out for the last 44 years to care' FdM material
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    (Winkle 2)
    bring on the crayfish

    Cranium Pie's first album - a progressive rock concept album at that - and on a Fruits de Mer lebel!
    It's classic prog rock in all its glory, we think fans of Nektar, Caravan, Zappa and 70s Pink Floyd will love it - as will everyone who has already heard the Pie on our label (who can ever forget 'Madman' - the first single to repeat itself backwards) and also on Bracken Records.
    We could tell you that Geoff Barton in Classic Rock has called the album a "masterclass in hyper-eclectic prog", or that PROG magazine felt impelled to give the band a full page profile on the strength of the album, but before you get too excited maybe you should click on 'more info' now for the sting in the crayfish-tail - you're going to find it tough to get hold of a copy - we're sold-out, the band have sold out, but email and he'll try to help you track a copy down, or the band have the album available on CD - head over to and order one direct
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 20
    careful where you throw that match

    on sale October 10th....
    'The Wicker Man' is quite possibly THE cult 70s UK film, justifying all the wild stories that surround it, and with a haunting soundtrack to match. We're going to give you an ep with new versions of four tracks from the film, all recorded by a one-off coming-together of some of FdM's favourite artists - Swedish duo Us and Them together with mellotron wizard Frobisher Neck
    Intrigued? Well, buy it! Only 5UK pounds including postage and packing anywhere in the world. SOLD OUT (original 500 pressing AND 200 re-press) but email and he'll try to help you track a copy down
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Regal Crabomophone (Winkle 3)
    one of the US' finest bands, in our humble...

    We've just taken delivery of a 7" by this fine US band that combines two original LOEH tracks with two stunning 60s covers that will be exclusive to us, and therefore to you - Love's 'She Comes In Colours' and The Association's 'Never My Love'
    Four tracks for the price of half of a very bad haircut (that's 5 UK pounds) - how can you refuse?
    Sorry, we only pressed up 400 copies, and they've gone already but email Andy and he'll help you track a copy down Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 21
    see, it was going to be a really classy cover, then my wife had this good idea

    'A Phase We're Going Through' was our first compilation album, a pretty damn-fine collection of covers of classic 60s psych (he said, modestly. We've decided to repeat the doaage, but as is often the case, simply repeating it isn't enough - we decided that needed more. So 'Keep Off The Grass' is a double LP of psych, fuzz, sunshine pop, garage, freak-out, and all things in between and either side thereof.
    It includes covers of tracks originally by The Byrds, The Beatles, Skip Spence, The Nazz, Tomorrow, John's Children, Chocolate Watch Band and lots, lots, LOTS more! And who'll be doing the covering...? Well, how about Sendelica, Cranium Pie. Permanent clear Light and The Bevis Frond, for starters, good grief, it's bursting at the seams with meaty goodness (or Quorny goodness if you're that way inclined)
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 22
    In Search of the Little White Dot

    One of a glut of December 2011 releases - an ep of classic TV themes from the 60s/early 70s - you know the kind of thing - 'Upstairs,Downstairs', 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo', 'Lunchtimes News in Meridian' - OK, maybe not, how about 'Fireball XL5', 'Robinson Crusoe', 'Ace of Wands' - oh yes! It's been a long year (what the hell does that mean?) and we all deserve a bit of fun - this is a bit of a joint-venture with between us and Fran Ashcroft from the Happybeat Studio in Liverpool - described by Geoff Barton in Classic Rock magazine as a "genius ep", and we're not going to argue with Geoff.
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 23/
    Winkle 4
    you mean they're going to produce an Annual EVERY year?

    Last Christmas, we produced the Fruits de Mer Annual - an ep of tracks we were dying to release during the year but couldn't find a way to commit to vinyl. It turned out to be one of my favourite FdM releases to-date, so this year we're doing the same again - but this time it'a a combined Fruits de Mer/Regal Crabomophone Annual, and that means a double 7" - old songs, new songs, old FdM favourites, brand new artists, including Beay, Vibravoid, Permanent Clear Light, Red Elektra '69 and The Bordellos!
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 24
    so what IS the point of listing a release you can't buy?

    Before Fruits de Mer there was Bracken - Andy's very own indie label. It gradually melted into Fruits de Mer, and last year's single by Cranium Pie on Bracken was the last-ever Bracken release (although we then launched Regal Crabomophone to enable us to contnue to release new material as well as covers). This year's Christmas gift to FdM members is a bit of an artefact - an original Bracken Records 7", uncovered in the Bracken archives, now re-housed in a new sleeve on which Andy explains a bit about how and why he started the label.
    We can't tell you which single you'll get, because we don't know, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?
    If you're not 'in the club', you won't get a copy (sorry and all that) but if you want to know more about the club, just drop Andy an email - there are links to his email address all over the site - and he'll tell you all about it
    Volume 25
    you wait until you see it in colour

    The Pretty Things' psychedelic masterpiece, 'S.F. Sorrow', recorded in 1968, ahead of its time then, blisteringly good now and we've recreated it with love, affection and the likes of The Luck of Eden Hall, The Loons, King Penguin and Hi-Fiction Science.
    And there's more - an exclusive live recording of 'Loneliest Person', by The Pretty Things themselves. Sorry, sold out - unless you can find one at one of the shops on our 'links' page
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 26
    i like this cover

    Brain, Ohr, Sky, Bellaphon, Metronome, Bacillus, Can, Neu!, Amon Duul, Popol Vuh, Kraftwerk...was this a great era? Oh yes. Now we bring you over 90 minutes of krautrock, kosmische and more, from some of the finest bands around.
    Double LP, colour vinyl, gatefold sleeve, kitchen-sink (ok, maybe no sink). sorry - sold out - but try the shops on our 'links' page, you never know
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 27
    is this the perfect psych 7
    'Hilly Fields (1892)'
    June release

    nick nicely - a cult hero amongst musical cult heroes, the catalyst to XTC turning into their alter-egos The Dukes Of The Stratophear, the man responsible for the 80s psych classic 'Hilly Fields (1892)' ("the best psychedelic record since the 60s" NME), a track that is now reinterpreted by the man himself 30 years later - and it's released exclusively on FdM!
    ...we're even including nick's original version of 'HF' (from his Cherry Red album, 'Psychotropia') for good measure
    nick has a new album, 'Lysergia' on the way sometime soon - don't miss it - but buy this 7" first!
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 28
    seems like a nice place
    'A Visit To Newport Hospital'
    June release

    From their secret underground bunker, Cranium Pie's spin-off collective, The Baking Research Station, reconstruct the highpoint of Egg's 'Polite Force' LP and we drag in the full Cranium Pie team to back it with Arzachel's 'Queen St. Gang' - in total, 15 minutes of progressive rock mayhem
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Winkle 5
    UK psych is alive and well
    'Hits Me Like I'm Stoned'/ Factory's 'Try A Little Sunshine'
    June release

    The Lucid Dream produce "beautiful traditional psychedelia" (Lauren Laverne, BBC6) and they do it for us with their first FdM 7", featuring an all-new, mind-blowing A-side b/w a great 60s cover
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 29
    it's 1965 all over again
    'Honey, I Need'
    'I Can Never Say'
    June release

    A new 7" from the UK's finest R&B/psych band - still going strong after more than 45 years - a remarkable combination of an exclusive new recording of a classic track with a real archival find - an unreleased demo from 1965
    'Honey, I Need' was recorded at London's 100 Club in December 2010. As Record Collector's editor Ian McCann, puts it, "Old men still rock shock"
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 30
    beautify junkyards
    'From The Morning'/’Fuga No.2’
    August release

    Sometimes you hear a song and you KNOW you have to release it. That’s how I felt when I heard Portuguese band Beautify Junkyard’s appropriately beautiful version of Nick Drake’s ‘From The Morning’. I’m convinced you’ll feel the same way when you hear it...and they back it with a seductive, subtly electronic take on Os Mutantes' 'Fuga No.2' - deep joy
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Winkle 6
    Jack Ellister
    'The Man With The Biochopper’/’Citadel’'
    August release

    …and then, like London buses, two come along at once – Jack Ellister’s ‘The Man With The Biochopper’ is stunning, kitchen-sink-thrown-in psychedelia for 2012 – just gobsmacking. And he’s combined it with a great version of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Citadel’ - i'm told it's like a keyboard-driven outtake from the original Stones sessions - and in a good way
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 31
    oh yes it is!
    'S.F. Sorrow'
    'Live in London'
    August release

    yes, yes, OH YES! The Pretty Things are back on Fruits de Mer, this time with a 4-track 7” ep comprising three exclusive live recordings from their stone-cold classic album, ‘S.F. Sorrow’, all taken from their December 2010 London gig, plus a rare and previously-unreleased (at least officially) archive find from Amsterdam in 1969.
    Fruits de Mer is in vinyl/psych heaven with this one - you will be too
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    winkle 7
    Permanent Clear Light
    'Higher Than The Sun'/'Afterwards'
    October release
    Markku, Arto and Matti first appeared on an FdM release with a cover of The Who's 'In The City' a long time ago - now they have 7" of vinyl all to themselves and they don't waste an inch of it - Finnish psychedelia, anyone?
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Winkle 8
    The Chemistry Set
    'Come Kiss Me Vibrate And Smile'/'Time to Breathe'/'Hallucinations'
    October release
    The Chemistry Set should be huge by now, but it seems that only in Spain are they fully appreciated - well, FdM is trying to help put this right with their new single, you'll love it, sheer class, please help spread the word
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 32
    Anton Barbeau
    'Psychedelic Mynde Of Moses'/'Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl'/'Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed'
    October release
    Now this is what 7" is all about - three brilliant songs, and the remarkable Anton Barbeau - songs by Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope and Anton himself...more fun than a barrel-load of brandy
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 33
    it’s very white, innit?
    The Pretty Things/The Bevis Frond/Anton Barbeau/The Seventh Ring Of Saturn/The Luck Of Eden Hall/Jack Ellister/Cranium Pie/Henry Padovani'
    December release
    A bit of a tribute to The Beatles’ classic double album - only smaller. I sold out almost instantly, but there's always ebay!
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 34
    in a league of their own
    nick nicely/The Bevis Frond/Anton Barbeau/Paul Roland
    December release
    Four cult heroes of new psychedelia rub shoulders on one 7” EP – new or previously-unreleased recordings by each gent - beat that!
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Winkle 9
    'Crystal Ship’/’Black Sheep’/’Bangalore’/’This Is Strange’'
    December release
    Chicago’s finest psychedelic rock band are back on Fruits de Mer with a four track EP
    Features two original songs (taken from their brilliant new album, 'Alligators Eat Gumdrops') plus two covers of 60s US classics, 'Black Sheep' by SRC and 'Crystal Ship' by The Doors
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 35
    annual 2013
    Temple Music/Vespero'
    December release
    Russia’s Vespero meet the UK’s Temple Music, Faust meets The Hollies
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 37
    annual 2013
    The Bevis Frond, The Higher State, Us and Them and many more
    late-February release
    FdM favourites old and new reinterpret The Hollies' psych years
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    Volume 38
    annual 2013
    late-February release
    Cardiff's best band gets together with Fruits de Mer for a double LP+7" ep of brilliance - FdM's favourites of the past plus lots of new and previously-unreleased records
    Sold Out!
    More Info
    strange fish one, two, three, four and five
    mmmm, fish sorry, sold out - two double LPs, two single LPs and a bonus CD - new instrumental music inspired by classic krautrock, kosmische, progressive rock, synthesizer, sequencer, acoustic and ambient sounds
    Something of a departure for Fruits de Mer, not to mention something I must have been mad to attempt (it was supposed to be a single LP!), strange fish is/are compilations of all-original music by a combination of label favourites and FdM virgins. Selected from over 60 hours of music. Check out the samples on the strange fish pages and judge for yourself...

    strange fish one - an LP of one-artist-per-side floating ambient/synth/sequencer/guitar sounds
    strange fish two - a double LP of krautrock/progressive rock influenced/guitar-led tracks
    strange fish three - a double LP of kosmische/motorik/sequencer/Neu!/Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze-influenced tracks
    strange fish four - an LP of acoustic guitar+electronics/synth/'modern ambient' tracks
    strange fish five - a strange fish bonus CD, exclusive to buyers of strange fish one–four
    More Info
    the soft and strange one
    strangely soft, but...
    promo only 7" single
    only available to a few reviewers and early orderers of the strange fish series, this combines edited tracks by James McKeown and Julie's Haircut (from strange fish) with a song from the new Soft Hearted Scientists album,'False Lights'
    More Info
    Volume 39
    A Fairy Tale
    'A Fairy Tale'
    Crystal Jacqueline and Icarus Peel make their first appearance on Fruits de Mer and I think you'll like them a lot. Crystal puts a whole new spin on The Troggs'well-weird lost-classic 'Cousin Jane' and The Rolling Stones' 'Play With Fire', and then go all freakbeaty over Second Hand's 'A Fairy Tale'
    More Info
    Volume 40
    Jack 2013
    'Dawn Dream Club'
    Jack Ellister reinterprets songs by Syd Barrett 'Flaming'), Mark Fry ('Song For Wilde') and The Beatles ('Within You, Without You') in his 'new Dutch psych' way - and it's lovely off-kilter stuff (BR>(as you'll already know if you bought Jack's first single on Fruits de Mer's Regal Crabomophone label last year)
    More Info
    Winkle 10
    stay 2013
    Stay are back after fivc years away from FdM, and they're back in style - with three exclusive covers of 60s UK psychedelia (The Beatles, Marmalade and The Fairytale), plus their own new song 'Mersey Beat' - sheer class from Spain's leading psych rock band
    More Info
    Winkle 11
    white sails
    a lovely, four track acoustic instrumental EP by this US/Finnish group, including two covers of songs by Black Sabbath, naturally. Perfect for a summer afternoon, evening or anytime that you're near a record deck
    More Info
    Winkle 12
    a new group from Sweden named after a song by the early 70s cult acid-folk-prog band Fuchsia meet up with Tony Durant, the original singer from Fuchsia, to record an original Fuchsia song...result - just about perfect - and just sold out
    More Info
    Winkle 13
    ANNUAL for 2014
    Octopus Syng and Mark Mcdonnell each contribute original songs to a single that gathers the best that 2013 had to offer but i couldn't get my act together to release any earlier
    More Info
    Volume 41
    the boys are back in town - Vibravoid are back on Fruits de Mer with three sonic explosions - covers of tracks from the 60s and 80s, psyched up to 11 as always - it's good to have them back!
    More Info
    Volume 42
    Vespero manage to squeeze more than 15 minutes of classic Floyd instrumentals onto their first dedicated Fruits de Mer single - 'Careful With That Axe' plus 'One Of These Days' - get your headphones on and enjoy
    More Info
    Volume 43
    shrunken HEAD MUSIC
    First there was 'Head Music'..actually, first there was krautrock....anyway, shrunken Head Music is like a scale model of Head Music - a double 7" of covers of Tangerine Dream, Faust, Brainticket and Gong
    More Info
    Volume 44
    2014 ANNUAL
    Our Christmas special - that's our excuse anyway, as Joe 90 meets Lost In Space meets Johnny Remember Me meets a previously-unreleased 1964 instrumental
    More Info
    Volume 45
    exclusively for FdM club members who've been keeping the label afloat during 2013, this 7" comprises live tracks from the Summer Fruits de Mer All-dayer - you didn't have to be there, as it turns out
    More Info
    Winkle 14
    wrong on so many levels
    Us and Them reinterpret Sandy Denny's 'By The Time It Gets Dark', Donovan's 'Jabberwocky' (putting Lewis Carroll's words to music) and then give us a new Us and Them composition; delicate folk with a hint of electronics, and that Sandy Denny cover is just bloody wonderful
    More Info
    Winkle 15
    there was a toliet paper called Bronco, you know
    'Time Waits For Norman' + 'Rocking Horse Mender' = two brilliant slices of pop-psych from the masters of UK psych, Bronco Bullfrog; and add in a great cover of Sand's 'Listen to the Sky' for good measure.
    More Info
    Volume 46
    I've got a funny story about Herne bay, Matt Lucas and a Russian ballet dancer, if you ask nicely

    FdM new boys Schnauser don't make life easy for themselves - taking on Yes ('Astral Traveller') and Soft Machine ('As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still') - but they do everything in real style; turns out they're at least as good as the music critics say they are!
    More Info
    Volume 47
    we've turned it up to 11 for this one

    a concept double 7"??? Let's say it started with some great music and then spiralled out of control....Jefferson Airplane, The Fleur de Lys, Mighty Baby, Curved Air - then Andy Bracken wrote a short story linking all the song titles, a booklet sort of
    More Info
    Volume 48
    you'll be goblin this up

    Theme from 'SUSPIRIA'
    It's taken Schizo Fun Addict five years to recover from recording FdM's first-ever release, but they're back and they've somehow managed to recreate the spirit of that first single with covers of the theme from 'Suspiria' and a song from Russ Meyer's 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'
    More Info
    Volume 49

    Tir na nOg recorded some classic acid-folk/prog-folk albums on Chrysalis in the 70s and they’re still writing and singing magical music – so it’s a real honour to be releasing their new EP on Fruits de Mer; three new songs and a cover of the Silver Apples' 'I Have Known Love'
    More Info
    Winkle 16

    Instrumental psychedelic/progressive rock that reminds me of the best bits of all those Vertigo/Charisma/RCA Neon albums we all love – it was nearly lost forever, but we’re finally getting to release it – and it’s on clear vinyl! Sold out here, but check our 'links page' for FdM-friendly stockists
    More Info
    Winkle 17

    One of the great UK festival bands, with an astonishing LP (and bonus 7”) of instrumental tracks, inspired by krautrock and Eastern sounds (Neu! meets Yatha Sidri, perhaps?). and a very adventurous album sleeve – for FdM anyway - that might or might not work!
    More Info
    strangefish six

    Craig released a lovely side of music to open ‘strangefish one’ and he’s back, this time with 80 minutes of chilled kosmische sounds that I just love, including two side-long, 20+ minute pieces. Late-night headphone music for anyone with a Klaus Schulze/Sky label album in their collection
    More Info
    Volume 50

    Two tracks from the cult psych/fuzz guitar LP 'Balloon Ride',chosen by Al Simones for his first-ever 45. Compared by some to The Bevis Frond, Simones' output is even more wilfully obscure and, of course, highly collectible.
    More Info
    Volume 51-57

    7 AND 7 IS
    7x7 45s BOX-SET
    seven slabs of 7" vinyl - all 45s - all colour vinyl - classic 60s US psych bands including Moby Grape, Clear Light, the Grateful Dead and Spirit, reinterpreted by The Chemistry Set, King Penguin, Black Tempest, The Seventh Ring Of Saturn and more - and all housed in a lovely box designed by Frank Suchomel
    More Info
    Volume 58

    10 artists, 10 covers, 10 flexis, 10 postcards, a poster and a CD that pulls it all together (sort of); artwork by the brilliant Mick Dillingham
    The Thanes play The Pretty Things, Astralasia play Brainticket, Icarus Peel plays The vVengers theme, Fruits de Mer plays silly've got to find out more
    More Info
    Volume 59

    Alice Coltrane and John Coltrane on a Fruits de Mer 7"? not quite, but you DO get covers of two of their best-known songs - and you get a 70 minute CD too that takes the songs even further 'out there' - try it, you might like it
    More Info
    Volume 60

    This year's FdM members club freebie is a double CD with 30 new versions of pre-Dark Side Floyd/Syd Barrett songs - almost veryone recorded exclusively for this release - with half the artists new to the label - an Aladdin's cave of newly-mined jewels (yes, I've been drinking again)
    More Info
    winkle 18

    Dave McLean and Steve Lake are back with their best recordings ever (he said modestly). They follow up their '7 and 7 is' contributions with two new songs plus a cover of Hendrix's 'Love Or Confusion' - sheer class - and it's exclusive to Fruits de Mer Records
    More Info
    Perch 1,3,4,5,6,7
    for dedicated followers of fashion

    Super Limited. Super Cool. They look fantastic wet, whether you're blonde or brunette.
    ...and they shrink in a hot wash... so we were forced to keep the girls in a cold paddling pool for the photo (cue Sid James laugh).
    Actually, we've sold out of these t-shirts...we've produced some more but sadly we couldn't persuade Jo and Olivia back into the paddling pool for a re-shoot, so you'll have to click on 'more info' to see them
    More Info
    Perch 2
    one size fits all - except maybe Jabba the Hut
    The FdM SCARF!
    (apologies for the blank space - html really is beyond me)Fruits de Mer loses the plot big-time. Andy and i love vinyl, we also love football - what do vinyl and football have in common? OK, that got us nowhere, so we came up with the idea of a Fruits de Mer football scarf. Wear it with pride, wear it with other clothes otherwise you'll get arrested (the reverse of the scarf reads, "VINYL - it's not life or death, it's more important than that" - with an appreciative nod to Mr Shankly). We only have a small quantity of them to share with you - 10 UK pounds each - in glorious black-and-white, one-size-fits-all - ok,we know it's daft, but so are we, join us in our madness.Please email me for details

    All copyrights reserved 2014
    ...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...