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For my benefit far more than yours, I'm summarising some of the scarce/expensive/hard-to-find items that have seen the light of day since the early days of FdM. some are planned - some aren't - such as the weird colours of vinyl that have escaped, sometimes intended, often not. If you spot any errors or omissions, do let me know

Fruits de Mer is a vinyl-only label, so why is quite a lot of this page given over to Fruits de Mer CDs?
Ah wellll... Not so much the promo CDs I send out to reviewers and DJs for each new vinyl record, I'm thinking more the short-run CDs I very occasionally slip into Fruits de Mer orders, to promote a new artist, or future release, I'm going to try to build up a list of them before the brain cells give up on me completely. It'll all be pretty random for a while, then maybe I'll be able to sort it into a logical order

...and I've added the highest ebay price I've seen, when I've noticed copies listed (no, I never sell anything on ebay, so don't blame me)

Cranium Pie - The Mechanisms Tapes - special edition
ebay: £103

Only 30 sets were produced (it should have been 33, but some of the parts went walkabout at FdM Towers), this very silly set contains the Mechanisms Tapes double cassette, a seriously-cheap personal cassette player, a fish-shaped USB containing WAV files of all four sides of music from the cassettes and an FdM tape rewinder.
What will we think of next? Hopefully, something more sensible

These You Have Loved
promo CD
ebay: £100

I sent out a dozen or so compilations of tracks from 2014 releases to BBC 6Music DJs - and this is how one of them showed his gratitude!

Kris Gietkowski
Symmetric Communication
test pressing ebay: £72

I sold maybe 10 of these at the 16th Dream festival at £15 a time - which is what the finished LP will cost when its finally released in in October

The Incomplete Angler
members club edition
ebay: £45

I lovingly compiled 200 sets for club members...
...someone has lovingly flogged theirs on ebay

16th Dream
Festival goodie-bag
ebay: £64

We gave 150 of these away for free at Cardigan - obviously, someone has decided to cash in early

The Gold Needles
Smell Of Incense
black 7" lathe-cut
ebay: £40

The Gold Needles played the 16th Dream festival and we celebrated by selling a run of about 50 black vinyl lathe-cuts featuring them

The Gold Needles
Smell Of Incense
clear 7" lathe-cut
ebay: £84

...and we sold about 10 of these
(meanwhile, the band had 15 copies for themselves - a mix of black and clear - to keep or dispose of as they see fit)

Smell Of Incense
5" lathe-cut in a tin
ebay: £77

Another 16th Dream special - i think we prodiced about 80 in total, most on black vinyl (Tony Durant got 20 of them

Tony Durrant Ensemble
15 min demo
one-sided 12"
ebay: £37

and another...100 copies of the 15 min demo Tony's band recorded that won them the contract with Pegasus for their first album

Bite The Hand
clear 7"
ebay: £118

Our Christmas 2017 special for club members - only a dozen or so copies were on clear vinyl, most were on black (about 50-60)

Head Music
double 7" test pressing
ebay: £36

I think i had 10-15 test pressing sets on sale at Crabstock

The Honey Pot/Acid Reign
5" lathe-cut in a tin
ebay: £99

Just 60 of these were produced for the Fruits de Mer 10th birthday gig in Glastonbury. The bands got a dozen or so, party-goers bought the rest at £10 a time

Tir na nOg
7" lathe-cut
ebay: £80

...and about 90 of these were produced exclusively for our birthday gig. Leo and Sonny got a dozen or so, party-goers bought the rest at £10 a time

7shades/3D Tanx
7" lathe-cut
ebay: £138

We also had 50 of these or sale - produced specially for our Half Moon gig in August 2017 (although each band got a handful each too)

15th Dream of
Dr. Sardonicus
FdM goodie-bag
ebay: £137

the 2017 Cardigan festival freebie bundle - loads of CDs plus the Sendelica 7", still a bargain at...well, nothing

7" lathe-cut
ebay: black vinyl :£99
clear vinyl :£150

We had just 50 of these or sale at the Dionysus gig in Derby (the band got 10 copies, although they said they would never sell them!)
around 15 were pressed on clear vinyl, the rest on black

Yellow Snow
white label one-sided 7"
ebay: £29

free to everyone who came to our 'evening of world psych' gig at the Half Moon (August 2017)

Cary Grace
Fat Old Sun lathe-cut
one-sided 12"
ebay: £137

I had 50 for sale at the 15th Dream festival; Cary signed this one - and this is how someone repaid her!

Fuchsia II
12" test pressing
ebay: £256

There were only 10 test pressings produced, for an album that I only had 200 for sale of in total in any case; I sold a couple at the Cardigan festival for £15 a about inflation

Us and Them
Dwindling Within The Fading Sun
12" test pressing
ebay: £137

Only 10 produced, they're nicely odd as they are 12" tests for a 10" record! I sold a couple at the Cardigan festival for £10 each

14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus
ebay: £123

all manner of things went into this goodie-bag- actually, it was lots of CDs and, for a few of them (this one included), a 7" single instead of a CD/DVD set - free to everyone at our 2016 summer festival

Can't Wait Til Sunday
7" lathe-cut pic disc
ebay: £368

Just a handful of these cut for fun - and for the band; but i had one spare and sold it for a tenner at the 15th Dream about ebay inflation....

14th Dream
Wish We Were There special
ebay: £110

The band and Chris Hillman from Magik Eye put together sets of vinyl, CDs and other good things as a special package for 20 lucky festival goers; we charged £25 a time.

Soft Hearted Scientists
Out To Lunch
parcel of CDs + lathe-cut 5"
ebay: £330

Nathan Hall produced 33 sets of almost everything the Scientists have ever released, plus an exclusive lathe-cut which FdM helped with - most of them were picked up at our summer festival; they cost about £35 at the time

Gold Needles +
The Cats Never Sleep
lathe-cut 5"
ebay: £127 (clear vinyl)

We had 50 copies for sale exclusively at the 14th Dream festival - mostly black, but there were also a few on clear vinyl - don't ask me how many, but you could ask Phil at - he cut them; the bands got a few copies each too - they all sold on the day, obviously

Cold Bath +
Insektlife Cycle
lathe-cut 8"
ebay: £81 (black vinyl)

oversized at 8" as we couldn't quite fit the tracks onto a 7" lathe-cut and editing the tracks down would have been far too easy, once again we had 50 for sale at the 14th Dream festival, while each band got a few copies for themselves

The Honey Pot
Ascending Scales
lathe-cut 7"
ebay: £84

A sneak preview of our 100th vinyl release - a year-end double LP; the tracks here featured guests Nick Saloman and Anton Barbeau. We had 50 copies for sale at the 14th Dream festival - mostly black, but a few on clear vinyl

Aethereal +
The Sons of MOD
lathe-cut 7"
ebay: £99 (black vinyl)

We had 50 copies for sale at the 14th Dream festival - again, mostly black vinyl but with a few on clear vinyl (AND there were two versions of the sleeve and label artwork too!); the bands got a few copies each too - it's only fair!

Aethereal +
The Sons of MOD
lathe-cut 7"
ebay: £91 (black vinyl) i said, we had 50 copies in total for sale at the 14th Dream festival - again, mostly black vinyl but with a few on clear vinyl - this was the other version of the design - we produced less of these, so you won't see many of them about

Soft Hearted Scientists
Exorcising The Demos 1-3 CD
ebay: £13

The Scientists included this CD, which combined the three free-if-you-were-lucky FdM 'demos' CDs, as part of their 'Out To Lunch' 14th Dream special, limited to 33 box-sets - they had a few extras of the CD that they sold to people who asked nicely

Crystal Jacqueline
and the Honey Pot
white gold double 7"
ebay: £39

Record Industry pressed up 100 copies on a white-gold vinyl mix; sold to club members and at our gigs (sadly, the pressing plant has a new minimum order level of 200 for autumn 2017 onwards, so there'll be less of these sorts of things around in future

Sendelica - Cromlech Chronicles
ebay: £83

we put together 100 box-sets of Sendelica's album, with all manner of good things in there

Sendelica - Cromlech Chronicles
black vinyl
ebay: £52

150 copies were pressed on black vinyl, 100 of which went into the box-sets - this one didn't

test pressing
ebay: £22

we had a few of these - no more than 12-20, I'd guess - for sale at Crabstock.
These days, pressing plants tend to put an upper limit of 10-12 copies on test pressings - or at the ones i use do

Regal Crabomophone 2014 Annual test pressing
ebay: £46

only a handful of these escaped

Fruits de Mer 2014 Annual
test pressing
ebay: £41

only a handful of these escaped

League of Psychedelic Gentlemen
signed poster
ebay: £34

sleeve artist Gregory Curvey signed 100 copies of these 12" square prints, which were inserted randomly into orders the next time FdM released an album (so we didn't have to fold them)

Vespero - Careful With That Axe
7" test pressing
ebay: £32

only a handful of these escaped

Games For May
4CD set
ebay: £116

we gave out about 200 sets free to everyone who attended the Games For May 2016 gig at the Half Moon - so someone has made an infinite profit on their copy

Permanent Clear Light
7" lathe-cut
ebay: £103

50 lathe-cuts of this split single were produced and offered to FdM club members around Christmas 2016

7" test pressing
ebay: £32

not sure how many of these there were - around 20, i think; sold at the Games for May/13th Dream gigs

Cary Grace/Consterdine
promo CD
ebay: £16

once the 8" lathe-cuts ran out, we gave the unlucky losers a free promo CD, and we'd sent a few out in advance to reviewers and FdM-friendly DJs

Cary Grace/Consterdine
8" lathe-cut
ebay: £118

our first 8" lathe-cut - the tracks were just too big for a 7"; we sold 50 copies at £10 a time at Games For May 2016, and the artists had a handful of copies each. (a copy mispressed with one side at 33rpm and one at 45 sold on ebay for £94)

Regal Crabomophone
2014 annual black vinyl
ebay: £34

50 of these were produced by Record Industry at the end of the main run; sold at the Games for May/13th Dream gigs

Bronco Bullfrog

7" test pressing
ebay: £32

about 20 of these were pressed up; sold at Crabstock in 2014

Us and Them
By The Time It Gets Dark
black vinyl
ebay: £38

50 of these were produced by Record Industry at the end of the main run; sold at the Games for May/13th Dream gigs

Schizo Fun Addict

7" test pressing
ebay: £31

about 20 of these were pressed up; sold at Crabstock in 2014


gold/black vinyl7"
ebay: £33

100 of these were pressed up; sold to club members and at Games For May/13th Dream

The Chemistry Set
The Endless More And More
UK club members special edition box-set
ebay: £282

Only 100 sets produced for sale to UK club members (plus a few for the band), easily FdM's more over-the-top release to-date, it was a labour of love putting the sets together (a labour, anyway)

Live at Crabstock
special edition box-set
ebay: £196

The first 'Friends of the fish' release, recorded live at Crabstock in 2014 - produced and sold by Sendelica; they put together 40 box-sets with all manner of 'extras', as you can see!

Cranium Pie
Geometry of Thistles
fake Japanese edition
ebay: £21

A secret stash of CDs of the band's first album, plus inserts and postcards from the original release, add an old crab tin label and a badly-translated cover-line and what do you get....?

Tir na nOg
You In Yellow
signed poster
not seen on ebay

I thought I'd only asked Sonny and Leo to sign 25 of these, featuring an image from their 'You In Yellow' video, but I see they were numbered up to 45 - maybe i gave the guys some copies; anyway, they've found their way into a few parcels, competition prizes and the like

Craig Padilla
special edition
ebay: £50

only 33 set were produced - with a clear vinyl lathe-cut bonus LP featuring previously-unreleased tracks - lovely stuff from the master of the synth

Cranium Pie
Mechanisms Part 1
black vinyl
ebay: £147

approx 100 copies of Cranium Pie's first album on Fruits de Mer - a precoursor to Mechansims Part 2, surprisingly - were pressed up on black vinyl at the end of the main-run; they sold out almost instantly

13th Dream Festival
ebay: £119

a bagful of free CDs - everyone attending the 2014 FdM festival in Wales got one, featuring three FdM-compiled CDs and a bunch of exclusive CDs produced by bands and labels especially for the event. Around 170 sets produced in total, plus a few sent out as promos

Momentary Four
Wild Pink Yonder + Ilona V
7" lathe-cut
not seen on ebay

Only 10 were produced by towards the end of 2015, not intended for commercial release; Ilona kindly recorded a new version of Syd's 'Opel' specially for it; i doubt any will appear on ebay, or anywhere else

Postcards From The Deep
The Final Edition
5 lathe-cut 7" + USB
ebay: £205

again 33 sets produced, very cleverly costing me more than I sold them for - 10 flexis became 5 double-sided lathe-cut 7"s and a fish-shaped USB with all the tracks on it was added in to complete the madness

Stobart 2
The FdM double-decker
not seen on ebay

a Wilkos special!
Only produced as competition prizes for Fruits de Mer club members, they are, of course, absolutely hilarious, witty, subversive and die-cast.
Sometimes I think i really should get out more - but I'd probably only get run over by a bus.

Schizo Fun Addict
'Theme One' promo CD

ebay: £144

I wouldn't normally make a fuss about promos - they're not supposed to be sold - but this was the very first that Andy produced - hell, i don't have a copy myself!

The Chemistry Set
'The Endless More And More'
Black vinyl
seen on ebay, but not seen one sold yet

75 copies of The Chemistry Set's album were pressed on black vinyl, instead of gold - you can spot them as there's a sticker on the cover of each one (although not the one pictured!)

Bowie covers
members club CD
alternative sleeve designs
ebay: £30-£50 (depending the sleeve)

About 350 of the CDs were produced in total, including copies that went to the artists;250 of the main design (with the white background) and about 20 each of the other five versions.
the music is idential on all versions

The Pretty Things
signed white label LP

ebay: £171

The band signed 100 white label copies of their new LP, which I was able to offer to club members as an exclusive; one or two have found their way onto ebay, but i hope the rest are being treasured by committed FdM fans!

momentary one
7" test pressing

ebay: £34

Pressed by GZ in the Czech Republic, I only get copies of TPs from them, so not many of these escaped from FdM Towers

Cranium Pie

ebay: £175

The Mechanisms Tapes on 4CDs - 100 sets for sale - nearly all of them sold out at the 13th Dream - the rest soon after!

Friends of the fish 3

ebay: £93

We only had 50 for sale - hand-cut by - and they sold within minutes at the 13th Dream Festival

Friends of the fish 4

ebay: £88 (black vinyl)
ebay: £105 (clear vinyl)

Again, we only had 50 for sale - hand-cut by - and they sold out fast at the 13th Dream Festival; most were on black vinyl, but we sneaked a few clear vinyl copies in there too


ebay: £231

Andy reckons there were less than 10 pressed on purple vinyl of this early 7"


ebay: £231 (again!)

and just to add to the feeling of deja vu, Andy says there were less than 10 pressed on purple vinyl of this Vibravoid single

Us and Them

ebay: £133

most copies were ona sork or wispy clear/white vinyl with a hint of black - but about 10 had a much bigger dollop of black throuwn into the mix

Alison O'Donnell

ebay: £14

Andy reckons there were less than 10 pressed on green vinyl of this very early 7" by Alison - all i know is that I didn't get one of them!

Mark Fry

ebay: 64 Oz dollars

about 50 of these were pressed in blue as an apology by the pressing plant to andy for some crappy initial pressings on purple vinyl; this one sold on ebay a long time ago


ebay: 64 Oz dollars

we're only aware of one, maybe two of these - but in the early days the pressing plants had a bit of a mind of their own - this one sold on ebay back in 2011

7 AND 7 IS

ebay: £55

sold out in coloured vinyl within a couple of weeks of launch, the black vinyl copies didn't get any further than the FdM club members

ebay: £40

not an FdM release, but I helped the band out with a bit of PR


about 300 copies produced for UK and international club members (the 2014 year-end freebie), plus three copies for each of the contributing artists; hang on, so where was the income for FdM?

not seen on ebay

100 produced for the special edition - only the artwork is different to the original members freebie

not seen on ebay

100 produced for the special edition - only the artwork is different to the original members freebie

ebay: £19

100 produced for the special edition of 'The Slow Cyclone' - but I managed to get the image AND the title wrong. so they were re-made for the limited-edition set

ebay: £363 (as part of the goodie-bag, basically this + two promo CDs)

Free to early arrivers at the two 2014 US events, this was intended to be an introduction to the label, and to the bands playing the gigs

ebay: £293 (as part of the goodie-bag, basically this + two promo CDs)

Free to everyone attending the Darkside Club in Helsinki, this mixed tracks from recent FdM releases with new/exclusive recordings by the artists playing the gig.

not seen on ebay (other than as part of the goodie-bag)

part of the goodie-bag for early arrivers at the April 26, 2014 Crabstock gig in Cardigan, featuring new recordings, extended mixes, demos, even live recordings from the Borderline 2013 gig; a handful more copies were given out as members club competition prizes.

ebay: £100

Featuring new/unreleased tracks by the artists appearing at Crabstock in Wales, I produced 250, took 200 to the gig, sold what i could for £5 a time and shared the proceeds + unsold copies with all the artists; Nick Leese and I sold the remaining 50 to FdM members after the event.

ebay: £182

The band let me have 100 pre-release copies (actually 95, they kept 5!), with the inner sleeves autographed, which I and Nick Leese sold at the Crabstock gig and then first-come-first-served after that - all gone, of course.

COMPETITION PRIZE not seen on ebay

A one-off - to celebrate the release of 'Suspiria' - the band signed a copy of FdM 1 and their LP 'Atom Spark Hotel', and I added in a test pressing of their new single. There were also a handful of members club competition prizes and RC runners-up prizes, but only one had the signed copy of FdM 1


...and now for some promo CDs....

- the photos, that is, and for the last couple of years, anyway - and with lots of gaps that I'll try to fill in my spare time (spare time???); thanks to Guido Sterk and Ray Collins for their help

highest prices that I've noticed on ebay include:

7 and 7 is - CD - £62
7 and 7 is - three track promo CD - £35
Astralasia - Oceania double CD - £110
Astralasia - Wind On Water CD - £8
The Chemistry Set - Elapsed Memories CD - £97
Eddie Cochran instrumentals - CD - £59
July - CD £22
The Chemistry Set - The Endless More And More - £68
Coltrane - CD - £47
A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl - double CD - £39
strangefish - complete set of 7 promo CDs - £215
Postcards From The Deep - CD - £80
Simones - Majic Ship - CD - £41
Schizo Fun Addict - Suspiria CD - £27
Schnauser - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still CD - £27
Schizo Fun Addict - Suspiria CD - £27
Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot CD - £37
Crystal Jacqueline - Cousin Jane CD £12
Crystal Jacqueline - morning Dew CD - £69
Fruits de Mer Annual 2011 CD - £110
Fruits de Mer annual 2013 CD - £10
Fruits de Mer Annual 2014 CD - £27
Bronco Bullfrog - Time Waits For Norman - £37
Fruits de Mer Live In London CD - £25
The Chemistry Set CD - Come Kiss Me - £26
Double CD - June 2013 releases - £77
The White EP CD - £93
The Pretty Things CD 'SF Sorrow - Live In London' - £45
The Pretty Things CD 'Honey I Need' £48
The Pretty Things CD 'The Same Sun' £36
'Re-Evolution FdM Sings The Hollies' CD - £77
Vespero CD Careful with That Axe, Eugene - £70
Vibravoid CD What Colour Is Pink - £113
Vibravoid CD Colour Your Mind - £70
Crystal Jacqueline/Jack Ellister - combined CD - £36
Shrunken Head Music CD - £52
Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists double CD - £156
Regal Crabomophone Annual 2014 - CD - £26
Permanent Clear Light - Higher Than The Sun CD - £21
Roqueting Through Space CD - £82
Anton Bearbeau Psychedelic Mynde Of Moses - CD - £10
Stay Crustacean 3 CD - £43
Stay - Mersey Dream CD - £28
Stay - always Here CD - £73
Beautify Junkyards - From The Morning CD - £35
Alison O'Donnell Crustacean 2 CD - £32
Keep Off The Grass 2xCD = £208
A Phase We're Going Through CD - £84
A Phase We've Been Through CD - £37
Jack Ellister - dawn dream club CD - £22
Jack Ellister - Tune Up Your Ministers And Start Transmission From Pool Holes To Class O Hypergiants promo CD - £70
Us and Them - Julia Dream CD - £42
Us and Them - By The Time It Gets Dark CD - £10
Us and Them - Summerisle - promo CD - £68
Cranium Pie - Mechanisms Part One CD - £103
Cranium Pie - Mechansims Part Two CD - £112
Cranium Pie - Masterace - CD - £113
Hausfrauen Experiment CD - £89
Beautify Junkyards CD - £19
The Chemistry Set - Impossible Love - £31
The Chemistry Set - Lovely Cuppa Tea - CD - £65
Sorrows Children - CD - £220
Head Music - double CD - £232
White Sails CD - £22
Me and My Kites CD - £22
Lucid Dream CD - £31
Baking Reserach Station - A Visit to Newport Hosptial CD - £71
Magic Bus CD - Seven Wonders - - £59
Tir na nOg - Ricochet - CD - £47
Tir na nOg - Sympathetic Love - CD - £10
Tir na nOg - Sympathetic Love (Cellar Bar gig exclusive) - CD - £18
Side Effects - double CD - £252
The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow Live in London - CD - £21
These You Have Loved/Lost/Missed - BBC 6Music promo CD - £108
Now That's What I Call Fishy - BBC 8Music promo CD - £100
Friends of the Fish 3 & 4 lathe-cuts - two promo CDs - £52
Friends of the Fish 8 lathe-cut - promo CD - £8
Vibravoid - Stepping Stone - CD - £104
nick nicely - 49 Cigars - CD - £22
Earthling Society - Green Manalishi - CD - £43
Magic Bus - Seven Wonders - CD - £13
Schizo Fun Addict - Theme One - CD - £144
Sorrows Children - compilation LP - CD - £156
strange fish box set - 5 promo CDs - £281
Friends of the Fish 7 Ex Norwegian/Permanent Clear Light promo CD - £32
Claudio Cataldi - Here She Comes Now CD - £47
Sendelica - Ziggy Stardust CD - £61
Proud Peasant - Cosmic Sound CD - £32
Michael Padilla - Atmospheres CD - £37
Fashion - Bowie covers compilation promo CD - £37
Sendelica - Cromlech Chronicles promo CD - £22
Sendelica - Cromlech Chronicles II promo CD - £9
Insektlife Cycle/Cats Never Sleep promo CD - £19
Sidewalk Society - In The First Place - CD - £69
Sidewalk Society - Bowie/Action EP promo CD - £22
Hitchhikers Guide - promo CD - £22
Vibravoid - In A Gadda Da Vida - promo CD - £102
Me And My Kites/Soft Hearted Scientists - lathe-cut promo CD - £5
Cold Bath/Insektlife Cycle - lathe-cut promo CD - £80
The Gold Needles/The Cats Never Sleep - lathe-cut promo CD - £65
Aethereal/The Sons Of Mod - lathe-cut promo CD - £53
The Honey Pot - Ascending Scales - 2x promo CDs - £102
The Honey Pot - Dr Crippen's Waiting Room - promo CD - £37
Us and Them - Fading Within The Dwindling Sun - promo CD - £102
Sendelica - Nite Flights - promo CD - £102
Sendelica/Superfjord - Zappa - promo CD - £31
Sidewalk Society - Strange Roads - promo CD - £72
Anton Barbeau - Heaven Is In Your Mind - promo CD - £72
Fuchsia - Song - promo CD - £72
Kris Gietkowski - songs from Egg - promo CD - £21
The Bevis Frond - Fronds of the Fish - CD - £10
Lucid Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus festival - two CDs - £156
Moloko+ Can't Wait Til Sunday - promo CD - £233
Moloko+ Bite The Hand - promo CD - £182
Kris Gietkowski - Egg - promo CD - £11
14th Dream festival 3 x giveaway CDs - £17
15th Dream festival giveaway CD (featuring the artists that played) - £12
15th Dream festival giveaway CD (featuring artists that didn't play) - £7
Cary Grace/Consterdine - Bowie promo CD - £13
Craig Padilla - Sonar - promo 2CD set - £20
Goldfish - promo double CD - £71
Permanent Clear Light - Maurice - promo CD - £71
Fdm/Static Caravan - promo CD - £10
Keep Off The Grass - promo CD - £24
early singles - combined promo CD (Vibravoid/Cranium Pie/Mark Fry/Flaming Gnomes) - £91
A New Career In A New Town - Bowie covers - promo CD - £27
Fashion - Bowie covers - promo CD - £8
Stay/White Sails/Me And My Kites - promo CD - £9
The Honey Pot/Icarus Peel's Acid Reign - lathe-cut - promo CD - £6
Ex-Norwegian/Permanent Clear Light - lathe-cut - promo CD - £8

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