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The third FdM members club exclusive compilation CD for 2021 is called 'Music for Amphibians' and is a 15 track introduction to eight new-to-FdM artists, along with some family favourites. From an acoustic instrumental to an all-out motorik assault, taking in some great guitar wig-outs along the way, and a jaw-dropping track from Revbjelde's next album and ending with Gideon Coe favourites, Palooka 5.
We've scoured the world - from Italy to the USA, Germany to South Africa, Russia to Ireland - to bring you 78 minutes of music to warm the cockles of your heart (or the heart of your cockles, if you prefer).

The full track listing is:

1. Seven Rivers Of Fire - Starlight
2. The Superstars - Ghost Child
3. The Hologram People - Sun Breaks On Saturn's Return
4. Jim Griffin - Our New World Will Bathe In Ancient Light
5. SilVer VialS - Blue Angel
6. The Strange Happenings - Etched In Sand
7. Alain Pire Experience - Big Trees And Open Skies
8. Vibravoid - Wehrhahn Wah Wah
9. Jeremy - Crack The Sky
10. Revbjelde - A Common Treasure
11. Magnus Josefsson - The Map
12. Thought Bubble - The Waves
13. St. Kraut - Ann Without Hand
14. Vert.x - U-NATURAL-ites
15. (bonus track) Palooka 5 Drive You Around (Clatterbox Space Mix)

(Just to confuse everyone, especially the CD duping house, I couldn't decide which cover image to use on the CDs so I'm producing two versions and you'll get one of them, at random)

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