Fruits de Mer Records - Psychedelia, Krautrock, Progressive Rock, Acid-Folk, R&B, Spacerock and Vinyl Heaven

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We press around 300-600 copies of each release (unless it's a lathe-cut or CD, in which case it's far, far less); we'd normally quote 500-600 but we're being cautious about quantities in these crazy times, as many shops are still operating on a limited basis and money is tight for everyone, so pre-ordering is a particularly good idea until life returns to something close to normal

Available WITHIN THE UK direct from FdM - £6.50 each for singles, £10 for the occasional double single, £12 for lathe-cut singles, £16 for LPs, £21 for a double LP financial disaster, £26 for a 3LP set that will probably trigger the next banking crisis; £29 if I throw in a' free CD'...and ALL UK orders are P&P free (the cost to me is about £2 for a 7", £4 for an LP/double LP - just thought you'd like to know)
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OUTSIDE the UK, you'll have to contact one of FdM's vast network of a handful of international stockists listed on our 'links' page, and pay international postage - I suggest you start with Shiny Beast (, Rough Trade or Norman Records, who stock all FdM new releases

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