double LP
and Man Created God

here's a taster for the album,
a track called 'The Seeker'...

And Man Created God - double LP
winkle 44

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Sendelica's first studio album in two years is a bit of a monster - a stunning double LP of instrumentals that cements the band's position as one of the UK's leading exponents of intrumental spacerock.

Pressed in two vinyl colour versions, housed in a die-cut sleeve with printed inner sleeves and a fold-out poster, we've gone to town on this one - and you can pre-order a set (or sets!) now - or at least join the waiting-list.

The album is already picking up great reviews from Classic Rock, Shindig!, Record Collector, PROG, Electronic Sound, Acid Dragon - if you're new to Sendelica, start here.

Sendelica have been part of the Fruits de Mer family for over 10 years – albums, singles, gigs – we’ve kind of grown up/grown old together, and the band have picked up fans including Kris Needs in the process. Their new album ‘And Man Created God’ has been two years in the making and is another step forward for Pete Bingham and co – intense, complex – but better that I hand over to the band’s leader Pete Bingham to explain….

"Finishing the ‘Cromlech IV’ album in 2019 not only brought to an end a series of albums that were based around the Cromlech at Mwnci studios in Wales but also brought about a conclusion to the way we had recorded those albums. Those four albums, along with 'Lilacs Out Of The Deadlands' album, had been recorded over long weekends at the residential Mwnci recording studio with a selection of invited friends in a very 70's communal setting of improvisation.
We began recording sessions for 'And Man Created God' early in 2019 with just the four core members of Sendelica and continued through the great lockdown of 2020 in a very remote manner which ended up befitting the pandemic that engulfed us all. The spirit of the Cromlech seemed to follow us into the new album sessions as the tracks began to form around the ideas of religion and beliefs in the history of humans.
A few years ago in a Spanish cave, archeologists uncovered a grave of a Neanderthal toddler and around the bones of this young child were many animal bones and a rhinoceros skull which showed some kind of belief/religious symbolism surrounding the child's burial. There is a disagreement among archeologists and anthropologists as to how, and why, such beliefs came about. Some argue that there is a biological explanation for a belief in God, while others argue that it is evolutionary adaption, or perhaps just a neurological accident based around the need to instill some kind of order and stability to a bewildering world.
One thing for sure is that religious beliefs can inspire collective collaborations on enormous, labour intensive scales. from ancient burial mounds and giant stone circles to sky-reaching Christian cathedrals to gravity defying domed mosques. At the time of the birth of Christianity the world was in ferment, the Middle East and Asian societies were rife with gods and messiahs, the belief in, and worship of, a superhuman entity: a real need for a personal God. Christians believe that God created Man in his own image, but it can be equally argued that the development of mankind caused Man to Create God in his own image as something to mould to their own requirements - their own personal God to twist and manipulate to their own ever-changing needs, in an ever-changing world."

Sendelica are:
Pete Bingham – guitars and noises
Colin Consterdine – beats, keyboards, electronics
Lee Relfe – sax
Glenda Pescado – bass
special guest - Elfin Bow

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