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The Fruits de Mer 2014 annual

Hey Joe

The Joe 90 Theme - The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (written by by Barry Gray)
Lost In Space - The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (written by John Williams)
Johnny, Remember Me - Astralasia (written by Goeff Goddard)
I Remember - The Raiders (written by CJT ‘Beau’ Midgley & Robin White)

So, the FdM annuals are my way of gathering up 'lost tracks' from earlier in the year - covers that I really wanted to share with you but somehow haven't managed to until now. But this year's bumper bundle of fun has taken a few very odd turns along the way and has turned into perhaps the oddest release on Fruits de Mer to-date ....
It began...with an original, unreleased and weirdly eerie instrumental from 1964 - yes, 1964 - by a band called The Raiders, who included within their ranks a guitarist called Trevor Midgley, who went onto record as 'Beau' for the late, great John Peel's Dandelion label (FdM'ers will know that Beau pops up in the most unexpected places on the label, but none more unexpected than this, shades of a Joe Meek b-side here, surely?)
...then a group called the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies got in touch, hooked me on their surf-with-attitude/60s guitar instrumentals sound and sold me on the idea of a new version of the 'Joe 90' theme (a great track by Barry Gray, although not one of Gerry Anderson's best series, in my humble).
...but there's always room for at least one more track, so i asked Rob from Cranium Pie whether he fancied doing a "Johnny Remember Me meets The Orb" track; he's deeply into 'Mechanisms Part 2' (one day, folks, one day) so he can't oblige, but two days later and completely without prompting by me, a mad version of 'Johnny Remember Me' arrives on a CD-r, courtesy of Marc Swordfish, from Astralasia!!! Sometimes these things are meant to be - but if this was some sort of divine intervention, then he or she must be having a bloody laugh.
Fruits de Mer's favourite designer, Frank Suchomel, came up with a cover design that's worth the price of admission on its own... ...and then, just to put fish paste on the cake, those big blue puppies whacked out a last-minute, two minute version of the 'Lost In Space' theme.
It's not exactly a typical Fruits de Mer release, but it IS Christmas (well, it will be by the time you get hold of the single - or November anyway) and you wouldn't want Fruits de Mer to get too predictable, would you?

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Hey Joe

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