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Anton Barbeau

'Psychedelic Mynde of Moses' (Anton Barbeau)
'Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl' (Robyn Hitchcock)
'Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed' (Julian Cope)

William Tell's unsuccessful younger brother

A new 7" single from America's psychedelic maverick, Anton Barbeau, featuring a previously-unreleased version of his own epic song Psychedelic Mynde of Moses (featuring The Bevis Frond on guitar), plus Ant's own wonderfully manic takes on songs by Julian Cope (Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed) and Robyn Hitchcock (Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl). Anton's been compared in the past to Hitchcock, even Syd Barrett, give the promo a listen and find out why.
Let's cut to the chase, Anton's brilliant, the single's bloody brilliant, I defy you to listen to this without a silly grin appearing on your face...it's meant to be released on 45 rpm vinyl and it is. In a better world, everyone would still buy music on vinyl, this would be a hit single, Anton would be a superhero and bags of fruit pastilles would have no green ones in them - life ain't perfect, but can we just pretend for the next 9 minutes?
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