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'Wind On Water'

LP + 7"
optical-effect PVC outer sleeve, clear vinyl copies
Regal Crabomophone - winkle 17

Astralasia, one of the UK's great festival bands, join Fruits de Mer with a new album + 7" - 'Wind On Water'.

So how come the mighty Astralasia are releasing an album of new material exclusively on Fruits de Mer Records? Well, it might have something to do with Marc Swordfish’s love for vinyl, and Fruits de Mer’s love for krautrock and Astralasia (one of the bands that rekindled my love for music in the 90s after what was (for me) a pretty barren decade in the 80s).
It also helps that Astralasia’s main label (Magick Eye) boss Chris Hillman is a good guy and has given us the OK to do something on vinyl that sounds amazing and will look pretty damn cool too – with a black and white optical image card sleeve housed within a optical image pvc outer sleeve – worth the price of admission alone.

The album consists of two short and two long tracks, all instrumental, that recall the heady days of the German Brain label, bands such as Neu! And Yatha Sidhra spring to mind (to my ears anyway), and maybe even The Orb getting an occasional look-in. The bonus single comprises another krautrock-inspired track (‘Continuim’), which we just couldn’t fit on the album, plus ‘The Desert’ – a stunning, Spaghetti western meets Mad Max one-off, or something like that.

A few words from Astralasia’s Marc Swordfish...'Wind On Water' mostly came about thru jams, a bit similar to our first cassette, rather than being sample-led; it kinda takes us to a more organic, free situation, especialy to redo them live. it certainly makes it more exciting for us, even our full-on wig-outs. The current line up is so fluid, it’s certainly a most exciting place.
Vinyl releases matter to us more than anything and are still paramount, no matter how many people download it or cds,its not the same buzz or sound/art representation gratification, some magick disappears. we may be in a digital age but we are still real, let's keep it so The band are doing a few festival this year in different guises, including new material. some of our early cds are being reissued in the summer and a new cd/lp later in year.”

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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...