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Beautify Junkyards

'From The Morning' (Nick Drake)
'Fuga No.2' (Os Mutantes)

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a new band from Portugal with two tracks from their forthcoming debut album. 'From The Morning' is, quite simply, beautiful - once you hear it, you know you have to own it (or, in my case, release it on vinyl). Acid-folk meets psychedelia meeta subtle electronica in a field (yes, it was recorded outdoors). I know that covering any Nick Drake track is a risk for any artist, but i really feel that Beautify Jumkyards do it justice and put their own distinctive mark on the song.
And the b-side is Os Mutantes' 'Fuga No.2'; lush, warm, uplifting - I've struggled to appreciate Os Mutantes as much as i should, but Beautify Junkyards make it easy with a lovely version of a classic song. If you'd like to investigate tropicalia, start here - you won't be disappointed

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2012 - it's the year when Beautify Junkyards started as a band, and in some ways it all happened by chance when elements of various Portuguese bands decided to make a series of retreats from the city with the aim of recording sessions outdoors in the countryside, in communion with all surrounding sound and visual atmosphere.
Using a mobile studio the they rescued ideas and songs from the 60s and 70s and adapted them to the present times, a period where societies and artistic creation are at boiling point. The recorded songs are in majority new versions of original songs from the british autumnal folk period, but there are also extensions to electronic music and tropicalia.
The result turned out to be so amazing that quickly formed a whirlpool of new ideas gaving birth to Beautify Junkyards as a band and consequently new recording sessions happened where they invited a number of musicians (friends) i-Wolf (Sofa Surfers), Riz Maslen (Neotropic), Karine Carvalho (singer from brazilian band 3 na Massa) and the american folk singer Erica Buettner to participate, as community without geographical borders.
Later they started the post-production at the Electric Garden studio where the essence of the songs was transported in various directions like roots extending in between delays, synthesizers, acoustic guitars and vocals in reverb, forming a dense forest with multiple forms and foliage colors.
Currently the band is starting to create original songs and also looking for a label to release the first album and planning a tour to promote it live.

debut album lineup
1# Rose Hip November (Vashti Bunyan)
2# From the Morning (Nick Drake)
3# Radioactivity (Kraftwerk)
4# Fuga no. 2 (Os Mutantes)
5# Ask me no Questions (Bridget St John)
6# Yellow Roses (Heron)
7# Another Day (Roy Harper)
8# Parallelograms (Linda Perhacs)
9# Song for the Naturalist´s wife (Donovan)

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