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Birds of a Feather
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CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD12

free with club members' early orders for Sendelica's new double LP
'And Man Created God'

The second FdM members club exclusive compilation CD for 2022 is called 'Birds of a Feather' and it's a bumper 16 track package of tracks by bands that are mainly new to Fruits de Mer, although there are a few well-established friends of the fish on there too... it's mainly psych, it's mainly instrumental - but we've thrown a few curveballs in too, just keep you on your toes.

Check out the music on the CD and then dig in deeper and support the artists that do it for you

1 Sector NINE - Plan 9
2 Korb - Tape-to-Tape
3 Gu-Ru - Canyons
4 Doctors of Space - Ghouls'n'Shit
5 Floorian - Spool
6 Astral Magic - Stars Above
7 The Legendary Flower Punk - White Magick Zen
8 Maurizio Meri - Reflections
9 Anandammide - Eura
10 Man & Machine - Sleepyhead
11 Soturno Saturno - Arjamolho
12 Berlin Horse - Sky Blue Pink
13 Locker Room Cowboys - Big Yellow Circle
14 Blue Lily Commission - Uprooted
15 Das Freie Orchester - Falsche Versprechen
bonus track: 16 The Tubeheads 'I Don't Care'

...and yet again I couldn't decide which cover image to use on the CDs so I'm producing two versiosn and you'll get one of them at random.

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