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Bronco Bullfrog
'Time Waits For Norman'

'Time Waits For Norman' (witten by Bronco Bullfrog)
'Rocking Horse Mender' (written by Bronco Bullfrog)
'Listen to The Sky' (written by Sands)

It's as if progressive rock and the next 40 year never happened...Bronco Bullfrog recreate the psychedelic sounds of England circa 66/68 with love, care, affection, a great ear for melody and a musical ability that I find it hard to imagine anyone else currently comes close to in 2014 - it's quite remarkable the way they transport you back.
'Authentic' isn't the half of it, listen to their songs and you're in the middle of a heady mix of Kaleidoscope and The Kinks; and on their first Fruits de Mer release they then show an edgier side as they reinterpret Sands' almost-lost-classic 'Listen to The Sky'.
I'll leave it to Bronco Andy Morten to explain all...

"Bronco Bullfrog’s latest 7” (our third since reforming in 2011 and first for Regal Crabomophone) combines two brand new originals with a cover of Sands’ 1967 freakbeat classic, ‘Listen To The Sky’".

‘Time Waits For Norman’ "We wanted to get back to the way we approached songwriting and rehearsing when we first started out in 1996, The three of us were a little gang with no agenda and no shackles and huge piles of old records, and that made for some of our best music. I think we lost our essence the more albums we made but now, all these years later, we’re rediscovering and celebrating our collective love of ‘60s pop and psych".
And while this musically labyrinthine tale of an eccentric suburban kleptomaniac (the titular Norman) clearly owes a debt to the Arnold Laynes, Harry Braffs and Barnabus Swains of yore, it still manages to overflow with the ingredients that made Bronco Bullfrog one of the most cherished neo-psych/powerpop acts of the ‘90s and 2000s.
'Rocking Horse Mender' ramps up the '60s toytown quota even further. "That was written as a direct and shameless love letter to Kaleidoscope," Andy tells us. "At one point I even asked Peter Daltrey to write some lyrics for us but he was rightly suspicious and the subject was quickly dropped!" This simple, from-the-heart nursery rhyme could quite easily have fallen off a 1968 Fontana Records B-side. "It's very liberating being able to wear your influences on your sleeve like this, without the pretence of faddishness or record label interference."
'Listen To The Sky' was the B-side of the sole '67 single by Sands, a short-lived combo that emerged from Middlesex mod band The Others and spawned the singer-songwriter duo Sundragon. "We always loved this track since we first heard it on one of the Perfumed Garden comps in the '80s so, when it was suggested that we record a cover version in tried and tested Fruits de Mer fashion, this one floated to the top of the list very quickly. Shame we couldn't get that whole Holst's Mars thing going on at the end but we’ve come up with a suitably pop-art alternative!"

I couldn't have put it better myself - in fact i couldn't have got close.

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