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The Chemistry Set

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The Chemistry Set have been back in the laboratory recording brand new songs exclusively for Fruits de Mer. The single is a 'double a-side' of original material ("Come Kiss Me Vibrate And Smile" "Time To Breathe" &) plus a cover of Tomorrow's "Hallucinations".

The esteemed psychedelic-head Valis from "Trip inside this house" blog and radio show said on hearing a rough mix of Time to Breathe...."sounding like Sun, Moon, Stars-era Love & Rockets backed by The Rain instant classic............"

Come Kiss Me Vibrate And Smile is 100% pure psychedelic pop and even manages to squeeze in mentions of Owsley Stanley, William Burroughs and Vincent Price in 3 minutes!

The cover of Tomorrow's Hallucinations from the summer of love (that's 1967 for any young whippersnappers who are discovering proper music for the first time) is typical Chemistry Set, breathing new life into a psychedelic classic, with 12 string Rickenbackers jangling, shimmering harmonies and a cracking Hendrix-esque solo...smashing!

here's just a taster of 'Come Kiss Me'...

lovely stuff

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