Colour Me Pop

TRIBU - 'Oiré'...

Jake Dryzal - 'Seeland' (track 2 on his album)...

Colour Me Pop
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD14

free with club members' early orders for the Hobbit House Collective double 7"

'Colour Me Pop' is named after the BBC2 music show that pre-dated The Old Grey Whistle Test and introduced music and bands that were either uncomfortable with, ignored by or banned from 'Top Of The Pops'; it's another free members club compilation, featuring a mix of artists that are completely new to the label and some old friends with some new music.

The CD runs to well over 75 minutes, and the complete track listing is:

1 Dark Leaves - 'Forest Flowing'
2 TRIBU - 'Oiré'
3 Guranfoe - 'Etsinta Harvest in the Thar Sands'
4 Astralasia - 'Witch 69'
5 Maat Lander - 'Sylph’s Breath'
6 The Legendary Flower Punk 'Screaming and Streaming Into the Starlit Nite' (Sendelica cover)
7 Jake Dryzal - 'Seeland' (Neu! cover)

(I couldn't decide which cover image to use on the CDs so I'm producing two versions and you'll get one of them, at random)

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