7" - colour vinyl - Crustacean 59


'A Love Supreme' (John Coltrane) - by Superfjord
'Journey In Satchidananda' (Alice Coltrane) - by Earthling Society


One of our more 'unusual' pairings!
I loved Superfjord's version of John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' when i first heard it a year or so ago, but I couldn't see how to give it a home on FdM (except maybe on a year-end round-up compilation) until Earthling Society released a searing, extended interpretation of 'Journey In Satchidananda' on their new album, 'England Have My Bones'.

I talked to Fred Laird about maybe an edited version that would fit onto the side of a 7", he offered to create a completely new version - the 'cosmic joy mix' that appears here, massaged to complement 'A Love Supreme'. Superfjord's Jussi Ristikaarto came up with a new intro to his recording after attending a wedding in Barbados (obviously) and 'Coltrane' was born - FdM's tribute to one of the great names - and two of the great artists - in jazz.

OK, so this is little off the FdM already well-beaten track, but it's joyful, uplifting music - i nearly typed 'spiritual' there, but realised i'd be tipping over into Colemanballs-territory.

...oh, and there's a little bonus in each copy - a CD with 70 minutes of music - a remix of Superfjord's track by Astralasia, a live version by Superfjord (youtube video below), a remix of Earthling Society's track by Skam label's VHSHead, two new recordings by Superfjord and Astralasia that are inspired by John Coltrane's music, and an epic new song by Earthling Society that isn't - maybe it's not such a little bonus after all

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