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CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD20

free with club members' early orders for nick nicely's LP

Our first members club-exclusive for 2023 is an almost-entirely-instrumental, spaced-out blast of almost-entirely-new music.
Some names will be familiar to FdM fans, such as The Lemon Clocks and Sula Bassana, but as ever I've tried to add a sprinkling of newer names to the mix, including Brave New World and Mr. Peel - along with one very old name, a band whose only recordings date from the early sixties and whose only appearance on vinyl was on a Fruits de Mer EP about 10 years ago (can you tell who it is yet?)

Full track listing...

1. The Lemon Clocks - ‘The Rain’
2. Astral Magic - ‘Seven Planes’
3. Thought Bubble - ‘Outside’
4. Das Freie Orchester - 'Aerosol'
5. Mr Peel - ‘Acid Vizjel’
6. Brave New World - ‘674’
7. Computerchemist - ‘Moon Floating’
8. Sula Bassana - ‘Mellotraum’
plus bonus track (previously unreleased from 1964)
9. The Raiders - ‘El Cumbanchero’

(The Raiders were the first band of a certain Trevor Midgeley aka Beau, and Trev kindly dug the recording out of his archives specially for FdM)

There might be better ways of listening to some new music free-of-charge that's been specially chosen to tickle Fruits de Mer-ish tastebuds in the comfort of your own home/car/etc, but I haven't been able to come up with one yet.

more news soon

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(incidentally, Nick kindly came up with ther cover image - nice one)

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