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"I love pie. I had a small pie yesterday that cost me 4 pounds. Pricey but worth it. Sometimes in your life you've got to treat yourself and spend over the odds on pie. I once spent 5 quid on one in Brighton... After the feeling of being ripped off, I ate my pie and enjoyed it. I didn't think it was worth the 5 pounds.....AND YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AWARD WINNING! I don't think I'd fancy a Cranium Pie though and that is coincidentally the name of the artist on the 7th Fruits De Mer 7" with their cover of 'Baby You're A Rich Man'. It's a hammond organ tastic cover with it sounding just like Booker T & The MG's and Procul Harum (the press release is spot on...). The flip is a cover of Dantalian’s Chariots ’Madman Running Through The Fields’ which is insane 60's psychedelia and clearly the product of vast drug consumption. Am well jealous...."

Shindig Magazine
really like richman....mellow hammond instrumental bobs along nicely and the climatic ending with mellotrons sounds great when cranked up. madman....mad!- in a good way. a trip. Wurzel (a guy passing by the Norman site) Fruits De Mer’s near-evangelical dedication to both the 7” single and the sound of vintage psychedelia has already yielded versions of ‘Care Of Cell 44’, ‘Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow’, ‘Mother Sky’, ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ and other similarly titilating titles across their first six releases. Psych, acid-folk and Krautrock covers are the order of the day; delivered with varying degrees of fidelity and authenticity by fine and freaky flag-wavers and issued as a collectable singles club in proper arty sleeves. Nigh on perfect. In keeping with this ethic, Cranium Pie render The Beatles’ oft-neglected ’67 B-side as an easy listening/prog hybrid instrumental (think Arzachel’s ‘Queen St Gang’ without the hangar-sized echo) and Dantalian’s Chariot’s much-revered ‘Madman Running Through The Fields’ as an electronic spoken-word piece which flips into reverse halfway through and never fully makes it back from the abyss. Inspired and insane. Roll on volume eight.

CRANIUM!!! Heyday
"...mind-expanding sounds... ...that's it...three words, and two of them hyphenated, but it's a start - and anybody buying 'MPB2' (as us in the know tend to call it) will only get half the track - and only the half that's played mainly forwards (with a bit of backwards guitar) - rather than the whole track which also includes all of the first half replayed but backwards (except for a bit of forwards guitar) - pay attention at the back, we'll be asking questions later. So who else has a view…?... ...a seriously groovy ‘lounge’ take on ‘Baby You’re A Rich Man’ upcoming by Cranium Pie, backed with a rather strange/experimental version of ‘Mad Man Running Through The Fields’…The style of music is as different over both sides of the single as The Beatles used to be, and just as interesting too…Fab!" Heyday "

Head full of Snow
"...the barking mad, phased out psychedelic rock of Cranium Pie, chucking out a blistering rendition of Dantalion’s Chariot’s ‘Madman Running Through the Field’, complete with spectral vocodered chorus and backwards vocals Head Full of Snow"

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