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Dreamlord Recordings

Dreamlord Recordings
'Altered States' double LP
Friends of the Fish 65

on sale end-October

I rate Dreamlord Recordings as probably the most exciting new UK label of the last five years - classic kosmische sounds meet modern progressive rock meet electronica meets....well, Fruits de Mer Records, as it happens.

'Altered States' is a joint project between the two labels - joint in that Dreamlord do all the work and I take half the credit - a double LP of tracks from their back-catalogue together with a nice selection of new and previously unreleased music. Artists featured include Korb, The Hologram People and Mutante

It sounds great and it looks just as good; there are only 200 sets pressed and I think they will have disappeared soon after you read this. FdM club members are getting first dibs to order copies from my supply - if there are any left after that, i'll post a link here.

You can hear everything on the double LP HERE and take a look at/listen to the Dreamlord back-catalogue - don't blame me if you get sucked in (OK, you can blame me if you like).

I can't post any of the tracks from 'Altered States' here as they're not on Youtube, but here's different a track by Korb, who ARE on the comp...

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