Fruits de Mer Volume 19

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Earthling Society recorded two great tracks for our first single of 2011:

Fleetwood Mac's 'Green Manalishi'


The James Taylor Move's 'And I Heard The Fire Sing' (check through your obscure psyvh/garage compilations to find the original)

Losing Today reviewed the single in glowing terms, starting with 'Green Manalishi'..."in the capable hands of the Earthling ones it emerges sounding like some almighty mind turning melodic monolith resulting from a seriously shit-faced and wasted face-off between Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Black Angels and Mugstar, amid their epically frazzled and fried re-drill the landscapes continually fracture, dissipate to a near point of calamitous chaos only to reshape and reform with a dream driven unrealism, freakish bonged out beatnik braids blurrily evaporate and fragment to a cannibalised groan of dissected Mountain riffs - in short a pristine lesson in stoned out stoner psych blues. As to their cover of the James Taylor Move's 'And I Heard The Fire Sing' - so far out its off the radar, pharmaceutically enhanced flavouring, fuzzed out mind vaporising freak beats and Hendrix-esque bliss kissed motifs guarantee an aural trip that'll flip your wig" - we couldn't have put it better ourselves (we couldn't have even spelt it), but judge for yourself - than buy it! Actuaally, you can't - we've sold out - sorry!

our PR release for the record (please excuse the hyperbole...!)

Fruits de Mer Records is proud to announce its first 7" single of 2011, featuring Fleetwood Lanacashire's finest export since Fisherman's Friends, the brilliant Earthling Society, with a driving, almost gothic rock take on Fleetwood Mac's classic, 'The Green Manalishi (with the two-prong crown)'.
Recorded exclusively by Fred Laird and the band for Fruits de Mer as they put together their forthcoming album, 'Station of the Ghost', 'Green Manalishi' takes the sinister sounds of Peter Green's original and projects it forwards 40-odd years.

It's backed with another track that's an FdM exclusive - Earthling Society's interpretation of an obscure sixties Australian blues/garage rock track, 'And I Heard The Fire Sing', originally by The James Taylor Move (no, not that James Taylor)...Jimi Hendrix-meets-Skippy the Bush Kangaroo?
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"Think Island, Charisma...think Fruits de Mer" Classic Rock
During our first three years, Fruits de Mer has worked with more than 30 like-minded artists (ie they must like us, because it can’t be for the money) including Vibravoid, Cranium Pie, The Chemistry Set, Sendelica, Mark Fry, Helicon, The Luck of Eden Hall and Alison O’Donnell; while the bands whose back catalogues we’ve plundered include Velvet Underground, Neu!, Caravan, The Monkees, Nick Drake, The Who, Van De Graaf Generator, Pink Floyd, Can, Amon Duul II, Silver Apples and The Tornados! We’re fortunate in that everything we’ve released to-date has sold out, partly because we never press up more than 500 copies of anything, partly because we have built up a band of FdM fans who seem to like what we do, and partly because we work with brilliant bands such as Earthling Society, who pull out all the stops to make those classic 60s/70s tracks their own.

Earthling Society – a 21st-century progressive, psychedelic, experimental band
The Earthling Society formed in early 2004 when singer songwriter / guitarist Fred Laird and David Fyall met up with drummer Jon Blacow. Disillusioned with the current music trends and sharing a love of 1970s progressive rock, krautrock and 1960s psychedelia, Earthling Society built a primitive 8-track recording studio in a corner of a disused glass factory. Ignoring any commercial intention, they started recording what became their debut album Albion purely as they had the ability to do so. Albion was initially released on Mylodon records based in Santiago, Chile in March 2005, a move that Fred Laird described as a disaster. The release however started to receive glowing praise and critical acclaim amongst the press. In June 2005 Albion was picked up by Hans Georg Bier, head of Berlin based psychedelic label Nasoni Records who promptly re-released it on CD and vinyl formats. It became album of the month on Julian Cope's website ‘Head Heritage’.
Earthling Society began work on their follow up entitled Plastic Jesus and the Third Eye Blind which was released after supporting Julian Cope on his 2006 Dark Orgasm tour early that summer. Their third studio LP, a 70-minute double LP entitled Tears of Andromeda, Black Sails Against The Sky was released in April 2007. In August 2008, the band started work on their most defining album to date. Sci-Fi Hi-Fi - the sound of a band redefining the space rock genre. Not content with aping bands like Hawkwind with a tried and tested formula, E-Society used the spacerock genre to make a loose conceptual album on the darker side of the 60's American counter-culture and political intrigues. Taking inspiration from such writings as Adam Gorightly's 'The Shadow over Santa Susana', the Illuminatus trilogy and Philip K. Dick's more visionary novels such as VALIS, Sci-Fi Hi-Fi takes in the krautrock workouts of Ash Ra Tempel, free instrumental acid rock, 60's folk and Floydian electronics. Earthling Society’s next album, 'Station of the Ghost', will be released on 4zero Records in summer 2011.

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