Flaming Gnomes Vinyl Sleeve

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"Care Of Cell 44" by The Zombies

"Love Song With Flute" by Caravan

Early-doors, on the road by six, miss the traffic, sunrise, already feeling sick. Morris Minor, Formica and fags, boot at the back, stuffed full of bags. Summer holidays before flights were cheap, head for the coast for shutdown week. Heading down the Canterbury way, a caravan, a fairground, a week away. Narrow lanes, hedge-lined, roads worn away. Windows down, radio play. Pirate stations, surge and fade, AM signal like the sea we’ll wade. Tunes like these that ebb and flow, setting the pace for dad to go. It’s left, it’s right. Want a bet? For the hundredth time, are we nearly there yet? Paddling, wading, throwing a ball, transistor radio sat on a towel. Bag of crisps, shandy bass, local characters, cooking on gas. Hissing, crashing, wave on wave, watch the tide, a secret cave. A cell of sorts, the girl next door, burned by the sun, but wanting more. Week flies by and back in the car, radio signals from way off far. The last lingering tangible thing, that follows us home as we sit and sing. Sing along to that week’s score, a telephone number for the girl next door. The Flaming Gnomes hark back to these times. They come from Ware in Hertfordshire. This is not near the sea... More info soon.

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