In The Past...

Marco Rossi

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

friends of the Fish 67CD
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One man alone in a bedroom…

Marco Rossi takes time out from his reviewing duties at Shindig! magazine to lock himself away in his son’s bedroom and recreate 12 slices of 60s psychedelia, armed only with his home recording gear, a 13 tog duvet and a deep love for the music.

Tracks on the CD album:

1. Ivy Ivy (originally by The Left Banke)
2. My Friend (Spirit)
3. LA (Orange Bicycle)
4. Forget All About It (The Nazz)
5. Trust (The Peppermint Trolley Company)
6. Let’s Get Together (The Youngbloods)
7. Here’s Where You Belong (PF Sloan)
8. Someday Man (Paul Williams)
9. Pretty Song from ‘Psych-Out’ (Strawberry Alarm Clock)
10. That’s Alright (NRBQ)
11. Come To Me (The Association)
12. In The Past (We The People)

If you're in the UK, you can order it now direct from Marco (we're sold out here at FdM Towers - see our SHOP page for details; if you're not in the UK, you can order it from

There was also a limited number of 8" lathe-cut EPs containing four of the tracks, but they're long-gone.

More about 'The Sincerest Form Of Flattery'....

After a cold, wet, windy and generally pretty miserable winter, what better way to welcome the summer than with an album's-worth of positive vibes from the summer of love - and a year or two either side of that - perfect for driving long country roads with the windows wound down, drowning out the sounds of grime coming from within the BMW coming in the other direction.

I happened upon a couple of tracks, posted by Marco just for fun on Facebook, and within a day or so a CD and lathe-cut were born!

Over to Marco to explain the album…"The cover versions on ‘The Sincerest Form Of Flattery’ came about almost by accident. I’ve been recording an album of original material in my eldest son’s old bedroom, and I’ve been enjoying the process so much that I’ve been inventing excuses to do as much recording as time and circumstance will allow. On the one hand, this has helped me to familiarise myself with various processes and procedures, although I’ll cheerfully admit that my numbnuts approach would probably give any serious sound engineer palpitations. I’m only using one mic for everything, a well-gigged and almost terminally-fucked SM58, but I like the way it sounds. It’s a limitation in one sense, but also one less thing to think about when my mind is already brimming with other stuff.

I didn’t deviate from the originals to any great degree, for the most part. These songs emphatically weren’t broke, so there was no need to fix them; and nor would I have the temerity to think I could do so. ‘Get Together’ is almost certainly the best-known song here, but I felt compelled to have a go at it because it exemplifies the mindset that underscores everything I did. Compassion and togetherness are more than hippy platitudes. ‘What this song needs is a big old Tom Verlaine-style guitar solo’, I reasoned. It really doesn’t, but I tacked one on regardless.

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